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More than Just a Logo

Branding is the soul of your business – it underpins who you are and why you do what you do. It is the first impression, the tingle of excitement and the force that drives customers to choose you.

Without a strong brand, your business is both faceless and voiceless – because your branding dictates not only the logo, colour and font that you use, but your style, your tone of voice and the language that you use to communicate with your audience. Without it, you will get lost in the crowd.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we work with our clients to create strong brands and brand assets – content marketing is all about building brand awareness, so you need to have a strong awareness of who you are, your brand values and your brand style. We cover all aspects of the brand journey – from a complete brand identity package, to tone of voice guidelines or even the creation of branded assets and collateral.

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Complete Brand Identity Packages

A famous marketing person once said “you can’t build a million dollar business on a $10 logo”. Branding is an investment that will help you communicate with and sell to your target market. If you want your customers to think of your brand as being trustworthy, professional, premium and reliable then you need to look, feel, sound and smell the part.

Our branding packages are comprehensive, including everything you need to carve out your place in the market, leaving no room for interpretation. More than just a logo – you will receive a complete custom brand identity including brand values, visual identity, style guide, tone of voice and more.

These packages are ideal for new businesses who have nothing more than a name and a social media handle, all the way through to existing businesses who want to wipe the slate clean with a complete brand refresh.

If you don’t know who you are, how will anyone else?

Brand Strategy

One of the most valuable yet intangible assets that a business owns is its brand. You can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks for two to three dollars more per cup than at your local coffee shop – what you’re really paying for is the brand. People take photos of themselves holding the cups for social media and buy overpriced Starbucks merch, helping to spread brand awareness – all without Starbucks having to pay them.

Starbucks is a cult brand. They know their target audience inside out and everything that they do – from the new monthly flavours through to the branded merch and even the layout of their stores is designed in line with their brand strategy.

A brand strategy goes hand-in-hand with your business strategy – while your business strategy outlines what you are going to do, your brand strategy dictates the how and the why. It details your brand values, which should underpin absolutely everything you do and say as a brand, as well as your target audience, your brand persona and brand identity.

If you want to be a cult brand – a brand that people go out of their way to interact with, a brand that people ‘boast’ about owning – then you need a brand strategy. Luckily, we can help you there ????‍????

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Tone of Voice Guidelines

Think of Tone of Voice guidelines as being a style guide for language. Where a style guide tells you the right way to use your logo, what font to use and the correct shade of green, your Tone of Voice guidelines teach you how to speak to your audience.

A Tone of Voice ensures that all of your marketing communications are clear and consistent and that you use a style of language that your audience identifies with. It is kind of like giving your brand personality traits – are you cheeky or professional? Extravagant or minimalist? Outgoing or introverted? Serious or a little bit sassy?

The personality that you assign to your brand determines the type of language that you use in your marketing copy, and BeKonstructive Marketing can help you create those guidelines. Once they have been created we can also apply it to your copywriting and marketing materials and help guide your internal teams learn how to apply the Tone of Voice correctly.

Put your best foot forward.

Brand Assets

So you’ve got the strategy side of your brand sorted, and you’ve got a Tone of Voice and a logo. But now you need to roll it out in a professional manner. Brand assets include anything that your customers and audience see that is associated with your brand- think of anything with your logo as a brand asset.

From documents like invoices, proposals and letterheads through to social media profile pictures, email signatures, and marketing collateral – the more time and effort you put into applying your brand to these assets, the more professional and legitimate you’ll appear to your customers.

Some of the common brand assets that we create include Instagram templates, email marketing templates, email signatures and content marketing props – the world is your oyster!

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