Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman are an independent real estate agency based in the Far North Queensland coastal town of Port Douglas. For the past year, BeKonstructive has been providing SEO services in partnership with well-known website developers in the real estate industry, Website Blue.

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About Our Client

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When we first began working with them, Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman had recently become an independent real estate agency after years of being part of a franchise. While their agents had a strong standing within the local Port Douglas community, they were having to build a company brand from scratch and establish a meaningful online presence.

BeKonstructive began working with Property Shop in June 2021. While the agency had a new website, they were failing to capitalise on the full benefits of a strong local SEO campaign. When it comes to independent real estate agencies – and any local businesses for that matter – it’s essential to zero in on the nearby, surrounding community. By leveraging that specific local market through targeted content creation, clients like Property Shop have a great chance to increase their traffic and jump ahead of the competition.

Check out Property Shop’s website here, which features content pages and blog articles written by our team of Brisbane copywriters.

Our Work

The first step towards improving Property Shop’s local SEO was to conduct keyword research for them. The keywords that we found focused on the local property market and general enquiries around buying, selling, and renting properties in Port Douglas and the Douglas Shire. Most of these keywords didn’t feature at all in Property Shop’s current website, so we went to work amending this.

We re-wrote the copy for their homepage and ‘About Us’ page so that they were more optimised to match the targeted keywords. We also wrote copy and FAQs for their property listing pages to provide them with the necessary content to be recognised by Google.
Since then, we have been writing monthly SEO blogs for Property Shop, each one based around a certain keyword. These well-written, highly optimised pieces of content only further increase their local SEO.

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The Outcome

The outcome is a website that has seen its visibility and overall local SEO soar over the past 12 months. Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman have regained the online presence that they lost when becoming independent and have continued to establish themselves as one of the leading agencies in the region.

In partnership with Website Blue, BeKonstructive is committed to providing our monthly SEO services to this client, so they can continue growing and maximising the potential of leveraging their local market.