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We offer digital marketing training as a service to all clients

A lot of people think this is weird – that we happily teach people the digital marketing services that we also sell – surely that doesn’t make good business sense?

The reason BeKonstructive Marketing provide this service is because when we start working with a new client, we see ourselves as being part of a team. We become invested in helping you achieve your business goals, and we’d rather see your marketing budget being spent on services that you don’t have the resources internally to manage.

The more tasks that we can train your staff to take over, the more time and resources we have available to focus on other areas of your digital marketing, which leads to better results and an increased marketing budget 🙂

Some examples where previous BeKonstructive Marketing clients have used our training services to increase the skills of their internal team include: 

  • Training a company’s admin staff to look after their day-to-day social media management. BeKonstructive created the Facebook strategy and then held a training session with three admin staff to teach them how to maximise Facebook’s business account features.
  • Holding a digital marketing training session with an e-commerce business to teach them about SEO copywriting techniques. The team are constantly uploading new products to their website on a weekly basis and needed to know how to format the pages and write the content in the most SEO-friendly manner.
  • Website training to teach a new staff member how to use WordPress to load new blog articles for their content marketing campaigns.
  • We held a Facebook Advertising session with a fellow marketing professional who had been put in charge of creating and managing ad campaigns for the business for the first time.

Our digital marketing training sessions are suitable for all different skill levels – whether you’re completely new to the platform or have a basic understanding and want to learn how to use the tools and features better, we can help you out. We tailor our training to suit the individual needs of the participants.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training for Small Business Owners:

Digital marketing training offers immense benefits for small business owners, especially in a rapidly evolving online landscape.

Understanding how to leverage digital marketing techniques can transform the way your business connects with your customers, increasing visibility and revenue. Below, we’ve detailed some of the key benefits that small business owners can gain from investing in digital marketing training.

  1. Enhanced SEO Understanding: Training in digital marketing provides an in-depth understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). An effective SEO service in Brisbane can guide businesses in improving their online presence, ensuring they rank higher on search engine results pages. This training empowers business owners to understand how SEO works, enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing a Brisbane SEO company or implementing strategies themselves.
  2. Improved Copywriting Skills: Digital marketing training often includes modules on copywriting. Learning to write engaging and persuasive content is vital in online marketing. This training will teach business owners to create content that resonates with their target audience, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions.
  3. Social Media Mastery: Social media platforms are powerful tools for connecting with customers. Digital marketing training covers strategies to optimise social media presence, allowing businesses to engage more effectively with their community. This enhances brand awareness and builds trust with potential customers.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Understanding how to interpret and analyse online metrics can significantly impact a business’s success. Digital marketing training teaches business owners how to utilise data, enabling them to make decisions based on real insights rather than gut feelings.
  5. Cost-Effective Marketing: Learning to manage digital marketing efforts in-house can save costs in the long run. It reduces the need to outsource to an SEO company in Brisbane or other external agencies, allowing more control over marketing strategies and budget.
  6. Personalised Strategies: Each business is unique, and digital marketing training allows owners to create bespoke strategies tailored to their specific needs and goals. This personalised approach is likely to yield better results, as it aligns closely with the brand’s values and target audience.
  7. Ongoing Adaptation: The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Ongoing training ensures that business owners stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies, adapting their strategies to remain competitive.
  8. Community Engagement: By embracing digital marketing techniques, small businesses can actively participate in local communities. This includes using targeted local SEO strategies and engaging with customers through social media, enhancing the community’s connection to the brand.

In conclusion, digital marketing training is an investment that pays off in various ways, from understanding the intricacies of SEO to sharpening copywriting skills. Whether working with a local Brisbane SEO company or managing marketing in-house, the knowledge and skills gained from training are invaluable assets for any small business owner. It helps to harness the power of the online world, fostering growth, innovation, and success in today’s competitive market.

Different digital marketing topics available:

  • Social Media – strategy, scheduling, regular posting and community management
  • Facebook Advertising – setting up campaigns, managing budgets and ad spend, reporting and measuring success
  • Website Management – Looking after the health and security as well as loading content and making page updates
  • SEO – writing content for SEO, on-page SEO, SEO strategy and website best practices
  • Instagram – growing audiences, hashtag selection, creating attractive walls, using stories and live videos, scheduling and strategy
  • Copywriting – how to write content for digital, blogging, page structure, usability and structuring your information
  • Email Marketing – MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, database management, best practices, creating templates, strategy and integration with other platforms
  • All of the above – for business owners who are very hands-on, we can serve as more of a consultant and training provider; we’ll guide you through the process of creating and executing a marketing strategy, providing support only if and when it is required

How Are The Training Sessions Run?

The sessions are charged at an hourly rate including any preparation time required to tailor existing training manuals and guides to your specific requirements.

While we prefer to hold the sessions in person, in some instances we can do digital training using screen-sharing software. All in-person training sessions take place in Brisbane, preferably in the BeKonstructive Marketing office based in Fortitude Valley, but if the client has an appropriate venue then we can conduct the sessions on-site as well.

Depending on the location of the venue, we may charge an additional travel fee.

If you are interested in organising one of our digital marketing training sessions for you and/or your team, please get in touch.


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