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Brisbane SEO Services

Drive more traffic to your website everyday.

Benefits of SEO:


Increased Visibility

Improving your organic ranking in search results leads to more traffic to your website, as well as greater visibility for your brand. These in turn lead to more sales, conversions and leads.

Cost Effective

SEO is the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. While it takes longer to get going, the long-term results of SEO traffic are less expensive than paid advertising.

Long Term Results

Unlike paid advertising which stops generating traffic once you stop paying for it, SEO provides long-term results as your website’s ranking continues to improve over time.

Sustainable Business Growth

SEO builds momentum over time, so you can grow your business at a sustainable pace. This makes forecasting and investing in more inventory and new team members less stressful.

Increased Credibility

High search rankings increase your credibility and trust with potential customers. Research shows that buyers put greater trust in websites that appear at the top of search results pages.

Customer Engagement

SEO involves optimising your website’s content, structure, and design to make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate, leading to greater customer engagement on your website.

Unlock Your Website’s Potential with a Free SEO Discovery Session!

Personalised Insights. Real Opportunities. Expert Guidance.

Are you curious about how your website is performing? Want to unearth hidden opportunities to rank higher on search engines?

Join us for a FREE SEO Discovery Session where we’ll explore:

  • Site Health Audit: A comprehensive check-up to ensure your website is in top shape.
  • Keyword Research: Uncovering the terms that will drive targeted traffic to your site.
  • Current SEO Performance Review: Understanding where you stand and what’s working for you.
  • Identify Opportunities: Together, we’ll discover where the potential lies for growth and how to seize it.
  • Budget Discussion: Transparency about what it might cost to achieve your desired results.

Whether you’re a small business owner or managing an enterprise, our expert team  provide tailored solutions and clear pathways to success.

Investing an hour with us could transform your online presence.

Book a Free SEO Discovery Session

Our Brisbane SEO Specialists work with all industries including:

SEO for Retail & E-commerce
SEO for Training & Online Learning
SEO for Building & Construction

"Overseas Packers & Shippers contacted BeKonstructive Marketing when COVID started with a challenge - how do you market an international relocation company when borders are shut?
Bek and the team rose to the challenge. Since then they have managed our SEO, Google Ads and social media. This has been working so well that we recently ceased purchasing leads from lead generator companies."

Penni McCluskeyOverseas Packers & Shippers

Comprehensive SEO services designed to grow your business

“From SEO strategy, social media to digital marketing consulting, they always go out of their way to help out. I'm so glad I found them and I’d highly recommend BeKonstructive Marketing to anyone who needs clarity with their digital marketing!”

Why Choose Us as Your SEO Agency in Brisbane.

A Content Marketing Approach to SEO

SEO is all about Competition. 

Google’s algorithm is designed to rank the content that is most relevant to the user’s search term the highest. This means that if you create the best content – both in terms of quality and quantity – it will eventually rank the highest in Google and other search engines.

If your industry or keywords are competitive then we may look at link building and backlinks to help give the content an extra boost. But the first step is always high-quality content.

High-quality content creation is what we do. We create the best content in relation to a particular keyword or theme, and we load it onto your website. This might sound simple – but it isn’t.

We start by doing keyword research to discover what people are actually typing into Google. Then we move on to competitor research, where we look at what content and information is currently ranking on the first page of Google.

We then plan out the content for your website, ensuring that it is more informative and user-friendly than your competitors. Often this will involve interviewing you – the subject matter expert – to collect the information required to write a better page of content.

Once all of these other steps have been completed, our team of Brisbane copywriters will sit down and start writing your content.

SEO Packages & Inclusions.

We have three SEO Packages to select from – Starter, Growth and Complete.

Our starter package is a budget-friendly option ideal for small businesses who want to rank for local suburb-based searches. Think ‘Port Douglas Real Estate Agent’ or ‘Aspley Florist’.

Our Growth package is for medium-sized businesses who want to target broader terms or focus on more competitive location-based search terms like Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney. Think ‘Brisbane Commercial Air Conditioning’ or ‘Brisbane Pest Control.

And our ‘Complete’ package is for businesses who are either in very competitive industries like travel or fashion, or have a very broad selection of keywords that they want to rank for. As well as anyone who wants to turbo-charge their results.

It is not uncommon for new SEO clients to start out on the ‘Complete’ package for 3-4 months to gain some fast momentum and then drop down to a ‘Growth’ or ‘Starter’ package to maintain those results.

You can request a copy of our SEO packages and pricing here or book a no-obligation consultation with an SEO consultant to discuss the different options in more detail.

SEO Inclusions:

Optimised Content
Professionally written articles and landing pages targeted towards your specific keywords.
Technical SEO
Looking at how your website functions including site speed, mobile responsiveness, navigation and more.
Google Profile
Optimising your Google My Business and maps listings to generate more location-based search traffic.
Off-Page SEO
Backlinks, directory listings, bookmarking, brand mentions and more, to build your credibility and improve your domain authority.
Request SEO Pricing

SEO Resources.

We believe that knowledge is power – and that power belongs to everyone. We are committed to 100% transparency, and we have developed a range of educational SEO resources designed to help you understand what you are paying for and what results you can expect to see from your SEO service.


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“Highly recommend Bek and the team at BeKonstructive Marketing. We currently use them for all SEO and marketing for our business Flat Hill Constructions. Extremely professional, responsive and easy to work with, we will be using BeKonstructive for all future business endeavours.”

Flat Hill Constructions

Industry Leading SEO Software

We invest in industry leading SEO software called Semrush to help guide our SEO strategy and drive more traffic to your website.

The software gives us a lot of data around search behaviour and search volume, keyword opportunities and content ideas. It also enables us to track not only your keywords and SEO campaign performance – but also your competitors.

Using Semrush ensures that all our SEO activities are targeted and accurate. It takes the guess work out of what we’re doing. Everything we do is constructive and contributes to your website performing better in Google’s search engine results pages.

SEO Copywriting

In terms of our SEO strategy – we create great content. It is that simple.

Great content that compliments your website design. Great content that provides your audience with the answers they’re looking for. And great content that generates referral links from other websites. You can read a sample of our SEO copywriting blogs here.

While the blogs, landing pages, and content pages are written to target particular search terms, they are also designed to be informative, engaging, and user-friendly. We research what information people are looking for, and we create content that addresses their search query.

Our SEO content is content that you’ll be proud to have featured on your website. You can learn more about the importance of fresh content for your SEO campaign here.

SEO Reporting

SEO is a complex area of digital marketing. There are many factors that affect how your website performs in Google and it can be overwhelming to get your head around. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of SEO providers who know that SEO can be confusing for many. They prey on those who don’t understand it, over charging and under delivering.

We believe in 100% transparency.

We want you to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. We go out of our way to make sure that your monthly reports are easy to follow. We often create them in video format so that we can fully explain the data that you’re seeing.

We are so committed to providing clear, transparent SEO services that we have created several online resources that detail our approach to SEO. We take a very content-focused approach that doesn’t cut corners.

All our SEO clients see great results – we are proud of the work that we do in this space.

Enhance your Online Presence with Expert SEO Consulting in Brisbane

In today’s digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive and succeed. However, navigating the complex world of search engine optimisation can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s where our SEO consulting services in Brisbane come into play.

We are dedicated to helping businesses unlock their online potential through effective SEO strategies. Our experienced team of SEO consultants is well-versed in Brisbane’s ever-evolving digital marketing landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

When you choose our SEO consulting services, we begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your website’s current performance, keyword rankings, and competition. By gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives and target audience, we develop a customised SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Our SEO consultants work closely with you to optimise your website’s structure, content, and technical elements to improve its visibility and rankings in search engine results. We employ proven white-hat techniques to attract organic traffic and generate qualified leads, ensuring long-term success for your business.

With our SEO consulting services, you gain access to invaluable insights, actionable recommendations, and ongoing support to enhance your website’s search visibility and drive meaningful results. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock your online potential with our expert SEO consulting services in Brisbane.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards elevating your online presence to new heights.

How do you measure SEO results?

How much does engaging a Brisbane SEO Specialist cost?

Should I invest in SEO or Google Ads?

We get asked this question a lot. The answer will depend on your specific requirements as there are pros and cons for both SEO and Google Ads.

SEO is a long game. It progresses month-on-month to start generating you more website traffic, leads and revenue over time. It is a good solution if you want to grow sustainably.

Google Ads is ideal if you need leads immediately – you can set up a campaign and start generating traffic to your website immediately. The only problem is that campaign is either ‘on’ or ‘off’ – it doesn’t work for you in the background the way that an SEO campaign does.
Another benefit of SEO is that organic Google listings have a better click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate than Google Ads. Often, people who click on Google Ads are comparing price. If you aren’t offering the cheapest product or the best value for money, you may not see a lot of results.

People who click on organic Google results are looking beyond price point as a deciding factor, wanting to know more about your brand, your quality, and your values.

We often recommend that our clients do both SEO and Google Ads if their budget allows. Google Ads will help bring in some initial revenue while we focus on building up your SEO content and getting your site to rank.

Once the site ranks, you can decide whether you want to continue with both campaigns or turn Google Ads off.

How long does SEO take?

How long do I have to do SEO for?

What SEO package should I select?

Tell me more about your approach to SEO:

How do you track my keyword ranking?

Why does my search result differ from your SEO reporting?

What does 'Local Search' mean?

Do you have any Brisbane business clients who would be willing to give you a referral?

How much does copywriting effect my SEO campaign?