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Great marketing relies on many things to achieve success – a strong strategy, a good brand, an excellent product, the right messaging for the right audience, and of course,  great copywriting. At BeKonstructive, we know that copywriting plays a huge role in the success of marketing campaigns and has the power to transform a company’s success story. 

Copywriting is more than just words on a page – copywriting is what gives your product life and tells the story. Great copywriting creates a product that is more than just a ‘thing’ – great copywriting transforms your product into a solution to a problem that only it can fix. It inspires the customer and shows them how much better their life will be with your product – and what they stand to lose if they don’t invest in your product. 

Our team at BeKonstructive provides  Brisbane copywriting services for businesses and brands in all industries and sectors. So we have put together a comprehensive list of how copywriting can give your business a makeover.

Copywriting Moves Product

The key here is that copywriting when combined with SEO – standard practice these days – finds your product customers that are suited to it. Trust us, investing in copywriting pays off.  

By using SEO copywriting, your website can appear in amongst the top google searches for people looking for your product. If you sell great running sneakers, and someone types that term into google, then your product can appear front and centre. 

This is how copywriting combined with SEO works to move your product out the door. At the end of the day, great SEO copywriting creates sales. It puts a big old flag on your website to let people know what your product is and why they need it. More than that it tells your message to people that actually want it – your sneakers aren’t going to appear for people looking for fish tanks. 


Copywriting Fosters A Community

When we talk about value marketing, we often include things like blog writing (yes, that’s still copywriting). Blogs, ebooks, newsletters don’t really sell anything directly – they rather inform readers about the value of a service, or comment on industry topics. They are largely there to build out your website, and create value in your product – for consumers this is about trust. 

If we think about the people who buy or engage with your product or service, we also know that they are people who make purchasing decisions in the year 2022. This means they know how to avoid scams, and they know what to look for in a trustworthy product or service. 

These types of value marketing shows that this product has thought and meaning behind it. It shows that you as the seller does not just care about their bottom dollar, but will prioritise the consumer’s experience. 

Consumers want nothing more than to know you are a trustworthy brand to buy from. This community of readers and consumers are going to be the most consistent and thus important community you can engage with. 

Copywriting Sells The Solution 

There is a popular saying in the copywriting world that good copywriting will sell the product but great copywriting will sell the solution. Easy for us to say, but the truth is, this is the key to selling any product. 

Let’s go back to those great running sneakers we were discussing earlier. If you were to sell the product, you would talk about how the newly designed soles will elevate your arch, and how the new laces won’t untie because of a new technological advancement in lace fabric. 

However this technical talk and jargon often only serves to alienate and confuse your consumers. Why should they care about how much money and how many experts had to be used to create this product if it doesn’t fix their problem?

Instead, tell people about how your shoes will help them run faster, feel more supported, and avoid injury. Sure, use the technical stuff to back up your claims, but at the end of the day this is all your consumers want to know. 

So when we say sell the solution, we mean you should tell people what they actually want to know – how will this product make their life better or easier? 

Great CopyCopywriting Keeps It Simple

Talking about telling people what they need to know, can we officially be done with technical jargon and industry blabbering. 

The best copy works to clearly and concisely communicate to its readers. A big part of this is thinking very carefully about who you are talking to. If your audience is made up of tenured academics, then by all means use as much unnecessary language as possible. But the reality is likely very different. 

Copywriting should make it easier to understand, not harder. Don’t use language to confuse readers into a purchasing decision, but rather trust in the strength of your product and treat your readers with respect. Get creative with it, have fun, and don’t complicate it.

Each audience will need a different approach as well, which is important to remember. Younger people are more open to colloquialisms and casual language, whereas older audiences respond better to professionalism. 

Our best tip is to read your own copy like you were your average customer – do any words go over your head, are you assuming knowledge that isn’t there? Keeping it simple isn’t dumbing it down – it is talking to people like they are real people. 

Copywriting Changes Perspectives

Copywriting transforms businesses because it changes people’s perspectives. 

When running a business, people are always encouraged to find the difference in their product – what are you selling that other people just aren’t. Why are your running shoes any different to anyone else’s? 

A really good example of this is Up Bank – the bank that has really changed people’s attitudes towards banking. Banks have always seemed stuffy, inaccessible and out of touch, especially to young people who have different financial concerns to their parents. Up Bank came in with flashy branding, a new bank structure, and fresh, young, copy that really spoke to young people. Up managed to shift the perspective on banks in young people in a very significant way. 

Think about how your product taps into the gap in the market and work hard to meet that need. 

Essentially great copywriting will persuade your readers to keep reading, to remain engaged, to trust you, and to take interest in what you are selling. It is up to you to create copy that really impresses your audience. In the age of overstimulation and product overload, this quality speaks for itself. 

Great Signage Copywriting

Signage copywriting is one of the most difficult types of copy to get right – it needs to be short and snappy, on-brand, and attention-grabbing. All while building connection with your audience. We’ve created a gallery below of some of our favourite signage copywriting examples… a lot of them are related to food  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How You Can Use Great Copywriting To Transform Your Business

If you are looking to strengthen your product and strengthen your business, then consider investing in professional copywriting services. Having trained copywriters at your disposal not only takes a huge weight off of your shoulders, but also ensures that the copy will work. 

That way you can actually spend time on making sure your product is up to scratch so that the copy isn’t unfounded. 

Talk to the team at BeKonstructive – we can help you get started on your journey to great copywriting to turn your business around. Get in touch today to get started!