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Hey there, brilliant Brisbane copywriters and SEO-savvy wordsmiths! Remember that blog we dropped not too long ago, spilling the beans on the juiciest SEO ranking factors you need to know?

You know, the one that got everyone talking, sharing, and nodding in agreement? Oh, it was epic! But hold onto your keyboards because we’re back with a follow-up that’s going to blow your mind and take your SEO game to a whole new level! You better buckle up because “10 (more) SEO Ranking Factors for Copywriters” is here, and it’s going to rock your writing world!

So, if you thought you were already a wizard at crafting top-notch content that leaves Google weak in the virtual knees, get ready to level up! We’ve got the insider scoop on even more SEO ranking factors that’ll make your copy ✨sparkle✨ and your pages soar to the top of the search charts. Oh, yes, you heard that right. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and dive into the digital depths of SEO greatness!

But before we venture into this exhilarating SEO journey, let’s take a moment to bask in the glory of the original blog that shook the Brisbane copywriting scene. It was like a burst of creativity, a symphony of keywords, and a dance of algorithm mastery all rolled into one. Our readers couldn’t get enough of it, and the response was simply explosive. The world of SEO copywriting was never the same again!

A very cute doggo and their pet human who is an SEO copywriter.

George, also spectacular at SEO copywriting.

10 SEO Ranking Factors for Copywriters

In-depth Content

Research has shown a clear correlation between articles that cover topics in-depth and where they rank in Google. This ties in with the ranking factor of ‘content length’ but builds off it a bit more to specify that the content is covering a topic in depth, and leaving no stone unturned.

You may also see this ranking factor being referred to as ‘topical authority’. It is basically the idea that you have created a really solid body of content on a particular topic. Rather than focusing on a broad range of subject matter, the more niche your content is, the more likely it is going to rank for relevant keywords.

Magnitude of Content Updates

In my previous article, I ended my list with ‘content recency’. The magnitude of content updates can also affect your ranking as well. Adding new pages – like blogs, portfolio pages, case studies etc – each month acts as a freshness signal to Google, who favours new/updated content.

Similarly, removing whole pages or sections of your website can result in a decrease in your rankings. Therefore, it is better to update outdated content, or archive it if it is completely redundant. Avoid deleting the content outright.

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Princess Sparkle’s owner is working on improving their SEO copywriting skills so that they may continue to provide Sparkle with the lifestyle which she has become accustomed to.

Frequency of Updates

Ok, we’re getting into the minor details here, but Google keeps a running log of how frequently pages on your website are updated.

The more frequently you’re updating, the better it is for your Google performance. We have a little trick at BeKonstructive: every time we write a new educational blog article (we aim for one every week), we add a new FAQ to the bottom of one of our key landing pages (our services pages) that links through to that new blog article. Three birds with one stone – we are adding new content to our site, regularly updating key landing pages, AND improving the internal linking within our website.

Keyword Prominence

Building off of our keyword frequency and density criteria in our previous article, using the keyword in the first 100 words of your content page is correlated to performing higher in Google for that keyword or phrase. So starting each new page with an introductory paragraph or summary that outlines the key points you’re going to be talking about, is a great way to get a few keywords into that first 100 words.

Brisbane SEO Copywriting

Get comfy, we’re here to learn SEO copywriting.

Title hierarchy

Title hierarchy is the ‘H2’, H3’, ‘H4’ etc tags that can be used to format your headings.

They signify the hierarchy of your document and when you use keywords or phrases in them, they signal to Google the context of your content. This is considered to be a fairly weak signal, so no need to force keywords into every single heading or sub-heading, but every bit counts.

Outbound Links

An outbound link is any hyperlink that you include on your page that links to content on an external website (a website that is not your own). There are several signalling factors associated with outbound links:

  • The first is quality – linking to high-authority websites that are well known within their niche or industry sends trust signals to Google
  • The second is relevance – linking to sites that make sense. If you have a website about greeting cards, it doesn’t make sense for you to be linking to websites about worm farms. If you have a lot of strange outbound links on your website, it can make you look like spam, and you lose trust with Google. It can also confuse Google – Backlink.o uses a great example about a car website that links to a website that is about movies. This could potentially confuse Google into thinking that your website is about the movie ‘Cars’ rather than about physical cars.
  • The third is quantity – too many outbound links can hurt your page’s rankings. But how many is too many? It is hard to say, but Google cares about usability, so it is fair to say that if you have dozens of outbound links spread throughout your copy like landmines, then you’ve probably gone overboard. Outbound links should be used to show your authority, back up your research or comments, and provide helpful further reading material for your audience. If your links aren’t doing any of these things, then it’s time to scale them back.

Grammar and Spelling

If you’re a copywriter writing SEO copy, you should really be on top of this already. But just in case being a good copywriter isn’t top of your list, you should know that it is important to Google. Proper grammar and spelling is a quality signal for Google.

Snacks will also help you become a better SEO copywriter.

Snacks will also help you become a better SEO copywriter.

Unique Content

Duplicate content is a big no-no…. but what about scraped or rewritten content? While this won’t affect you as negatively as outright duplicate content will, it still isn’t going to do you any favours in getting to the top of Google. Scraped or copied content is not going to outrank original, unique content.

The SEO community is eagerly waiting to see how Google handles the rapid influx of AI-generated content that is flooding the internet at the moment. *Technically* AI-generated content is a form of scraped content, because it is based of information that is already available. So don’t be surprised if we see the importance of not only unique content but unique information and unique ideas start to hold more weight within the algorithm in the 6-12 months.

Supplementary Content

Extra interactive features on your website can be beneficial to your ranking, especially if they are considered ‘helpful’ or improve the user experience. Some examples of these are downloadable recipe cards or shopping lists on cooking websites, interactive calculators or converters etc.

Tabbed Content

Sometimes, if you have a long page of content you might use tabs to ‘hide’ sections of the content. This technique is commonly used for things like FAQs. Google has made a vague statement that this content “may not be indexed”.

SEO Copywriting skills development

Creating Copy that Ranks:

And there you have it, savvy copywriters of Brisbane – the ultimate guide to SEO ranking factors! With this treasure trove of wisdom at your fingertips, there’s no telling how far you’ll soar in the digital realms. Remember, knowledge is power, and when you combine your remarkable copywriting skills with a solid understanding of SEO, you become an unstoppable force!

So, embrace the magic of in-depth content, ride the waves of frequent updates, and wield the power of keyword prominence like a seasoned SEO wizard. Let your title hierarchy be the beacon that guides both readers and search engines to your dazzling content. Sprinkle those outbound links like confetti and let your uniqueness shine like a diamond in a sea of monotony. Ok, I’ll stop now…

Mastering the art of SEO copywriting can be a tad overwhelming. If you ever find yourself in need of a little guidance or a boost to your digital prowess, BeKonstructive Marketing has got your back! Our SEO services in Brisbane are designed to propel your content to new heights and make those search engines swoon. So, why wait? Reach out to us today, and let’s conquer the SEO world together!

Remember, darlings, the world of SEO copywriting is your playground – now go out there and slay those rankings! Mic drop 🎤💥