Overseas Packers & Shippers are an International Removalist Company.

Overseas Packers & Shippers started working with BeKonstructive Marketing in March 2020. They initially engaged our services to take over the management of some of their digital marketing services including their SEO and Google Ads campaigns. In May 2020, the client successfully applied for a Queensland Covid-19 Adaption Grant, which was used to update all of their photography as well as their website, and to invest in Facebook as a marketing channel.

The international removals industry was greatly impacted by the events of 2020 and Covid-19, with international travel and relocating made very difficult by many of the travel bans and border closures. As there were less people traveling to and from Australia, it was more important than ever that Overseas Packers & Shippers had a strong digital presence to help them gain greater market share.

Upgrading the Website and Investing in Photography.

The big project that we undertook with Overseas Packing & Shipping was a website make-over. Their site was already built on WordPress but was using an outdated template that was no longer supported. Many of the newer website features were incompatible with their existing template. Therefore the website upgrade project focused primarily on installing a newer and more modern template.

The other issue that we wanted this project to address was the lack of authentic imagery available on the website. Previously, the site relied heavily on stock imagery paired with low-quality photos. As one of Overseas Packing & Shipping’s key marketing messages is that they are a locally family owned and operated business – we really needed the website’s aesthetic to mirror this message.

Check out the short 45 second video below to see what the website looked like prior to the upgrade project, and head to their current live site to see the new template paired with professional authentic photography.


SEO, Facebook and Google AdsĀ 

While the website upgrade project assists in improving Overseas Packing & Shipping’s conversion rate, we still required some digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic and leads to the website. The three main digital marketing channels that are currently employed to drive traffic to the website consist of SEO, Facebook engagement and Google Ads.

Our SEO campaign for Overseas Packing & Shipping saw us focus on high-relevancy key terms. Previously, their site ranked for high-traffic terms that were not relevant to their core services. As a result, they were receiving tens of thousands of visitors to their website each month that were not interested in their core service. Someone searching for “shipping symbols” was unlikely to request a quote for moving their vehicle or belongings overseas.

Creating a campaign that focuses on relevant key terms and phrases has meant that while their overall traffic has decreased, they have seen an increase in the quantity and quality of the leads and quote requests that they are receiving. An added bonus is that their sales and support team are no longer spending time shifting through enquiries that don’t relate to their services.

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