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Over the past 18 months, BeKonstructive Marketing has proudly partnered with Play Frog, a distinguished Brisbane-based educational company. Specialising in teaching French to young children through interactive methods like videos, stories, games, and songs, Play Frog has recently ventured into the digital realm by offering an online course. As their dedicated digital marketing partner, BeKonstructive Marketing has been instrumental in developing their website, managing their Facebook and social media presence, and continuously seeking ways to enhance their digital assets for greater impact and efficiency.

This project, aimed at refining the user experience for Play Frog’s online French course, is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement. We believe in constantly evaluating and enhancing our clients’ digital footprints to ensure they stay ahead in their respective industries.

Enhancing User Experience

Tight Turnaround Challenges:

The purpose of the project was to identify opportunities to improve the customer purchasing experience – spanning from the moment the customer adds the course to their digital shopping cart, checks out, creates their login credentials, logs in for the first time, and navigates the online learning platform to access course materials.

The project presented a significant challenge with its urgent turnaround time. With the course already live, it was crucial to swiftly implement user experience enhancements to provide immediate benefits to new customers.

User Experience Solutions:

Our approach was multifaceted, targeting key aspects of the user journey:

  • Instructional Video Creation: We produced an easy-to-follow video to assist users in navigating the online course, emphasising password setting and course material access
  • Support Centre Development: A comprehensive support centre was established, featuring the instructional video, a detailed FAQ section, and a customer support form to handle additional queries.
  • Welcome Email Revamp: The automated welcome email was overhauled to reflect Play Frog’s brand identity more accurately, including helpful links to the instructional video and support centre.
  • Client Training Video: A specially designed tutorial video for Play Frog was created to empower them in managing the new support centre and handling common customer issues.

User Experience Online Course

The Outcome:

Despite the time constraints, the project was completed in just four days, significantly enhancing the user experience. This initiative has streamlined the process for new users and has efficiently reduced the frequency of customer service inquiries, allowing Play Frog to focus on developing their next course.

This project is a prime example of BeKonstructive Marketing’s dedication to fostering long-term client relationships through continuous improvement. By consistently enhancing Play Frog’s digital presence, we have not only elevated their user experience but also reinforced their position as a leader in educational innovation.