BeKonstructive Marketing have been working closely with Pick of the Bunch since January 2020.

Pick of the Bunch is a floral design studio created by Wendy, a floral designer based here in Brisbane. BeKonstructive is all about female-led small businesses – in fact if we had to pick an ideal client, a female led lifestyle business would be it! So when we met Wendy, who found us through our work in Flowers Magazine, we were pretty excited about the possibilities.

Being a floral designer, Wendy creates bespoke floral bouquets which take into consideration exactly who they’re being made for. She is passionate about her craft and hand selects every flower, fresh from the markets. One of the key features of Wendy’s bouquets are her usage of natural and native foliage. Simply put, Pick of the Bunch creates thoughtful, meaningful and bespoke floral arrangements.

When we first met Wendy, her goal was simple – to help increase her sales/orders through social media and her website. Wendy already had a website and was active on multiple social media accounts, but she was finding it difficult to tap into new audiences – most of her audience were people from within her network who she already knew.

Branding, Social Media Strategy, SEO and Coaching.

Wendy came to us with a small budget and a hands-on mindset. Our primary goal was to be able to coach Wendy to undertake as much of the day-to-day marketing tasks herself. We helped fix some errors and issues with her website, but in terms of strategy, we focused on what we knew Wendy would be capable of rolling out herself.

When we evaluated Wendy’s website health and social media platforms, we found we first needed to create clear branding. We were able to rework her package to include a branding workshop, creating clear brand values and generating brand imagery which best reflected her core brand values.

Once her brand was sorted, we were able to look at the Pick of the Bunch website to improve its SEO performance. We helped Wendy to create content for her website to better suit her search terms, one of the biggest deliverables of her package. However, because Pick of the Bunch is built using Weebly which is notorious for some of its less-than-SEO-friendly features, we had to make some alterations to our usual SEO practices to make sure Wendy’s site ranked as well as possible.

Then we were able to create a social media strategy which took into account her new brand colours, creating visual guidelines for her to batch schedule into Later and using Unsplash and Canva in order to streamline her social media process and make her feed more coherent and branded.

As Wendy isn’t a digital native, we delivered coaching sessions to make sure she had the tools and knowledge to manage her social media channels using her new branding guidelines. We also worked with Wendy on creating relationships in local Facebook groups, building a presence before promoting her brand as a local business able to create individualised Mother’s Day bouquets. Here Wendy was able to see direct results from her efforts, bringing in her most popular Mother’s Day yet!

What’s Next?

Pick of the Bunch’s social media and SEO have been handed off to Wendy to manage internally from here on out. We are happy to have been able to coach her so she can be as hands on with her digital marketing as possible. One of the unexpected outcomes of having our coaching sessions disrupted by COVID-19 was creating videos for Later, Unsplash, and Canva for Wendy to reference as needed. Now she has lasting access to all of the tools she needs, in addition to a content strategy with evergreen content ready for her to kick off when she’s ready.

We’re proud to have created a plan for Wendy with longevity and adaptability. BeKonstructive will continue to support Wendy through her digital marketing journey and look forward to assisting her in the future with any marketing services required.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a bouquet for that special occasion (or even just because it’s a Tuesday), you can find some of Wendy’s work on the Pick of the Bunch website.

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