Air-rite Solutions are a Brisbane based commercial air conditioning company specialising in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of complex HVAC solutions. BeKonstructive Marketing started working with Air-rite Solutions in August 2021 providing SEO and Google Ads services, as well as redeveloping their website.

Wendy Kenny Air-rite Solutions
About Our Client

Air-rite Solutions is owned and managed by Wendy Kenny. They have a long-standing reputation within the industry that spans over 30 years. As one of the few HVAC and commercial air conditioning companies that holds a full design license, they offer the unique competitive advantage of being able to service their client’s needs every step of the way – from design through to supply and installation.

We have been working with Wendy and Air-rite Solutions since August 2021, providing SEO and Google Ads services, as well redeveloping their website for them. They have been a wonderful client to work with – fast response times and clear feedback have meant that we’ve been able to turn their digital marketing around, achieving great results in the first 6 months.

Wendy and the team at Air-rite Solutions value clear communication and we address that by providing video reporting that steps them through the results we’re getting, while also explaining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. SEO is a complex area of digital marketing with a lot of jargon – we make a point of being as transparent as possible, and explaining our actions each step of the way so that our client has a better understanding of the process.

Visit the Air-rite Solutions website and blog to see some examples of our work. 

Our Work

When Air-rite first approached us, they were already having their SEO and Google Ads maintained by another agency. Some of the issues that they were facing included a lack of clear communication as well as a lack of substantial leads. The reporting that they were receiving didn’t make sense, and the results weren’t meeting their expectations. There were also some questions around strategy and content, and whether the right keywords were being targeted.

BeKonstructive Marketing started by adjusting the strategy – we shifted the focus from residential air conditioning terms to focusing greater on commercial search traffic. The search volumes were lower, but so was the competition. Also, commercial projects hold greater value for our client; the ROI per commercial lead is significantly higher.

To support our shift to a more commercial-focused list of keywords, we also started producing blog articles that are relevant to commercial clients. Topics covered HVAC maintenance, HVAC compliance, HVAC efficiency and more.

In addition to launching a new SEO strategy and campaign, we also made some significant changes to the Air-rite Solutions website that included updating the WordPress installation, theme and infrastructure to meet Google’s current best practice guidelines, as well as a major visual overhaul. The visual make-over focused on using more realistic imagery – both client supplied and stock – to humanise the website. We also applied elements from the client’s recent rebrand project that gave the site a modern aesthetic.

Air-Rite Portfolio
BeKonstructive Client Wendy

The Outcome

We’re really happy with how Air-rite Solution’s campaigns are tracking. Our SEO campaign and Google Ads campaigns are working together to generate more traffic that is more relevant to the services that Air-rite Solutions provide. The website visual updates have led to a higher conversion rate of that traffic. We are proud to say that our digital marketing efforts are resulting in a consistent flow of new leads for our client – both digitally and via the phone.