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We’re addressing all of your copywriting myths and assumptions.

While content marketing covers a range of services, one element that forms the foundation of it all is copywriting. It can cover anything from writing an Instagram caption or sharing a blog post to tapping out some copy for website pages or even just writing a comment in a targeted Facebook Group. Copywriting literally refers to any kind of writing that you are doing for marketing purposes.

Working in the industry, we’ve found that there are so many myths surrounding copywriting, with a common theme being that people underestimate the skill level it takes. While, yes, a piece of copy may look like nothing more than a chunk of words, the truth is that a lot of thought, strategy and creative work has gone into those neatly packaged paragraphs. So, in order to break the stigma, we’ve decided to play MythBusters and debunk some of what we believe are the top copywriting myths.

“I’m an expert on this topic. Of course, I can write about it”

One of the most popular myths we hear is that people who are experts on a topic think that just because they know what they’re talking about, it means they can write an effective piece of copy. Don’t get us wrong, we have no doubt that these people can write an incredibly information-rich article on their expertise but, the truth is, there is so much more to copywriting than just dumping the contents of your brain onto a piece of paper (or word doc!).

At BeKonstructive, we are often writing copy for clients who work in an industry we know nothing about! While we definitely research each topic we write about, copywriting is actually more about knowing how to present information in a clear, logical and interesting way rather than knowing the most you can about the subject matter. In fact, you might be surprised to know that many CEO’s and high-flying managers of companies don’t actually write their own thought leadership articles, or even LinkedIn posts. Instead, it’s often people like us who are crafting the magic behind the scenes.

The takeaway? Just because you know about the subject doesn’t necessarily make you the best person to write about it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just write it myself, it won’t take long”

Ha! Nothing like someone telling you they can do your job just as well as you can, right? One of the very first things we are taught to do in school is to write, making it a fundamental part of your day. However, while writing is a part of everyday life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its easy, or comes naturally to everyone. Copywriters are hired for their writing skills, with some traits of a good writer being their ability to write quickly, eloquently and with very few errors, which, for the regular Joe is probably really hard to do! In fact, we’ve often edited or re-written pieces of content for our clients, not because the information is incorrect but because it doesn’t read like a good piece of writing should.

Writing quickly is a practiced skill. Producing writing that flows well, has a clear message and subtly sells or promotes your product or service while using your brand’s tone of voice? Well that is an art that takes writers years to hone!

The takeaway? Copywriting is both a skill and an art, and to produce something of worth – something that another human is going to sit and spend time reading and consuming – can take a lot more time and effort than you think.  

“Copywriting is just writing, it’s simple”

This is myth is one that we love the most. Something you may not be familiar with is that copywriting is not just typing words. When it comes to marketing, a lot of thought and planning goes into writing content and therefore, the copywriter needs to be multi-skilled.

A copywriter is one-part journalist, one-part marketer and one-part creative writer. To investigate, interview and research the topic draws on a set of skills that a journalist has. To create a piece of copy that encompasses the client’s tone of voice, incorporates SEO factors and has a clear message that fits in with the overall marketing strategy is a marketing skill set. And to bundle all of that up in one beautiful, flowing piece of content that is enjoyable to read, easy to digest and appeals to your target audience – well that is what a creative writer is best at.

The take away? Your copywriter should be skilled in a range of areas, especially in SEO and Google’s algorithm.

How do BeKonstructive’s Copywriters do it?

BeKonstructive Marketing’s Brisbane copywriters are hand-picked and usually come from either a journalism or PR background. They are people who love to write, and who are attracted to the more creative side of marketing. We train them in SEO best practices as well as brand strategy and the importance of writing for your target audience.

When it comes to working with our clients, most pieces of content start with a consultation with the client to discuss different topic themes and ideas and generate a number of ideas. We then go and do research to see what everyone is saying about the topic – we want to find a way to add something new to the conversation, to contribute in a meaningful way that adds value for the client’s audiences.

We then do a quick interview with the client to gather any additional information and to make sure that we are correctly communicating their stance, opinion or knowledge on the subject matter.

The document is then drafted up in Google Docs so that our client can view the progress and add in any comments or thoughts which we incorporate. Once they’re happy with the final piece, we package it up with imagery, social media posts and any other bits and pieces required and schedule it all out for the client.

Want a Copywriting Quote?

BeKonstructive Marketing specialise in copywriting, as well as a range of different content marketing services. If you think your business could use some professional copywriting, get in touch with us on 0413 844 190.

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