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Having a strong local SEO strategy in place is the key to seeing your business’ digital presence take off. With the rise of the pandemic, Brisbane local SEO has never been more instrumental to a business’ success, so it’s important you capitalise on its momentum.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we know a thing or two about SEO strategy and how important it is for your business. We specialise in helping Brisbane businesses optimise their digital content for Google’s algorithm. The strategies that we put in place help more local customers find these businesses online, leading to greater sales.

The Benefits of a Local SEO Strategy

In 2022, local SEO is one of the most efficient ways to grow your business. Last year, 97% of consumers were using Google to find businesses in and around their local area. Optimising your business for local SEO is one of the easiest ways to end up at the top of Google’s result pages, which will net up to 30% more traffic.

These stats simply don’t lie. 
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The Value of Local Search Terms

Local SEO connects you with customers whose intent has already been established through their search term. For example, let’s take a look at three different types of Google search terms:

  1. “West End Guitar Shop”
  2. “Best Guitar Shop”
  3. “Cheapest Guitar Shop”

Each of these different search terms provides insight into the customer’s main pain point, or what is most important to them in their purchasing decision: location (convenience), quality and price. For the first example, the customer wants a guitar shop that is located in a convenient location; for the second, they want the best quality product available; and in the third, they want the most affordable price.

For the location-based term “West End Guitar Shop”, if your business is located in or close to the Brisbane suburb of West End then you immediately fulfil that requirement. Fulfilling the requirement for the best quality guitar shop or the cheapest guitar shop isn’t quite as easy and requires a lot of work in regards to your business model, your product range, your branding and your reviews.

To rank for the first search term, all you need to do is make sure Google knows that your business is a guitar shop in West End. To rank for the other second and third search terms, you would need to address a more universal – and therefore, more highly-contested – pain point.

You also welcome a lot more competition into your SEO campaign if you’re targeting terms like ‘best’ or ‘cheapest’ – it is likely that there are only a couple of legitimate options for guitar shops located in West End. If you remove the need for the guitar shop to be based in West End, and broaden it to a wider geographical area of a 50km radius then suddenly you are competing against every guitar shop in the wider Brisbane area – not those specifically located in West End.

<Furthermore, if your physical address is located in or close to West End and you have a well maintained Google My Business Listing AND mention your physical location consistently throughout your website and linked social media profiles – well you’re almost guaranteed to rank for any location based search terms.

Proximity in Search Results

Research conducted by Semrush showed that the three most important ranking factors for a Google My Business listing to succeed with local searches were relevance, prominence, and distance. Distance is an especially important factor for local businesses who need to leverage their proximity to benefit from nearby searches.

The research concluded that 73% of search results were businesses only 3kms away from where the search took place. A further 20% of the results were between 3 and 15kms. However, different industries presented different findings. While the median distance for automotive businesses was over 4kms, beauty and fitness businesses’ median was only 500m. Clearly, proximity is an important ranking factor, but you also need to consider how far your customers would be willing to travel for the services you provide.
Local SEO Services

Our Approach to Local SEO Strategy

BeKonstructive Marketing has developed a tried and tested local SEO strategy that we use to help our Brisbane clients improve their digital traffic, leads and sales.

Local Keyword Research

We start by conducting local keyword research for our clients. Keywords and keyphrases are the common search terms that customers are likely to use to discover businesses on Google. By zeroing in on local keywords, we are able to determine the search terms that could improve our clients’ local SEO.

If your business is a real estate agency in Red Hill, then we would do research into the trending keywords for Red Hill and its surrounding suburbs. These may include keywords such as:

  • Real Estate Red Hill
  • Real Estate Agents Red Hill
  • Red Hill Real Estate Agency
  • Real Estate Agency in Red Hill
  • Real Estate Agents Paddington
  • Real Estate Bardon
  • Real Estate Kelvin Grove

Our keyword research is comprehensive – we usually trial 100 to 200 different keyword variations, which we then narrow down to a shortlist of terms to target in our local SEO campaigns. We choose the terms based on the average monthly search volume – there is no point spending a few months getting to the first page of Google for ‘Real Estate Red Hill’ if no one is actually searching for that term. Doing the research allows us to identify the 12 – 20 different keywords that are guaranteed to send relevant traffic to your website.

We then use those local keywords to inform the kind of content we create for our clients in the form of landing pages, FAQs and information pages, blog articles and more.

Local Content Research

Our next step in the strategy is to undertake local content research. What are your local competitors doing with their content that we can do better? What areas of local SEO should we specifically target for your business? How can we focus on your target audience within your specific areas?

We seek to answer these questions and more when we sit down to create your local SEO strategy. These questions are important as they inform the content we create.

Content Strategy

Once we have finished all of our local SEO research, we will start to create high-quality and engaging content that will help optimise your local SEO. Whether it’s blog articles, social media content, email marketing, or any other form of content marketing, we will ensure that it has all been optimised to best match your local SEO strategy. It won’t be long before you start seeing an increase in your online traffic which will filter through to your business acquiring more customers and sales.

Local SEO Strategy BrisbaneImprove Your Local SEO Strategy with BeKonstructive Marketing

If you need a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency who will improve your local SEO strategy, then look no further than the team at BeKonstructive Marketing. Contact us today by calling us on 0413 844 190.