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Client: Accord Care

Project: Website Copywriting for ‘About’ Page


Accord Care, a vibrant and value-driven NDIS provider in Brisbane, reached out to BeKonstructive Marketing for assistance in revamping the ‘about’ page on their website. They wanted something that went beyond the usual corporate speak – a page that not only talked about their brand story but that featured engaging and aspirational copywriting that reflected their brand values and philosophy.


The primary challenge lay in crafting copy that encapsulated Accord Care’s unique values, each represented by a letter in their name – Accountability, Choice, Collaboration, Opportunity, Respect, and Diversity. This copy needed to be more than just informative; it had to resonate emotionally with readers, fostering a sense of connection. Furthermore, the task came with a tight turnaround; the finalised copy was needed within three days to align with the website’s launch schedule.


BeKonstructive Marketing adopted a collaborative approach. Initial meetings and interviews with Accord Care provided a deeper understanding of their values and how they are integrated into daily operations. This insight, combined with additional client-provided information, allowed BeKonstructive Marketing to develop rich, nuanced copy that truly represented Accord Care’s ethos.

Additionally, the team sourced and paired appropriate stock imagery with each value, further enhancing the visual appeal and narrative strength of the website.

Brand Values Accord Care


The finalised copy was delivered ahead of the tight deadline, with the draft submitted on Tuesday and the imagery by Wednesday morning. The client was satisfied, requiring no revisions, allowing the content to be swiftly incorporated into the website.

The copy, under the heading “Our Mission Revolves Around the Accord Care Way,” is now a cornerstone of Accord Care’s new website, distinctly reflecting their dedication to their values. You can check it out here: The Accord Care Way.

Next Steps:

BeKonstructive Marketing’s engagement with Accord Care has now extended beyond this project. With the successful launch of the website, the we will continue to support Accord Care by providing weekly informative blog articles. These will not only aid in their SEO efforts but also help establish a comprehensive content repository that educates and engages Accord Care’s audience about their extensive service offerings.

A Little Side Note: Just a heads-up – while we’re super proud of the ‘about’ page, the rest of the website’s content isn’t our handiwork.