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Before we can discuss content marketing services, it’s important we define what content marketing is. It’s not uncommon for those outside of the marketing area to question “what exactly is ‘content marketing?’”, a question which can be amusing for us content marketers for you see, content marketing is literally everywhere!

Content marketing deviates from traditional product-marketing efforts in the way that content marketing is not ~obviously~ about the sale of a company’s product or service. Rather, content marketing is about and for the company’s audience. What does their audience care about? What kind of content can they offer that will add value to the lives of their audience and keep them coming back?

An example I like to offer to those confused about content marketing is the strategy employed by Kayla Itsines’ paid-subscription fitness app Sweat which uses Electronic Direct Mail. EDM, when done right like Kayla (emails containing relevant and educational health and wellbeing advice that subtly reinforces the use of her app), is just one example of effective content marketing that fosters brand loyalty through value creation.

As I mentioned, EDM (or email marketing) is just one content marketing service. Content marketing (CM) really is everywhere, it includes things like educational articles, blogs, e-books, infographics, social media messages, videos and case studies that provide authoritative solutions for specific questions audiences might have that they can’t get answered elsewhere (value creation).

What is content marketingHere are 3 key content marketing services your business needs (and we can provide #ShamelessPlug)

  1. Content Creation:

    If you’ve said any of the following, you need to be engaging a content creation marketing service: “I don’t have time for content creation”, “We have nothing to create” or “The content we have created didn’t interest anyone”. While it’s true that not everyone has time for content creation, we do! And so do many other creative marketing agencies, employing creatives with the specific skills and creativity to think-outside-the-box and create the innovative, authentic and captivating content to build your business and engage your audience. Content creation service providers work closely alongside you and your business to ensure content meets not only your audience’s needs, but your business needs, creating content tools that are relevant and effective within your industry. Generally, most businesses benefit from a combination of blogging, email, social media, and some of the other premium CM tools listed above. That’s a lot of hats for one business owner or small team to wear, but we’ve got you covered!

  2. Content Optimisation:

    You’re not alone, all businesses want to be found and be seen by those looking for exactly what they’ve got and while content creation is an important piece of that puzzle, great content is nothing without optimisation. CM must be both visible and optimised in order to impact your bottom line. Engaging a content optimisation service will help increase your business’s search engine visibility and conversions through keyword research, optimisation best practices, consumer behaviour and competitor analysis. It’s important to remember that content optimisation is not a task that can simply be checked off a list, optimisation is a continual process that when done right (Hello BeKonstructive!) can yield incredible results.

  3. Content Maintenance:

    Stale and outdated content, it’s a ‘no’ from me, a ‘no’ from Google and most likely a ‘no’ from your audience. In fact, having outdated content can sometimes be worse than having no content at all. While most businesses, in their infancy, take pride in creating and publishing traffic-grabbing content, if that content is not maintained it will age and eventually disappear into irrelevance. It’s not uncommon for businesses to neglect their websites and neglect to publish fresh content as their businesses take off, but if content is left out in the cold, visitors landing on your pages will feel it and look for warmth and value elsewhere. Like consumers, Google loves fresh content, and the good news is that through engaging a content maintenance service, marketers can breathe new life into your dead content, reinvigorate your aging content, maintain and sustain your current content and as we mentioned above, create new content!

Now you are familiar with what Content Marketing is and some of the content marketing services available, what examples of content marketing have caught your eye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And if you’d like to know more about BeKonstructive’s Brisbane content marketing packages, click here!

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