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2023 Google Ads Update

It’s been awhile since we wrote about Google Ads – we were first certified back in 2016 and since then, BeKonstructive Marketing has shifted and evolved in our core services.

While we now focus on the more content-driven areas of digital marketing such as SEO, social media management, copywriting services, and email marketing – we do still provide Google ads management services.

Google Ads – and other forms of paid advertising – are a great way to boost content marketing’s results, reach more people, and grow brand awareness. A well-rounded digital marketing campaign is bound to include both SEO and Google Ads – and it is much easier to manage the performance and results if the same team are looking after both campaigns.

The Relationship Between Google Ads and SEO:

The world of digital marketing is expansive and ever-changing, with various elements intertwining to create a robust online presence. Two crucial components that often work hand in hand are Google Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Understanding the relationship between these two can elevate your marketing strategies, especially if you’re targeting the Brisbane market.

  1. Complementary Strategies: While SEO focuses on improving organic rankings through SEO copywriting and other tactics, Google Ads enables businesses to advertise their products or services at the top of search engine results pages. Combined, these approaches enhance visibility and attract more visitors to your site, including local clients through local SEO Brisbane.
  2. Increased Visibility: By using Google Ads in conjunction with Brisbane SEO services, you can double your presence on search engine results pages. This dual approach means that your site may appear both in the paid advertisements and in the organic search results, enhancing your chances of attracting clicks.
  3. Shared Keyword Data: Running Google Ads provides valuable insights into which keywords are converting well. This information can be used to inform your SEO strategy, enabling better targeting and refinement. An SEO service Brisbane can help integrate this data into your overall SEO approach.
  4. Enhanced Local Reach: For businesses targeting Brisbane, Google Ads allows you to reach specific local audiences quickly. When paired with strategies such as local SEO Brisbane, you can build a solid local presence, connecting with your community and driving relevant traffic to your site.
  5. Testing and Optimisation: Google Ads offer a faster way to test different keywords and strategies. The insights gained can be invaluable in shaping your long-term SEO efforts, and an SEO company Brisbane can help translate this information into actionable SEO strategies.
  6. Balancing Short-Term and Long-Term Goals: Google Ads can provide immediate visibility and results, whereas SEO Brisbane strategies often take time to build momentum. By leveraging both, you can create a balanced approach that delivers both immediate impact and sustained growth.
  7. Brand Awareness and Credibility: Using both Google Ads and SEO increases brand awareness. The more often your site appears in search results, the more recognisable and credible your brand becomes. Engaging in SEO copywriting and other tactics helps in establishing authority in your industry.

Google Ads and SEO are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary strategies that, when used together, create a powerful marketing mix. By understanding their relationship and implementing tactics like SEO copywriting, local SEO, and engaging Brisbane SEO services, you can create a comprehensive approach that drives traffic, increases visibility, and supports both short-term and long-term business goals.

2016 Google Ads Update:

Roll out the red carpet, throw on your best dress and CELEBRATE ’cause BeKonstructive Marketing is officially Google AdWords certified!

Last week I attended a two-day Google Academy Bootcamp event at the Brisbane Convention Centre where I studied by butt off and passed the two exams required to be considered a certified expert at AdWords.

In addition to the AdWords Fundamentals exam I also passed the Mobile AdWords exam.

Don’t believe me?? Check it out here!

BeKonstructive Marketing Offers Google AdWords Services

So now that I’m certified, I guess I should outline some of the Google AdWords services that we’ll be providing to all of our wonderful and amazing clientele:

  • Strategy and Account Setup
  • Campaign Launches
  • Awesome Landing Pages
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Google AdWords Management

So whether you want BeKonstructive Marketing to take care of your campaign from start to finish, or you just want us to set it all up for you and then hand it over to manage yourself, we’re available to assist.

If you’d like more info about Google AdWords and what it can achieve for your business, give me a call on 0413 844 190.


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