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Copywriting for Every Occasion

We get it. Translating your ideas into words can be hard; which is why we’re here to do the hard work for you!

Our Brisbane copywriting services cover everything from websites to blogs, social media to more traditional marketing and public relations copy – basically we do everything under the sun (no biggie).

Writing marketing copy may seem like a piece of cake, but have you ever read an article which has an interesting topic but the writing is just kind of blah? Or started to read an article filled with so many complicated ideas and technical terms that it is almost unreadable?

A professional copywriter is able to take any topic and create something to engage audiences of all backgrounds. They can help you communicate your message clearly and on-brand, and help you refine what you want to say and articulate it in a professional manner.

Professionally written copy also uses techniques that draw the reader in, using hooks and tag lines which grab the attention of the reader, structuring the information so that it flows well and is enjoyable to read. It will help you generate more leads, make more sales and have a higher conversion rate.

Writing is really at the heart of all content marketing activities. At BeKonstructive Marketing, we are a team of writers. Writing is our ‘trade’ and we use tools like social media, blogs and websites, email marketing and more to help us deliver our trade. We provide a wide range of professional writing services for businesses and agencies in Brisbane and throughout Australia.

Great copy takes creativity, strategy, and a whole lotta research but hey; that’s what we’re here for.

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The most important content in your brand’s arsenal

Website and Blog Copywriting

Website pages and copy can be a struggle – your website is the official landing page for your brand, and everything on it should be perfect. Your website copy should be neat, clean, and capture your brand tone perfectly in order to show your customers exactly what you have to offer.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, all of our copywriters are also trained in SEO, which means that they understand how to write copy that will perform well in Google and other search engines. Writing consistent blogs helps to improve your SEO scores, and is a great way to keep your customers updated on what your business is up to. We also write back link articles (your content for other websites) to boost those SEO scores and increase your brand awareness.

We work with you to make your website a central hub to tell your customers who you are and what you do.

One small post for your brand, one giant lead for brand-kind

Social Media Copywriting

Just in case you haven’t noticed – social media is kind of our thing. It’s our jam. Our bread and butter. The PB to our J. (We’ll stop it with the spread puns now).

Social media copy can be just as important as your website front page. If you have an amazing post which catches the eye of a potential customer – chances are the copy on that post is what will set the tone for the relationship with your client. You want your tone of voice to match the customer base you’re looking for – and we’re all about the tone here, baby.

But coming up with the copy for your Insta posts can sometimes feel like a full time job. You’re constantly trawling the internet looking for new caption ideas, or different ways to say the same thing. But that’s where the BeKonstructive team comes in.

Our social media copy service covers everything from a single snappy tweet for that current trending hashtag to a profesh LinkedIn post establishing yourself as an inspirational thought leader. No copy is too big, and no copy is too small.

Our social media writers capture your tone of voice to help create an online presence which is uniquely yours.

Everything else under the sun

Marketing & Public Relations Copywriting

Need something a little less tech-y? We’d love to help! Our team is full of amazing women with backgrounds in marketing, advertising,  journalism, and public relations – aka everything you need to score some kick-ass copy.

Marketing and public relations copy can be just as impactful as your digital marketing strategies, and we’re all about creating a well-rounded campaign to make sure you get the most out of your marketing activities. We can write your press releases, flyers, white papers and e-Books, messaging strategy, product descriptions, sales letters, manuals and guides, brochure copy, blog posts, ad copy – basically whatever you need written, we can do it!

And hey – we can even edit and proofread your own work for you.

Here at BeKonstructive our skill sets are wide and varied – if there’s anything you need help creating or producing, send us a line to see if we can help!

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Copywriting FAQs

Does copywriting result in sales?

Copywriting, when done well, can positively affect your business sales and profit. Copywriting at its core is all about clear, compelling, and effective communication. This communication coupled with strategy and technical know-how is what will really drive your sales through the roof. 

In a marketing plan, strategies will be made around your client’s pain points which is what brings them to you in the first place. Copywriting is all about communicating to this pain point and really pinpointing your client’s concerns and issues. If you want to know more about how copywriting can help your business, check out the blog 6 Ways Copywriting Can Boost Your Sales.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is a writer who specialises in writing content, tag lines, hooks and advertising materials for marketing purposes. In the marketing world, any words that are written for marketing purposes are referred to as ‘copy’. So therefore a copywriter is someone who writes marketing materials.

They differ from a creative writer in that they usually have a background in marketing, media or a related field. A lot of copywriters have journalism or public relations experience or qualifications. It takes a special skill set to be able to write ‘copy’ that is both interesting/engaging and which sells.

Our team of Brisbane copywriters are also trained in SEO techniques.

What is good copywriting?

Good copy sells to you without you even realising.

It should encompass the brand’s tone of voice, while being engaging, interesting and persuasive.

Good digital or web copy should also incorporate elements of SEO to make perform well on Google and other algorithm-based platforms.

Great copy tells a story while selling to the customer. Great copy can have a huge impact on conversions, sales and enquiries.

Is copywriting a good career?

We certainly think so!

A career in copywriting is ideal for people who have a marketing, journalism, PR or media background. It is great for creative writers who prefer to stick to non-fiction genres and who also want to expand their skill set beyond writing. As it often incorporates knowledge in marketing, consumer behaviour, psychology and SEO, it is a great option for being a professional writer in a commercial setting.

Our own founder Bek Drayton actually started her career as a copywriter, and used that skills set to launch her career path.

How do I become a copywriter?

If you are a marketing, journalism, communications or PR student and are wondering if a career as a copywriter would be a good fit for you, then we invite you to apply for our BeKause Marketing Internship Program.

Our internships are unpaid. They give you hands-on experience writing marketing copy – in the forms of website content, blog articles, PR releases, social media posts, campaign materials and more. Our program pairs you with not-for-profit brands and organisations so that you are creating content for great social causes while learning what it means to be a copywriter.

Do have in house copywriters or do you outsource to freelance copywriters?

We have a team of in-house copywriters who are responsible for completing majority of our copywriting work.

Our in-house writers are trained in our processes, SEO and the ‘BeKonstructive way of doing things’.

However we do engage the services of freelance copywriters from time to time to help collaborate on specific projects. When we are working with clients who operate in specialist or technical fields, it is often beneficial to bring in a consulting copywriter who specialises in that industry to ensure we are using the correct terminology and adhering to industry standards.

We will always do whatever is needed to provide the client with the best outcome possible, and if we do bring in a consultant from our freelance network, we will always be transparent and open about it.

What makes a successful copywriter?

A successful copywriter is someone who:

  1. Can follow Tone of Voice guidelines and write using your brand’s voice and language
  2. Can structure information in a piece of writing in a way that makes it easy to consume, process and digest for the reader
  3. Can weave a story through the copy, or make it engaging so that the reader is hanging off their seat until the end
  4. Can sell your product or service to the reader without them even noticing – successful copy should result in a higher conversion rate
  5. For digital copy, can also include SEO elements in their copy so that it performs well in Google

What is a copywriting business?

A copywriting business is a service that provides professional writing for marketing materials.

Copywriters traditionally work at ad agencies (think Peggy from Madmen), but in modern times you’ll find copywriters at marketing agencies, creative agencies, brand agencies, media agencies, public relations agencies and just about every other kind of agency.

Copywriting businesses may provide services including:

  • Blogging or article writing
  • Website content
  • Social media captions
  • Brochure content
  • Capability statements
  • Press releases
  • Email or newsletter text
  • Advertising slogans, text or hooks
  • Any other text, writing or words to be used in marketing activities

What skills should a copywriter have?

A copywriter should have a diverse skill set. Obviously they should be a good writer – great with words and an excellent communicator.

But they should also be a storyteller. They should be able to take the reader on a journey, subtly addressing their pain points and leading them towards purchasing a product or making an enquiry without them even knowing it!

A digital copywriter (someone who writes copy for digital formats like websites, blog articles, online news publications, guest posts, social media, email marketing etc.) should also have a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). While their SEO knowledge should be well-rounded, they should be extra well-versed on on-page SEO techniques. They should also know how to do keyword research to ensure that they are targeting search terms that have good levels of search traffic.

As a copywriter is creating text and content for marketing purposes, they should also have some background knowledge of marketing. While they don’t need to be able to write a marketing strategy from start to finish, they should be comfortable with concepts like target audiences, market and competitor research, user/customer behaviour, calls to action, consumer psychology and more.

This background knowledge in marketing is what turns ‘writing’ into ‘copy’ – more than just sitting down to write about a subject matter, they are applying their marketing knowledge to write about a subject matter in a persuasive manner that makes the reader want to buy the subject matter. They want to make the reader feel emotion – be that joy, anger, sadness, frustration, happiness or even just FOMO – and then use that emotion as motivation to purchase the product or service that they are writing about.

The final skill set that a great copywriter will posses is the ability to write in a brand’s ‘tone’. Whether the brand they are working for is professional, casual, technical, bright and bubbly, cheeky, impactful or organic – the writer needs to know how to use language and sentence structures that align with the characteristics of those tone of voice requirements.

Some additional ‘soft skills’ that a copywriter may posses include: 

  • Great at research and fact-finding skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Good time management skills and commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Great at presenting information
  • Great at explaining complex topics
  • Experience with Word and other Microsoft programs
  • Experience with WordPress and other blogging platforms
  • Experience with social media and other digital content formats / mediums