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Everyday marketing communications, for everyday businesses.

Brisbane SEO, copywriting, social media, and email marketing services.

Brisbane Digital and Content Marketing Services.

We are a Brisbane based team of digital marketers that provide day-to-day marketing communication services. We work with everyday businesses to keep their marketing channels active, so that they can focus on servicing their customer’s needs.

We help our clients get to the top of Google. Establish a presence on social media. Grow engaged audiences. Build brand awareness. Become industry thought leaders. Create consistent leads for their business. Build community. Make an impact. And save time (and brain space) in the process.

Our core services include SEO, copywriting, social media management, and email marketing. We manage the day-to-day requirements of these marketing channels, including content creation, scheduling and publishing, optimisation, community management, and setting goals and KPIs.

Simply put, we keep your marketing machine running so that you can focus on your energy on your clients, your team, and the growth of your business.

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Copy is a core element of content marketing. We create copy that is interesting and attention-grabbing, whether we’re writing blog posts, white papers, fact sheets, social media posts, newsletters or case studies.


Social Media

Social media is often the first touch point that people have with your brand, so you need to make a good impression. You also need to make sure that you give your audience a reason to follow you – what value are you providing them with?



SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is a results driven digital marketing channel that focuses on driving organic search traffic from Google to your website. We take a content-first approach to SEO using industry-leading software that allows us to track your keywords every step of the way.


Content Marketing

Content marketing campaigns are our bread, our butter and our jam! We use bunch of different mediums like text, graphics, photos & imagery, video and audio to build compelling brand stories.


Branding & Tone of Voice

Without a strong brand, your business is both faceless and voiceless – because your branding dictates not only the logo, colour and font that you use, but your style, your tone of voice and the language that you use to communicate with your audience.


Digital Marketing

We can take care of your other digital marketing services including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), strategy, branding, website development, website management and more.



Working with Everyday Businesses

Marketing Communications and Content Marketing are all about consistency. Consistency in talking to your audience, consistency in your messaging, and consistency in your branding.

Our team works with you to develop a marketing communications strategy. We help define your target audience, your core marketing messages, and the channels or platforms best suited to your brand and customers.

We then create a monthly and weekly breakdown of how and when to communicate to that audience. And then we make it happen.

All content and marketing collateral is created in-house by our Brisbane team of writers and content creators. Clients have the option of being involved as much or as little as they would like in the content creation process. We have a clear approvals process that means nothing gets published without your sign-off. And we have tracking and reporting procedures that ensure we are always striving for continuous improvement.

Getting Started with BeKonstructive

Step 1
Get in touch to book a free consultation
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Step 2
At the consultation, we discuss your marketing channels, goals and budget, and create either a project brief or a set of monthly deliverables to suit your requirements.
Step 3
Following the consultation, we will create a proposal for you with a quote and some additional information around how the services will be delivered.
Step 4
If you accept the quote, we will organise a kick-off meeting to discuss strategy and goals, and to introduce you to your account manager and new marketing team.
Step 5
Then we get stuck in! Your account manager will be your main point of contact, and will keep you in the loop regarding progress. If your services are being provided on a monthly basis then we will organise a monthly recurring meeting to plan content, set goals for the month, and discuss any reporting from the month prior.
Step 6
Rinse and repeat! For our monthly managed services, we do not have lock-in contracts. We work on a month-to-month basis to allow you freedom and flexibility.
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Our clients are everyday businesses from a wide range of industries.

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