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What is content marketing, and how can it help your business grow? 

Before we can discuss content marketing services, it’s important we define what content marketing is. It’s not uncommon for those outside of the marketing industry to question “what exactly is content marketing?”.

Content marketing deviates from traditional product-marketing efforts in the way that it is not ~obviously~ about the sale of a company’s product or service. Rather, content marketing is created for the company’s audience. What does their audience care about? What kind of content can they offer that will add value to the lives of their audience and keep them coming back?

Examples of content marketing can be found just about anywhere. Head on over to Nike’s website and you’ll find blog articles filled with tips for health and wellbeing as well as workout guides and more. Or jump on Sephora’s website and you’ll find make-up tutorials, skin care guides, and interviews with your favourite beauty influencers.

This is all content marketing.

Content that does not directly pitch a specific product or service, but rather provides value through entertainment and education for the brand’s community. It helps to foster goodwill, brand awareness, and brand loyalty, ensuring greater customer retention.

Content marketing can take many different forms – from email marketing through to social media content, blog articles, videos, infographics, case studies, research papers, e-books, podcasts and more. As long as the content is branded, and not a direct sales pitch, then it falls under the banner of ‘content marketing’.

What is content marketing3 key content marketing activities that small businesses will benefit from:

Content Creation:

If you’ve said any of the following, you may want to consider engaging a content creation marketing service:

  • “I don’t have time for content creation”
  • “We have nothing to create”
  • “The content we have created didn’t interest anyone”

Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing. It is not enough to create one e-book at the start of the year and ride that out for six months before you consider creating anything new.

Audiences are insatiable. We consume more content than we ever have before, constant scrolling and browsing social feeds, looking for something new and interesting to read / watch / enjoy.

You need to be consistently creating and publishing content to keep up with the competition, and to ensure that your brand remains ‘sticky’. With so many marketing messages from different brands appearing in their feeds – if you are not showing up on a weekly (or even daily!) basis, you will not gain the brand recognition and awareness you’re trying to build.

Content creation service providers work closely alongside you and your business to ensure content meets not only your audience’s needs, but your business needs, creating content tools that are relevant and effective within your industry. Generally, most businesses benefit from a combination of blogging or copywriting services, email, social media management, and creating of digital assets like videos, podcasts, e-books or graphics.

That’s a lot of content to be consistently producing on your own, which is why it is common for small businesses to seek professional help and guidance in this area.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, this is the type of marketing that we specialise in. We keep the wheels of your content marketing machine turning, ensuring that new content is being produced and published on a regular basis. We are you day-to-day marketing communications managers, who help grow loyal audiences who are engaged with your brand.

Content Optimisation:

The internet runs on algorithms – from Google’s algorithm and SEO services, through to the algorithms in Facebook and Instagram that determine the order of content in your feeds.

You can have the most amazing content – but if you don’t understand how the algorithms work, then it can fall flat and get lost in the feed.

  • Take time to understand what type of content each platform favours, and format your content accordingly
  • Do keyword and hashtag research to make sure you’re reaching more people
  • Resize images so that they fit the feed perfectly and don’t get cut off
  • Add alt tags and descriptions to images and videos so that they are more accessible
  • Use tracking software like Google Analytics, Meta Insights, and Semrush to determine the best days and times to publish content based on when your followers are most active
  • Take the time to understand how your demographic or target audience uses different platforms – because a 25 year old uses Facebook very differently to a 55 year old

Creating the content is only half the battle. And there is no point in investing in amazing content if you’re then going to publish it with out thought or strategy.

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we do all of the above for our clients. We conduct keyword research to ensure that our SEO copywriting pieces will get found in Google. We also research trending topics so that we can create local SEO Brisbane campaigns that interest your audiences.

We track all of your metrics and performance, so that we know what works and doesn’t work. We hang out in the same online communities that your target audience use, to see what questions are being asked or what content they are engaging with, and then we use that information to strategically guide our own content creation.

We aim to take as much of the ‘guess work’ out of content marketing as possible – by collecting and analysing data to gain insights that we then use to optimise your content to increase its performance.

Content Maintenance:

You can extend the lifespan of your content by making sure that it is maintained and kept up to date.

Revisit key pieces of content every 6-12 months and freshen it up. This might mean adding new information or ideas, highlighting recent case studies or examples, incorporating fresh data and statistics, or even just freshening up the imagery and graphics.

By creating ‘evergreen content’ (content that either doesn’t date or dates very slowly), and keeping it maintained, you can continue to repurpose your most popular pieces time and again.

Keeping your blog and website content up-to-date will also help your Brisbane SEO services significantly, as Google favours content that is maintained. It will also enable you to reduce the costs of producing new content all the time. You can turn videos into blog articles, which you then post to social media or use in your next email marketing campaign. Popular blog articles can be turned into infographics or podcasts, and you can combine multiple blogs about similar topics into one e-book or downloadable guide / resource.

Get in Touch with BeKonstructive Marketing

BeKonstructive Marketing provide monthly content marketing packages that are tailored to the specific needs and budget of your business. The packages can include SEO services, social media management, copywriting services and content creation, email marketing, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about our Brisbane content marketing services and how our team can help support your business and marketing needs, please get in touch to book a free discovery session.

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