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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too does the way we create and share content. At BeKonstructive Marketing, we’ve always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, and our latest venture into AI-driven graphic creation stands testament to this commitment.

A Leap Beyond Stock Imagery

Traditionally, the go-to solution for quick and cost-effective visual content has been stock imagery or basic text-based graphics. However, these options, while practical, often lack the personal touch and uniqueness that brands strive for. That’s where AI steps in, offering a compelling alternative.

Tailored Imagery with AI

Using advanced AI tools like DALL-E, we are now able to craft visuals that are not just unique but are also specifically tailored to the needs and identity of each brand we work with. This technology enables us to generate images that, unlike stock photos, are not overused and provide a refreshing visual experience compared to standard Canva graphics.

DALL-E: Our AI Artist

DALL-E, our primary AI tool, excels in creating images of people, places, and objects. While it currently faces challenges with text integration, making it less ideal for infographics, its capability in other areas is remarkable. Our journey with DALL-E has been one of continuous learning and adaptation, contributing to its evolving efficiency and our improved prompt crafting skills.

BeKonstructive Marketing Super Fan

This image was created by DALL-E. I asked for an image of a BeKonstructive Marketing super-fan, in our brand colours, in a professional setting, and featuring our tropical motiff. If you look closely at some of the text in the posters at the back, you’ll see some textual nonsense. You’ll also notice something odd going on with the ‘k’ in ‘marketing’ on her tablet. This is what we are talking about when we say that DALL-E still has a way to go with how it uses text in images.

AI as a Tool, Not a Replacement

Echoing my previous discussions on AI in content creation, it’s important to remember that AI is a tool, not a replacement for human creativity and strategy. It allows us to stretch marketing budgets further and allocate more time to critical aspects like strategy development, trend analysis, and innovative idea generation.

Instead of spending significant time searching for the perfect stock image, we can now create a bespoke image in a fraction of the time.

Showcasing AI Success

To illustrate the impact of AI in our work, let’s look at some recent examples from our clients:


We generated the below image to go with an article that Butler+Co produced. The article used a ‘golden goose egg’ metaphor while talking about Brisbane’s current and forecasted property landscape. DALL-E helped us create an image that tied the client’s brand colours in with the theme of the article – featuring a golden egg sitting on top of Brisbane’s skyline, with some different types of properties sitting at the bottom.

To create something similar with the aid of a graphic designer would have taken 2-3 hours.

Butler & Co Golden Egg

Overseas Packers & Movers:

The second example we’re sharing with you is for a Christmas social media post for our client Overseas Packers & Shippers. In this example, we wanted an image that was Christmas-themed, while also being relevant to their brand and service offering. Overseas Packers are an overseas removalist – they help people relocate their household belongings to anywhere in the world.

The image below focuses on a global, features homes, packing boxes, and Christmas decorations – while also featuring the brand’s primary colours of red and blue. Again, this is an example of an image that would have taken 2-3 hours for a graphic designer to create, but which we were able to generate in 10-15 minutes.

For many of our clients, spending 2-3 hours of their monthly marketing budget on a single graphic for a single social media post is not a viable option, and not the best use of their resources.

Air-rite Solutions:

Our next example, for Air-rite Solutions is a similar scenario to the Overseas Packers example above. We wanted an image to accompany their end-of-year message that was festive, featured their brand colours, and was relevant to their industry (commercial HVAC design and installation services).

DALL-E did not disappoint. We did need to import the image supplied by AI into photoshop to make some minor adjustments – but again, the time it took to create and edit this image was just a fraction of what it would have taken to create the image from scratch.

Air-rite Solutions Christmas Graphic
Agnew Litigation & HR:

The final example we’re sharing is for Agnew Litigation & HR. We needed an image to accompany a post about some recent legislative updates to fair contracts. Traditionally – and pre-AI – we would have sourced a stock image for this post. It would have been boring and very ‘corporate’. We might have tried to jazz it up a bit with the logo or some brand elements to incorporate some of Agnew Litigation’s brand personality – but ultimately it would have been just another stock image of some paperwork.

With DALL-E, we were able to create a much more visually appealing image that heavily features the client’s brand colours and aesthetic style. It is still professional and corporate, but the use of the brand colours makes the post more impactful and ‘sticky’ in the audience’s mind. When they think of the legislative changes, they will think of this image, and remember that Agnew Litigations was the brand that educated them about these important updates.

Photo realistic AI image

Our Commitment to ‘Being Constructive’

As we continue to explore and integrate AI into our creative process, we are excited about the endless possibilities it brings. At BeKonstructive Marketing, we are not just keeping pace with technological advancements; we are leveraging them to redefine the boundaries of digital marketing.

One of our core brand values is to make sure that we use our client’s marketing budgets in the most constructive way possible. By leveraging tools like DALL-E, ChatGTP and other generative AI tools, we are able to stretch our client’s resources further, creating more content, and spending more time ensuring that content reaches as many people as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about our content marketing services or social media management services, please get in touch to book a free discovery session.