Facebook Case Study

Butler+Co are a boutique real estate agency based in Brisbane’s inner-north-eastern suburbs. Website Blue have been partnering with Butler+Co over the past 12 months to help them reach new audiences, build brand awareness within their community, and develop customer relationships via their Facebook Page.

The Challenge

When we first began working with this client, the majority of their Facebook content was promotional in nature. They had fallen into the trap that many real estate agents fall into where their feed was almost entirely made up of property listings. There was no human interest, team culture, or community-based content on their page – this meant that their organic reach, engagement levels, and follower retention were at an all time low. 

The social media account was run by the agents within business, however time constraints and lack of priority given to planning, creating, and posting content meant that no one was truly able to take charge of the account.

The lack of community-building content meant that the primary motivation for users to follow the account was to look for and follow a property, and then quickly unfollow the page once they had found the property they were looking for.


The client wanted to build a stronger community and to position their brand more firmly as a local lifestyle content curator. The goals of our social media services were clear:

  • Improve follower retention – give people a reason to continue to follow the Facebook page long after they’ve bought and moved into their new home
  • Improve brand awareness within their local community – pull in people who live in and around the Ascott area, regardless of whether they are looking to buy/sell/invest in property
  • Reach new audiences and increase brand recognition – become known as the go-to real estate agents in the area, instantly recognisable by their brand logo and colours
  • Improve the organic reach and engagement of posts – use lifestyle and community based content to drive higher levels of engagement on their Facebook Page
  • Feature more lifestyle posts on their Facebook page. Taking note of the content created by competitors and indirect competition, the client wanted to position themselves as a go-to thought leader for community events, updates, and recommendations.

Facebook Content



What We Did

Create a more diversified content
Reach new local audience
Build an engaged community
Improve brand awareness

The Approach

BeKonstructive creates content to directly address their goals. Each month a content calendar is created that focuses on four content pillars that are designed to engage new audiences, while also cementing Butler+Co as the thought leader for inner-North-East Brisbane property.

Our content is divided into:

  • Value Posts – posts that give the audience value or information they can’t learn elsewhere
  • Connection Posts – posts that connect with the local community to build strong relationships
  • Human Interest Posts – posts that tap into the history and culture of the area 
  • Internal Culture Posts – posts that showcase the skills and expertise of the team

By including human interest posts that are specific to their geographical area, we are able target key Facebook Groups to organically reach new audiences upwards of 30,000 local community members. These posts tap into residents who live in and around Ascot and surrounding areas – while they are not in the market for a new home, the do serve as key brand advocates and referrers to their friends and families who are considering moving or investing in the area. 

Through this approach we have created a Facebook page with well-rounded messaging, acting as a reliable source of local community news and information. The more holistic messaging encourages audiences to continue to follow the page after they have bought or sold their property.

Facebook Case StudyImage shows a history-based post published on behalf of our real estate client – the post reached over 41,000 people organically, received 379 comments, and was reshared 99 times.

The Outcome

Through Facebook content and community management services, we have been able to address the client’s pain points. Their follower count remains steady, with a slow but consistent growth rather than a fluctuation  of followers.

Their Facebook page now has consistent branding and imagery, focusing on diverse topics that are engaging and community centric. Most importantly, our client now has their brand being put consistently in front of tens of thousands of new and mostly local audience members.

Their internal team still have full access to their Facebook account, and are able to share their own posts advertising houses for sale or newly purchased homes. They continue to focus on their promotional content, while we focus on their community and audience engagement content – creating a holistic Facebook marketing strategy.

Case Study for Facebook

Image shows a post published on behalf of our client that reached over 30,000 people organically. The post shows a shop from the 1950s – the post received 186 comments, many of which were from local residents tagging other local residents into the post to ask them if they knew who the people in the image might be. This gave our client access to a segment of the community – those who had lived their whole lives there – that they might not have otherwise been able to connect with.