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BeKonstructive Marketing exists to

provide young workers with the first step in their marketing career while providing SMEs reliable day-to-day marketing solutions.

Marketing Solution

What We Do

Our Brisbane team specialises in content marketing services – including blogging, copywriting, social media, SEO, and email marketing – which focus on the day-to-day marketing communications on using these platforms.

Our content marketing strategy creates authentic content to grow audiences and increase brand awareness. Traditional marketing agencies create award-winning ad campaigns, show-stopping strategies, and astronomical conversion rates – but these amazing results often come at big agency prices.

If you are looking for a small team of content marketers to grow your audience through:

BeKonstructive Marketing might just be the perfect fit for you.

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BeKonstructive Marketing has two core motivations that guide everything we do: Strong commitments to both our team and our clients.

Our driving forces were heavily motivated by our Founder & Managing Director Bek Drayton’s early career.

Read more about Bek’s story and the founding of BeKonstructive Marketing

We are committed to providing constructive marketing solutions for all of our clients.

Everything we do for our clients is centred around the idea of being constructive – it’s in the name 😉. Whether you need a one off project, require ongoing services, or want us to supplement your current marketing activities, the team at BeKonstructive Marketing are here to help your business grow.

We are committed to measuring and reporting everything we do to both guide our strategy, and hold ourselves accountable. We don’t do anything if we don’t have the data to back it up. By measuring our marketing activities, we help our clients understand what works, what doesn’t, and what could work instead. If we feel like our marketing activities are not constructive to our client’s business, then we are not afraid to discuss whether they should shift their budget to other channels, options, or strategies – even if that means the best option is for that client to part ways for now and save their money for future marketing services.

We are proud of the flexibility we offer our clients. We don’t do lock-in contracts – you pay for our work in advance so that we can guarantee you are happy with the direction of our services before getting stuck into your monthly, or one-time, deliverables. Everything we create for you is your IP – your social media posts, copywriting, and even your accounts firmly belong to you. When we onboard a new client we ask for access to relevant accounts, and can even assist you in creating any accounts needed so that the master access to your business’ digital assets is controlled by you.

We are dedicated to complete transparency. Alongside our measuring and reporting we provide reasoning for every decision that we make. We do not make decisions on our client’s behalf; rather, we provide them with the information that they need to make an informed decision themselves. No question is too silly or stupid – and we are determined to never making our clients feel awkward or uncomfortable for questioning a bill, asking for a timesheet, or requesting a breakdown of activities. We do not expect you to understand everything about marketing – if you did, then you wouldn’t be talking to us!

We do not charge clients for anything we wouldn’t be happy to pay for ourselves. You can rely on our team to handle your digital marketing activities and provide consistent support to you and your business. We offer transparent pricing, open and honest disclosure about our hourly rate, and clear direction on how your marketing budget is being spent. Our account managers are dedicated to responding and communicating in a timely manner, delivering great service and services.

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Our Commitment to Our Staff.

We love our clients and the brands that we work for, but our staff are our number one priority. We will always back our staff, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure environment for them to learn and develop their skills in.

BeKonstructive Marketing differs from traditional marketing agencies in our commitment to employing and upskilling soon-to-be or recent graduates, rather than expecting them to fly by the seat of their pants.

Our focus on employing young workers offers several benefits for our clients – which is foremost reflected in our price points. Our hourly rates are 2-3 times cheaper than traditional agencies. This makes the concept of outsourcing your day-to-day marketing communications activities a lot more achievable for SMEs who cannot justify the high hourly rate of other agencies for services like social media management or blog writing. Plus, employing young workers who spend time keeping up with digital trends is a no-brainer; we often learn about digital trends from our staff and interns, sometimes against our own will.

Onboarding team members who are working in an office for the first time means more than setting them up with their accounts and letting them go wild. We devote a significant portion of their first few days in the office training them in the skills they will need to succeed in their role. From social media posts to copywriting and SEO, we provide support, training, and feedback as they grow their content marketing skills. And, for those who don’t come through our BeKause Marketing program, we help to build and grow the soft skills young workers need to thrive in an agency. We don’t overlook the fact that young workers need to develop the skills such as time management, workload, and even the art of composing an email.

BeKonstructive Marketing is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexuality, disability, illness, or cultural background. 

Our team is devoted to making  reasonable accommodations for any accessibility or cultural requirements our individual staff members have – but we don’t just walk the walk, we talk the talk.

We are proud to provide accessible working arrangements for our staff. In addition to following all best practice requirements for HR and FairWork policies, we commit to improving our own policies to make a more accessible and equitable workplace. We are dedicated to providing a flexible and adaptive working environment, supportive internal culture, and the creative space that our team needs to produce their best work. 

Whether our staff want to negotiate a four day work-week, would like to try assistive tech to improve their work, or need time to observe a cultural or religious holiday, we are determined to lead the way, not bringing up the rear.

BeKonstructive is devoted to the continuous improvement of our staff, our policies, and our services. We provide opportunities for our team to develop their skills, nurturing their strengths to find which area of content marketing is their best fit. Throughout all aspects of our work we provide feedback in a supportive, timely, and constructive manner. We help our team members take the next step to their dream role –  and help them wherever we can along the way. For many of our staff, BeKonstructive is not their end goal; BeKonstructive is committed (and delighted!) to celebrate our team’s career progression.

As a content marketing business, we value connection and engagement above all else.


We strive to engage and build connections with our clients and in turn, build engagement and connection for our clients.


We provide a productive, creative, and inclusive workplace for our team to grow their skills and excel for our clients.