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It still shocks me how many SEO providers are selling a product or solution that does not include any SEO copywriting services.

SEO copywriting is THE most important element of an SEO service. To skip it out is blasphemy and also a pretty clear indication that your SEO provider is planning on skipping a few crucial steps in the SEO process.

I’ve written about SEO red flags previously, where I outlined some of the key indicators that the company you’re using for your SEO services might be a bit dodgy. And a lack of new, fresh copy being added to your website on a monthly basis was one of the top items on my list!

In this article I’m going to delve into the reasons that copywriting is so important when it comes to your SEO campaign, and then I’m also going to share a few case studies of clients where we’ve relied almost entirely on copy to get page one rankings. I’m going to round out the article with a bit of a plug for BeKonstructive Marketing’s SEO copywriting services – cause I reckon we’re pretty good at what we do!

SEO Copywriting Service

Why is copywriting so important when it comes to SEO services?

To understand why copywriting is so important for SEO, you first need to understand Google’s business model (or Bing, or any other search engine).

Google makes money from advertising. In order to make money from advertising, it needs to have a good, reliable product. It needs people to use its search engine, and find value in the results that it delivers in relation to their search queries.

Think about it – if you started to get crap results every time you searched, you’d start using alternate methods to find the information you require. Maybe you’d swap to Bing, or maybe you’d go to a social media platform like Facebook, or a forum like Whirlpool. Either way, if Google wasn’t delivering the search result goods, you’d start looking for alternative options.

So Google is incentivised to provide the best possible search experience for its users – so that they continue to return to the platform, and Google can continue to charge advertisers to display advertisements.

Enter content.

Google wants the website with the best content in relation to the user’s search query to be at the very top of their search engine results pages.

It wants informative, interactive, authentic, unique content to populate the first page of its results pages. It wants to make sure that the top 10 listings that the user has to select from provide a comprehensive overview of the topic so that the customer doesn’t have to refine their search, dig 12 pages deep into Google, or – worst case scenario – switch to a different platform.

So as business owners and marketers, the best thing we can do to get onto the first page of Google is to create the best possible content that is available on the subject matter for which we want to rank. The most informative, the most interactive, the most authentic and the most unique content.

Having the best content – or copywriting – on the subject matter is your one-way ticket to the top of Google.

Copywriting for SEO

If my SEO package doesn’t include SEO copywriting services, what does it include?

Ok great, I’m glad you asked that question.

I recently wrote this Simplified Approach to Understanding SEO article which outlines three key areas of SEO:

  1. Website Health
  2. On-page Content (this is where your SEO copywriting comes into play)
  3. Off-page Mentions (often referred to as ‘backlinks’ or referrals)

A lot of SEO packages these days tend to skip over the first two areas of SEO and go straight to the third item, backlinks. They spend all of their time listing your website on directories, link farms, social media channels and as many other referring websites as possible.

You’ll find a more detailed explanation of this in the linked blog article above, but basically Google started tracking referring domains (or backlinks) several years ago, because it found that they were a clear indicator for high-quality copy. If an article is really informative and useful, then people will organically reference it and link to it when they create new content.

The problem is that over the past couple of years, dodgy black-hat SEO companies have exploited backlinking and now rely on it almost solely to generate SEO results.

There are two main problems with this approach:

  1. Firstly, from a marketing perspective, if you have crap content on your website then it doesn’t matter where you rank in Google, or how many backlinks you have coming to your website – people aren’t going to be compelled to purchase from you. Optimising your copywriting for SEO does more than just make it perform well in Google – it also forces you to make high-quality informative content. A descriptive landing page that lists all of the features and benefits of your product plus a few testimonials, some FAQs, and an image gallery is going to convert more customers than a 2-sentence product description ever will.
  2. Google is cracking down on websites that use link farms or who pay for backlinks. If your website gets caught up in a link farm or is suspected to have purchased any of your backlinks (instead of obtaining them organically), you may find yourself blacklisted. Which is a really hard place to come back from – it basically means that Google punishes you by ghosting you; it removes you from its search engine completely and there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through to get yourself added back in.

So the best – albeit slower – approach to SEO is to start by creating the best copywriting and text possible to target your chosen keyword/s. And to keep building on that content month-on-month, adding to it and building it out, creating a really easy to navigate website that becomes a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn more about your industry.

Your super awesome and amazing content will organically start to attract backlinks from other companies, bloggers and businesses who share your content with their own audiences through social media or reference it when writing new content.

Copywriting for SEO Service

SEO Copywriting Case Studies

The best example that we can share for this copywriting-first approach to SEO is our own website. If you have a look at our site navigation, you’ll see we have a number of landing pages underneath our ‘services’ tab. These landing pages relate to our key content marketing services including copywriting, social media, and SEO services.

We then have a comprehensive blog where we write and publish several articles each month. These articles are educational in nature, sharing tips, information and helpful resources with our audience. They all link back to the relevant landing pages where we house our more ‘promotional’ content that talks about our capacity, benefits and outcomes.

Our blog articles rank in their own right for a wide range of long-form and related keywords. They also generate organic backlinks from other bloggers within the business and marketing space who either share the articles out to their own audiences, or who put a link in related blog articles that they write.

We do not do any consistent backlinking activities for BeKonstructive Marketing. If a guest blogging opportunity becomes available then we jump on it, and we are also listed in the main industry directories, but again, that is all fairly organic behaviour.

Currently, we rank on the first page of Google for all of our copywriting search terms, as well as several location-based terms relating to digital marketing, social media and SEO. Yes, you read that correctly. We have managed to get indexed in Google for terms relating to SEO without having to invest significantly backlink campaigns.

We simply did what we do best – created awesome content. Long-form, easy to digest, educational content that addresses the search term’s intent.

Real Estate SEO Campaign

Real Estate SEO

The second case study we’re going to cover is for a real estate agency we’ve been working with for the past 10 months. For this particular client, we have taken a local SEO campaign approach, focusing on building out lots of content on their website that highlights their local community area – suburb profiles, liveability pieces etc – coupled with educational blogs about real estate, property investing, property financing and other related subjects.

We’ve managed to generate organic links quite easily by featuring many of the local businesses in their community pieces. If you give a shoutout to a local business in your content, chances are that business will reshare your content on their socials.

Our real estate client launched their website on a brand new domain name ten months ago – which means they were literally starting from scratch. Today, all 20 of the keywords and phrases in their campaign are ranking on the first page of Google, and we’ve started to feed in new terms and phrases to the campaign.

Commercial HVAC SEO Campaign

The final example of this approach we’re going to share in this article is for a Brisbane-based HVAC company. This client had been engaging another SEO provider for a couple of years prior to migrating their campaign to BeKonstructive.

They were not receiving the results that they wanted – they hadn’t received a single website enquiry in over 12 months, and they felt that their complaints were falling on deaf ears whenever they tried to bring this up with their provider.

The previous SEO company had been doing a little bit of SEO copywriting as part of their service delivery, but it was very low-quality content. When we reviewed the content, it was poorly written, full of errors and the topics or themes were very far removed from the services that the client offers. They were writing blog articles about keeping house plants alive in air-conditioning for a client who provides commercial HVAC services for multi-million dollar projects!

We began working with this client by overhauling the content on their core website landing pages. We also had to clean up their backlink profile – they had several thousand backlinks but when we ran an audit on the links almost 50% of them came back as either ‘toxic’ or ‘potentially toxic’ and had to be removed.

Since cleaning up the content and the link profile, we’ve been focusing on adding new content to the website each month – informative articles relevant to their target audience covering topics like how to optimise your HVAC system for energy efficiency, how frequently a HVAC system needs to be serviced, and legal requirements around air quality for commercial building managers.

Our client received their first website enquiry in over a year within the first month of BeKonstructive taking over their SEO campaign, and continues to receive consistent enquiries for both commercial and residential projects each month.

BeKonstructive Marketing’s SEO Copywriting Services

BeKonstructive Marketing is set-up perfectly to offer high-quality SEO copywriting services. Our team have a mixture of marketing and creative writing backgrounds, meaning that our copy is both strategic and engaging. You can browse some examples of our SEO copywriting here.

We work with our clients to identify keywords and topics that are relevant to their business. We use industry-leading software to conduct keyword research and build out content that is competitive, meets all of Google’s SEO requirements, and provides value to the end user.

Our clients find our blog articles and content so good that most of them incorporate them into their other content marketing activities like social media posting and email marketing.

All of our content is approved by the client before it goes live – we would never write a blog and publish it to your website without you viewing and approving the article first.

We provide SEO copywriting as either a stand-alone service, or as part of our monthly SEO packages (you can request a copy of our package pricing here). We also resell and white label our SEO copy to other agencies and providers; so if you want to focus solely on backlinking / off-site SEO, you can still provide a wholistic product for your clients that includes copy and on-page optimisation.

You can learn more about both our copywriting services and our Brisbane SEO services on these links.

If you want more information or are interested in engaging these services for your own brand or business, please get in touch.


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