Hometown Fest are a new country music festival launching in 2019.

Hometown Fest is the brain child of avid country music fan Jess Anderson. Her vision is to create a music festival experience that is akin to the USA’s epic CMA Fest in Nashville. A two-day event with free daytime music and activities paired with a ticketed arena show in the evenings, Hometown Fest is kicking off in Brisbane in November 2019. BeKonstructive Marketing was enlisted to assist them with building brand recognition, establishing their online platforms and managing a ‘hype’ campaign in the lead-up to their headline announcements.

Building an engaged audience.

Hometown Fest as a brand was still in its infancy when we first started working with them. They had a logo, a basic website and some social media accounts setup but no one really knew who they were. We started by helping them migrate to a new website on the WordPress platform – we provided a lot of the copy and blog articles for their new site and also consulted on design and functionality of the website.

Our team also assisted in establishing a brand tone of voice, and rolling that out across their social media platforms along with some visual guidelines to make their feed and content appear more coherent and branded.

Once we had their brand and digital platforms sorted, we then moved onto building a strong engaged audience for the brand. This was difficult to do because at the time, the festival line-up wasn’t ready to release and they also weren’t ready to announce the date and location of their event. So we had to be creative with the information that we were able to communicate.

We ended up landing on the idea of a ‘Hype Campaign’ – creating and distributing content that deliberately drip-fed details to the audience to make them curious and leave them wanting more information. The ultimate goal for this campaign was to start building a data base for email marketing while also increasing their Facebook and Instagram followings. The campaign was run predominantly on the Facebook ads platform with a small budget also allocated to YouTube pre-roll ads. The centre piece of the campaign was the below video which BeKonstructive Marketing produced in-house.

What’s Next?

BeKonstructive Marketing are on stand-by to help with the roll-out of the next phase of Hometown Fest’s marketing campaign which will happen when the line-up is ready to be announced. Until then, Brisbane country music fans can join in the countdown to the big day by jumping on their website and joining their mailing list.

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