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Meet The BeKonstructive Team

How do we even begin to describe the team at BeKonstructive Marketing? Working amongst our team is like being supported by people who are always willing to support you, to help you grow, and to help you succeed in whatever you do. Our team is full to the brim of some of the nicest people you will ever meet – and we don’t mean that in a ‘Mean Girls’ way.

Our team of Brisbane content marketers specialise in their own area of content marketing, and bring their own distinct addition to our own internal culture.

Bek Drayton Managing Director

Bek Drayton

Managing Director

Bek started working in digital marketing in 2010 after completing a Bachelor of Communication. She started out as a copywriter and quickly progressed to becoming the Digital Manager of a large creative agency. In 2016 Bek returned to university to complete her Masters in Business (Marketing). During this time she started BeKonstructive Marketing as a freelance side-hustle. By the time she graduated in 2018, her side gig had progressed to a full-time job. Bek has always been drawn to the more creative story-telling elements of marketing, which is the reason that BeKonstructive specialises in content marketing.

Caitlin Marketing Intern

Caitlin Eddy

Account + Community Coordinator (Best known as 2021 Christmas Cheer Champion)

Caitlin recently completed a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with a Major in Marketing and is most excited to begin her journey in the digital marketing space. She joins our team in a dual roll - Account Coordinator and Community Coordinator. Her responsibilities including liaising with clients to keep things moving, as well as daily monitoring of all of our client social media accounts to ensure all posts go out on time and all comments are responded to in a timely manner.
Caitlin is the official 2021 BeKonstructive Marketing Christmas Cheer Champion. IYKYK.

Copywriting Intern

Harry Fritsch


Harry is one of our talented in-house copywriter's at BeKonstructive Marketing; with a background studying Creative and Professional Writing you can find yourself captivated by the content he creates. He is responsible for bringing words to the client's vision and message by writing engaging, optimised and informative web content. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, creating stories, and learning how to wink with his left eye (he has currently only mastered the right).

Tanya Bhattacharya

SEO Specialist

Tanya Bhattacharya is an experienced SEO and Google Ads specialist who has been working with the BeKonstructive Marketing team since the beginning. She is Google Ads certified and looks after all of our client accounts for both Search Engine Optimisation and paid ad campaigns. Tanya is based in Melbourne and works with our team remotely.

BeKonstructive Marketing
Celebrating Our

BeKonstructive Family

One of the driving forces for employing up and coming marketers is to help them grow and find their own place within the industry. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our previous team members and what they are accomplishing in their careers. Whether a team member was with us for three years or three months, they will always be part of our BeKonstructive Family ♥️

As a content marketing business,

we value connection and engagement above all else.

We strive to engage and build connection with our clients and in turn,

build engagement and connection for our clients.