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SEO and content marketing are two of the major pillars of any digital marketing strategy worth its salt, and just like with donuts and jam, these two things work best together. 

What about content marketing? Content marketing is all about creating and distributing well…content that is engaging, relevant, and helps build and strengthen loyalty and trust between your business and its online audience.
BeKonstructive Marketing provides both Brisbane SEO services and content marketing services, often finding ways to combine the two of them into one, all-encompassing marketing strategy for our clients. Let’s take a look at how we marry together these two forms of marketing to get the maximum impact for your business.

SEO and ContentKeyword Research and Content Alignment

Before we start writing and creating any content for your brand, we often conduct some keyword research so we have a good sense of what your audience is interested in and what information they are looking for. A keyword strategy for SEO campaigns allows us to see what people search for when seeking more information on the particular item, product or service offered by your business.

Once we know what those keywords are, we can begin writing articles and web pages based around those terms. Now, instead of just creating random content that we think may be relevant to an audience, we are engaging in thoughtful content marketing that all feeds into a larger strategy, with pieces of content that we know will be relevant and valuable to the people who are most likely going to turn into customers.

Content and SEOQuality and Depth of Content

The more basic your content, the less likely it will be picked up by a search engine like Google. This is because Google likes to see articles and webpages that go really in-depth with a topic, instead of just scratching the surface. In the same way a full length opinion piece that has been thoroughly researched and thoughtfully composed will always be more informative and engaging than a two paragraph blog post that was cobbled together in five minutes. Google will reward pieces of content that clearly demonstrate effort and expertise went into their creation.

The need to combine SEO and content marketing to create quality and in-depth content is also linked to one of the biggest digital marketing trends of last year. The rise and rise of AI-generated content has further contributed to a glut of online articles that are fairly vanilla when it comes to the quality of their writing and content. They lack the human touch, small details, and personal expertise that you can only get when the words come from people experienced in that industry.

Content Marketing and SEOOptimising for User Experience

SEO and content marketing isn’t just about writing content around certain keywords – although, that is definitely important. It’s also about designing and formatting that content to be optimised for the best user experience. Google rewards the web pages that are designed for accessibility and easy navigation, and punishes those that are needlessly complex.

Here are some of the main ways you can optimise your content to improve the user experience: 

  • Every page on your website has a mobile-friendly design
  • Articles are split up with H2 and H3 headings to break up the copy>
  • More sentences are kept under 25 words, and most paragraphs are kept under four sentences
  • Use of bolding, italics, or underlining to highlight keywords or phrases in the copy
  • Alt-text is attached to images
  • The colour scheme of the website and the font of the text isn’t jarring or difficult to read

Once your content and website has been optimised for the user experience, Google is far more likely to push it up the search engine result pages.

SEO for content marketingContact BeKonstructive Marketing for SEO and Content Marketing Services

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we provide expert services in both SEO and content marketing for businesses right across Australia. To find out more about our team can help your business get its word out there, contact us today!