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While not all pairings seem to work at first glance, we are here to tell you that for Brisbane businesses, LinkedIn and in-person networking events are a match made in heaven. 

At BeKonstructive Marketing, we love playing match-maker for Brisbane-based businesses as we marry together targeted LinkedIn engagement activities with networking events to help expand our client’s pool of professional connections – both online and in the flesh. And as this city continues to open up more and more, and businesses have the opportunity to meet up in person, why not maximise your networking opportunities by leveraging LinkedIn for all it’s worth? 

Brisbane Networking EventsHow LinkedIn Can Optimise Brisbane Networking Events 

If you’re a Brisbane business trying to increase their brand awareness in the B2B space, then LinkedIn presents an excellent platform to present yourself as an industry leader worth listening to. And with in-person networking events, you get to strengthen connections with fellow professionals and prove why your business is worth partnering with or buying from. 

LinkedIn can be used to strategically position your company as an expert in the field of the other businesses that you wish to connect with. This way, you can present your company as an authority on a subject that relates to a specific upcoming networking event, so that you have already laid the groundwork for a new professional connection to blossom when you meet them in person. 

For example, if you are attending an upcoming networking event in which other small businesses will be attending, you can connect with those other businesses on LinkedIn and start posting content on your account that relates to their specific field. This way, once you get the opportunity to connect in real life at the event, you have already planted the seed to a fruitful partnership through your prior engagement activities on LinkedIn.

Brisbane LinkedIn 

How BeKonstructive Marketing Helps Brisbane Businesses Connect Through LinkedIn

BeKonstructive Marketing are specialists in social media management in Brisbane – and we have honed the ability to leverage LinkedIn to optimise your connections for in-person networking events.

Our team of experienced social media wizards look after our clients’ LinkedIn accounts to connect with any speakers, attendees, and fellow professionals who will be making an appearance at an upcoming event. We strategically connect you with people and businesses who may present further business opportunities well beyond the event that has taken place. 

From there, we create LinkedIn posts for your profiles that further target your new connections and the theme or topic of the upcoming event. For instance, if you are looking to build your network within the transport industry by attending an event dedicated to that field, then we would intersperse posts on your LinkedIn profile displaying your business’ expertise in that area while connecting with transport industry professionals. These posts could be thought-leadership pieces, promotional, or a ‘meet the team’ style post that focuses on the staff member who will be attending the event. 

To find out more about how our LinkedIn management services can help your business connect with others, read our article on the 5 Skills We Bring to Every Piece of Content.

LinkedIn NetworkingExpand Your Brisbane Business Network with BeKonstructive 

As Brisbane continues to open up and more businesses begin to connect via in-person events again, the power of social media to maximise your networking results cannot be undervalued. BeKonstructive Marketing can help manage your business’ LinkedIn profiles to start the connection process long before you meet with a potential new customer in person. 

To find out more about how we can reshape your B2B social media marketing strategy, contact us today!