Spacifica Travel SEO

For years, BeKonstructive Marketing has had the pleasure of being an integral part of Spacifica Travel‘s remarkable journey. Our partnership extends beyond the realms of traditional marketing, as we’ve joined forces on multiple projects, including their rebrand, website redesign, SEO and comprehensive digital marketing consulting.

We proudly consider ourselves an extended part of their team, sharing a close-knit relationship built on trust and collaboration.

Our Work:

Our collaborative journey began in January 2017, with an initial focus on social media management services. We dove headfirst into enhancing Spacifica Travel’s online presence, placing emphasis on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Throughout this process, we also provided invaluable support for their Facebook advertising campaigns, ensuring their brand resonated with their target audience.

Spacifica Travel Copywriting

The Challenge:

While Spacifica Travel had already amassed a substantial following, we identified areas for improvement. Our goal was to infuse their social media presence with strategic direction and unwavering consistency. Over a period of 6-9 months, we meticulously fine-tuned their social media pages, aligning their content with brand guidelines, and unlocking their true potential.

Our unwavering dedication paid off, resulting in increased follower counts, amplified engagement and reach, and a remarkable rise in click-through-rates.

Spacifica Travel Digital Marketing

The Outcome:

With our solid foundation of success in social media management, we seamlessly transitioned our focus to the vast world of SEO services.

Navigating the challenging travel industry, we confronted stiff competition from various players including travel agents, bloggers, airlines, hotels, tours, and tourism websites. However, armed with a robust strategy centered around informative content and competitive travel packages, we triumphed over these obstacles.

Furthermore, our close partnership allowed us to delve deeper into Spacifica Travel’s online ecosystem. Beyond SEO, we provided strategic digital marketing consulting and support, leading to remarkable outcomes. We became intricately involved in their rebranding efforts, collaborated on a website redesign, and continue to provide ongoing support, fine-tuning our strategies to keep pace with evolving trends.

Collaboration & Future Growth:

Our partnership with Spacifica Travel is rooted in trust, transparency, and a shared vision for success. Over the years, we have cultivated a close-knit relationship, positioning ourselves as an extension of their team. Working hand-in-hand with their internal marketing team and external website developers, we seamlessly integrate our efforts, ensuring every aspect of their online presence reflects their unique brand identity.

Spacifica Travel Case Study


The story of Spacifica Travel’s remarkable growth and success is a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and unwavering dedication. BeKonstructive Marketing’s vibrant and warm approach has allowed us to become an integral part of their journey, steering them towards new horizons. Through our close partnership, we have not only triumphed in social media management and SEO but have also played a pivotal role in their rebranding, website redesign, and ongoing digital marketing endeavours. Together, we continue to explore new avenues, navigate challenges, and celebrate the many milestones that lie ahead.