Michael Blonk established BLONK Consulting at the start of 2021. We teamed up with Michael to design and develop a brand, write his profile and develop his website, all of which launched mid-2021.

Profile Photography
About Our Client

After a long and successful career in credit risk management for some really big brands (think American Express, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone), Michael decided to branch out on his own. He launched BLONK Consulting with a number of services designed specifically for small to medium businesses, helping them design and implement credit risk policies and practices that are backed by data-informed models.

Our working relationship with Michael was extremely enjoyable. He had a few clear ideas of what he wanted for his branding and website design, and gave us creative freedom to fill in the blanks. Fast approvals and feedback meant the project – which included logo and branding, photography, website development, website copywriting, and photography – was completed within just 6 weeks.

We had a lot of fun on this project – you can check out the BLONK Consulting website and branding here.

Our Work

This section of the portfolio is where we start talking about the challenges of the project and how we overcame them – but honestly, there were no challenges with this project. It was fun and breezy, and we wish every project ran this smoothly!

When Michael came to us, he’d just established BLONK Consulting, so it was a completely blank canvas. There was a business name, but no branding, imagery or any existing collateral that we needed to incorporate or build off.

Michael was very decisive and communicative – he knew what font he wanted the logo in, and he had some pretty clear ideas on the colour pallet as well. This made the branding element of the project easy, and we spent more time experimenting with brand applications than we did in the design phase, building out a mood board of imagery and applications for Michael to use.

Next up we needed to create the content for Michael’s new website. This involved a photoshoot with our photography partner John, while our copywriter Harry interviewed Michael to gather all of the information needed to write the text for Michael’s LinkedIn profile and website.

Once the text was drafted and approved and we had the final images from the shoot, we got down to building the website. A simple 5 page website using a block grid layout and paired with the bold colours from BLONK’s branding and the result is a website that balances professionalism with personalisation perfectly.

Michael Blonk

The Outcome

We’re really happy with how this project turned out. The branding fits Michael’s personality perfectly – bright, bold, savvy and professional. The photography also captures this perfectly, resulting in imagery that simultaneously welcoming and authoritative. It is a difficult balance to achieve an aesthetic that is authentic and humanised while remaining professional, but we think we hit the nail on the head with this brief!