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In the vast and ever-expanding universe of social media management, there’s a prevailing wind that seems to carry a single message: bigger is synonymous with better. Brands and professionals often chase after the elusive ‘large audience’ under the belief that influence is measured by numbers alone. However, this chase often overlooks the power of connection and engagement—key elements that turn the tide in the realm of digital marketing, especially on a platform like LinkedIn.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we’ve uncovered the potent truth that contradicts this common misconception. Through our strategic approach, we’ve demonstrated that you don’t need an audience the size of a small country to have an impact. In fact, the story of one of our clients paints a vivid picture of how a modest following—curated and nurtured with precision—can produce remarkable results.

With a following that wouldn’t fill a theatre, this client managed to make waves across LinkedIn, reaching a highly-engaged audience that resonates with their message. It’s a testament to the idea that a small audience, when composed of the right people, can wield immense power. This blog post unfolds the story of how a LinkedIn profile, carefully crafted and attentively grown by BeKonstructive Marketing, achieved an engagement rate that would make even the largest of competitors take notice.

Join us as we delve into the metrics that matter, the content that captivates, and the strategy that sees beyond the numbers to the heart of what makes social media truly social—meaningful engagement.
Engaged Audience on LinkedIn

The Myth of ‘More is Better’

In the digital marketing sphere, there’s a persistent myth that has shaped the strategies of countless businesses: the notion that a larger audience naturally equates to greater success. It’s easy to be seduced by the idea that more followers, more likes, and more shares mean more influence and, ultimately, more conversions. This ‘more is better’ philosophy is a hangover from the early days of social media marketing, where the size of one’s following was often the most boasted-about metric.

However, this approach disregards an important nuance: not all followers are created equal. It is a truth that BeKonstructive Marketing recognises and respects. The reality is that a follower count is a vanity metric if it doesn’t translate into genuine interaction and meaningful connections. Especially on LinkedIn, where networks are more about professional growth and business opportunities than mere social chatter, the quality of the audience is paramount.

In fact, focusing solely on audience size can lead to a diluted message and diminished engagement. As followers accumulate, content often becomes less tailored and more general to appeal to the masses. This can lead to a paradoxical situation where, despite having thousands of followers, businesses find themselves echoing into a void, with engagement rates plummeting as fast as follower numbers rise.

A study by the Content Marketing Institute highlighted that the most successful B2B marketers are not the ones with the most leads, but those with the best-quality leads. This insight rings especially true on LinkedIn, where targeted, high-quality content is king. A smaller, more focussed group of connections can provide more value than a sprawling network of disengaged contacts.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we challenge the ‘more is better’ fallacy with data-driven insights and a personalised approach. We’ve seen firsthand that a small, engaged audience can drive significant business results—often outperforming larger, less engaged counterparts in terms of ROI.

BeKonstructive Marketing’s Approach

At BeKonstructive Marketing, our philosophy is anchored in the belief that an engaged audience is the cornerstone of effective digital marketing. We understand that on LinkedIn, the value of a connection is not just in a name or number, but in the relationship that we can build and nurture over time. Our approach is methodical and intentional, focusing on quality interactions that foster robust professional networks for our clients. You can learn more about our social media strategy and framework here.

When we begin the journey with a new client, our first step is not to gather a crowd but to understand the client’s business at a granular level. We delve into their industry, products, services, and, most critically, their ideal customer profile. Armed with this knowledge, we tailor the LinkedIn strategy to intersect precisely with the client’s target market. It’s a bespoke process—much like tailoring a suit to fit every contour perfectly.

Building a LinkedIn profile from the ground up, we place emphasis on attracting the right followers. Every connection is evaluated for alignment with the client’s goals, ensuring that each new follower is likely to engage with the content we share. This curation results in a high-quality audience that is genuinely interested in the client’s message, expertise, and value proposition.

Our content strategy also defies the ‘post and pray’ approach. We don’t leave engagement to chance. Each piece of content is crafted to speak directly to our client’s audience, whether it’s thought leadership articles, insightful commentary on industry trends, or case studies that showcase their expertise. The content is not only informative but also designed to spark conversation and build relationships.

This precision in audience curation and content creation is what sets BeKonstructive Marketing apart. We measure success not by the length of our client’s follower list, but by the depth of engagement each post receives. Our client’s recent LinkedIn post—a targeted case-study content piece—is a testament to this strategy. It reached an audience nearly equivalent to its follower count and garnered a click-through rate that most would envy.

Image shows some stats from a client's recent LinkedIn post including an engagement rate of almost 70%.

These are the statistics from a recent LinkedIn post for our client Air-rite Solutions – despite having an audience size of 250, they their post received 175 clicks, and an engagement rate of 69.5%.

In the digital marketing landscape where attention is the most sought-after currency, BeKonstructive Marketing invests in strategies that capture and retain this valuable commodity. By focusing on building a curated network of engaged professionals, we ensure that our clients’ voices are not just heard but listened to, resonating with those who matter most to their business.

Air-rite Solutions LinkedIn Post

A great example of our ‘less is more’ strategic approach can be seen in the LinkedIn profile of Air-rite Solutions. We created Air-rite Solutions LinkedIn profile for them just shy of 12 months ago, and have curated an audience of 250 followers for them in that time. While this audience is humble in size, the keyword in that sentence was ‘curated’. We selectively chose the people who were invited to follow the page, ensuring that they are all key decision-makers at companies that fit within Air-rite’s ‘ideal client’ profile.

You can view the full post in question below – it was a small case-study style piece of content that highlights the benefits of the product that Air-rite Solutions sells (commercial HVAC and air conditioning) as well as the scope of their service and capabilities. It highlights how they make a seemingly complex scenario (upgrading HVAC systems for a large commercial building) easy for their clients by taking care of the entire process.

This post reached 258 people – so just beyond their entire following. It received 175 clicks – so that is 175 people who saw the post, and were interested enough in it to read the whole thing and click through all of the imagery. The engagement rate of this post was 69.5% – the industry standard sits at around 10%.

We work closely with Air-rite Solutions and their team to ensure that we are able to create project-related content for their social media feeds every single month. This content is supported by educational content as well as sharing testimonials, team culture and industry news to create a well-rounded social media presence.

Rethinking Impact in a Connected World

BeKonstructive Marketing’s journey with this client underscores a fundamental truth: In the realm of content marketing, particularly within the professional sphere of LinkedIn, the might of an audience is not measured by its mass, but by the strength of its engagement. Our client’s success story is a testament to the power of a small, yet highly targeted and engaged audience, which can lead to meaningful business results.

It is not about how many you reach, but who you reach and how they engage with your message. This philosophy is at the heart of our approach, where we meticulously curate an audience that is aligned not just with the client’s industry, but with their vision and value proposition. Our focus remains steadfast on fostering genuine connections that can grow into fruitful professional relationships and business opportunities.

In closing, let this be a call to action for businesses and professionals alike to shift the paradigm from ‘more’ to ‘meaningful’. To not just seek out numbers, but to seek out connections that count. At BeKonstructive Marketing, we stand ready to guide you through this nuanced landscape of content marketing, ensuring that every post, every article, and every share is an opportunity to build a community that is engaged, invested, and active.

Join us in shaping a future where the power of knowledge and connection through content marketing is accessible to all, and where every small audience can lead to big opportunities – get in touch today.