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Content & Digital Marketing Services

BeKonstructive Marketing is a Brisbane-based content and digital marketing studio specialising in strategy, consulting, creation and implementation. Owned and operated by Bek Drayton, we are a small team of creative marketing professionals, based in Fortitude Valley and providing all of the content marketing products and services that are listed below.

Give us a call today on 0413 844 190 to organise a free initial consultation where we will discuss your marketing requirements, goals and digital channels as well as which of the services below will suit your brand and business the best. We will then develop a digital marketing strategy and tailored digital marketing package to help you reach those goals.

Social Media Management

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pintrest / Other Social Networks

Content Creation

Copywriting / Blog Posts / Social Content / Images / Videos / GIFs

Website Management

SEO / Website Security / Updates / Changes & Additions

Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor / MailChimp / Email Automation / Email Journeys / Marketing Automation

Marketing Consulting

Digital and Content Marketing Consulting / Training / Advice / Strategy / Digital Marketing Planning


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Improved Rankings on Results Pages / Paid Search


Recurring CONTENT Marketing Services:

We manage as many or as few of your digital assets, activities and campaigns as you require on a monthly basis, and we bundle it all together in a custom package to make it more affordable.

Managing your monthly marketing activities also enables us to track all of your results, using the data to continue to tweak and edit our work so that we are constantly growing and improving. The more month-on-month data that we can collect, the more that we can refine your audience, their needs and their behaviours which allows us to target your content and messages to appeal to them more and more each month.

How it works:

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts at BeKonstructive! We do believe in open and clear communication at all times – we will have a monthly planning meeting with you at the start of each month. We will also present a monthly report which details our results from the month before – what we did, what we learnt and how we intend to use that information in the coming month to improve our results.

You will receive an invoice for your monthly services two weeks before the start of the new month – so you always pay for the month in advance. Our no lock-in contract policy means that you are unhappy with the service or the results, you can leave at the end of the month (although we would hope that you bring up any concerns so that we can address them prior to this).

No legal jargon, no sign-your-life-away contracts, just simple and clear communication.

Free Digital Marketing Consultation

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What is Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing refers to any and all marketing activities that take place on digital or online platforms. This includes anything to do with your website, social media accounts, email marketing or newsletters, any advertising that you are doing online and any content that you are posting online such as blog articles, video content and imagery. Some examples of digital marketing activities or goals including making your website more user-friendly, increasing conversions on mobile devices, increasing your performance in Google search and other search engines or growing the reach and engagement levels of your social media content.

While ‘digital marketing’ and ‘traditional’ marketing used to be two fairly separate entities, businesses can no longer afford to think like this. They need to focus on providing a seamless experience between their traditional and online presence, ensuring that customers can find consistent information and messaging across all brand touch points. For example, if one of your customers sees an advertisement in a traditional media format – television, radio or print – and they look you up in Google then the website, Facebook page or YouTube channel that they land on needs to have a similar look, feel and message to what they saw on the TV. If the website doesn’t look the same then they may leave, thinking that they are in the wrong place. Similarly, if they can’t locate the deal or promotion that they heard on the radio then they may give up, resulting in a lost sale.

At BeKonstructive Marketing we specialise in digital, but we understand and work with traditional forms of marketing as well. We understand that your brand needs to flow across all touch-points and we take time to understand your customers and target audience to ensure that we provide them with the information that they are looking for when and where they are looking for it. We happily work in conjunction with your existing marketing resources and campaigns to ensure your marketing success and to help you grow your business online. Visit our projects portfolio to see some case studies and examples of previous clients we have worked with.