Music Tracks Travel are a music travel and news website.

When Music Tracks Travel first approached BeKonstructive Marketing, it was to help them market a new product – travel packages for Coachella Music and Arts Festival in the United States. This new product offered Music Tracks Travel a great opportunity to expand their services and build an audience outside of country music fans, and they were seeking assistance in reaching this new demographic.

Building a sustainable business model.

Since working with Music Tracks Travel, we have assisted them in moving to a news and content based website, and have launched a successful guest blogger campaign. Regular content creation in the form of blog articles paired with social media channels that curate the latest music news has enabled us to start building brand awareness for MTT outside of the country music realm.

We are establishing Music Tracks Travel as a trustworthy source of news and information for our target audience, while simultaneously building a strong website with significant traffic – this will lead to an additional revenue stream for the business via advertising and sponsored posts.

What’s Next?

With our content marketing calendar and social media audiences now established and running smoothly, we will turn our attention towards creating content for MTT’s travel packages and services. These products are very seasonal, so our biggest challenge will be to ensure that we get the timing of our content right.

We will also continue to grow the blog, newsletter and social media audiences to ensure that MTT can develop a reliable revenue stream from advertisers and sponsored content.

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