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In a digital landscape where the clamour for attention is louder than ever, Agnew Litigation & HR faced a common predicament: a modest Facebook following that didn’t quite reflect the breadth and depth of their expertise. Partnering with BeKonstructive Marketing, they sought to navigate beyond conventional metrics of success — moving the focus from follower counts to meaningful engagement and organic reach. This case study delves into how, by leveraging the under-utilised power of Facebook Groups, we were able to help Agnew Litigation & HR dramatically expand their brand’s reach and engagement, all without the aid of paid advertising.

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Agnew Social Results

Facebook’s Big Challenge

The primary hurdle was overcoming the limitations of Facebook’s algorithm, which notoriously restricts the organic reach of business page content. With only 80 followers, Agnew Litigation & HR’s biggest challenge has not just been to increase this number, but to enhance their brand’s visibility and engagement meaningfully. Our goal has always been reach and engagement rather than follower count – because success on Facebook is not just about how many people follow your page, but how many engage with your brand and your content.

Facebook Strategy

BeKonstructive Marketing introduced a multifaceted strategy centred on Facebook Groups — spaces where Agnew Litigation & HR’s target audience was already active and engaged. This approach included:

  • Content Strategy Development: Before posting, we conduct thorough research within these groups to understand the types of content that resonate the most. This insight informs the creation of high-value, educational content tailored to the interests and needs of the group members.
  • Active Community Engagement: Recognising that effective social media presence is about two-way interaction, we don’t just share content; we actively participate in discussions, answere questions, and contribute to building the communities within the Facebook Groups.
  • Strategic Content Sharing: Content crafted for Agnew Litigation & HR is first posted on their company page and then shared into carefully selected Facebook Groups. This ensures that the content is relevant, valuable, and received positively by the group members.

Basically, rather than focusing on building a following for Agnew Litigation & HR’s own Facebook page, we’re tapping into existing audiences in Facebook Groups. We’re creating content that is specifically designed for these groups – based on what conversations are happening in the groups, and what questions are being asked. We’re also engaging with the content in the groups before we post anything – we show that we are active participants in the community. This ensures that our content is well-received when we publish it – because it is not only targeted for their interests, but because it is being published by an active member of the group.

Facebook Results

The results were nothing short of remarkable. In just one month, Agnew Litigation & HR’s brand reached 1,722 people organically on Facebook — evidence of the strategy’s efficacy. That is more than 20 times the size of the following on their Facebook page! This significant increase in reach and engagement was achieved without any paid advertising, highlighting the untapped potential of Facebook Groups as a tool for organic growth.

Harnessing Facebook Groups for Your Business

Agnew Litigation & HR’s experience underscores a pivotal shift in social media marketing: the move from follower count as a vanity metric to engagement and reach as indicators of success. BeKonstructive Marketing’s approach, centred on active participation in Facebook Groups, not only expanded Agnew Litigation & HR’s reach but also embedded them within communities relevant to their field, fostering meaningful interactions and driving traffic to their website and online store. This case study exemplifies how, with the right strategy, businesses can leverage Facebook to achieve substantial organic growth and brand awareness.

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