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Content Marketing SkillsetEver wondered what it takes to create a successful piece of content?

The idea for this blog article came to me recently when one of our clients asked me “how do you do it? How do you get the social media posts to perform so well, and how are you making our LinkedIn page grow so fast?” They went on to ask if it was the quality of the content, the time of day we post, the hashtags we use… I replied that it was all the above!

Content marketing – when done right – is a lot more involved than “just posting on social media” or smashing out a blog article in 30 minutes. A successful piece of content requires several different skill sets. From the idea creation, through to collecting the required information, creating the content, and even choosing when and where to publish the content – each of these steps requires a different set of skills.

That is what makes the team at BeKonstructive Marketing so unique. We have built a strong team who each bring a different set of skills to the table. Everything we do is a team effort. A single social media post may have someone who came up with the idea for the post, someone else to research and write the post, someone else to create the graphic or artwork for the post, and then finally someone who schedules and publishes the post.

Our team is filled with digital marketers, Brisbane copywriters, SEO consultants, and social media managers. We have experts in strategy, creatives who excel at writing, artists for the visual elements, and account managers who bring it all together seamlessly.

It is important to have all these skill sets on your content marketing team. Often, the person who is amazing with words and can make any piece of content read like a fairy tale is not the same person who can dive into your historical analytical data to determine the best platform, day, time, and hashtag set to publish the post. And that person might be great at interpreting data, but very average at identifying the right marketing message for the right target audience.

In this article I’m going to outline the 6 main digital marketing skill sets that BeKonstructive Marketing brings to every single piece of content that we produce and publish.

A recent email from our client Agnew HR & Litigations regarding their social media services with BeKonstructive Marketing.

A recent email from our client Agnew HR & Litigations regarding their social media services with BeKonstructive Marketing.

Marketing Strategy

The first step in the creation of each new piece of content is to ensure that it aligns with the brand’s overall marketing strategy. We use a framework called ‘Content Streams’ to help us make sure that we are posting purposefully. You can learn more about content streams here, but essentially the framework helps us identify content ideas, topics and themes, and ensures that each new piece of content we create ties in with a marketing message.

We aren’t just posting to tick a box and say we’ve done 3 Facebook posts this week – but rather each of those three pieces of content communicates a key marketing message.

We also ensure that we have a good understanding of the client’s target market as well as knowing which segments of their target audience are active on which social media channels. This ensures that the content is being created for the right people on the right channels.

Content Marketing WriterJournalism

Once we know the topic we are going to be writing or talking about in the piece of content, the next step is to collect all the information we need to create the piece.

We take a very journalistic approach to conducting research for each piece of content that we create. We start by doing as much online research as possible. We have two main aims when doing this research:

  1. Learn as much about the topic as possible so that we are well versed when writing about it
  2. Identify any gaps or missing information in what is already available

At BeKonstructive Marketing, you’ll often hear us say “add to the conversation, not the noise”. By looking for gaps in what is already readily available about the topic, we are able to identify opportunities for your brand or business to start conversations – not join them.

This is a very journalistic approach – journalists are taught to look for stories, and that is exactly what we are doing. Looking for stories about a topic or theme that no one else is talking about yet.

Once we have identified the gap in the conversation, we conduct interviews with the client to gather the missing information. We get what we need straight from your mouth so that it is factually correct and worded in a way that aligns with your brand tone of voice.

Copywriting and Editing

Next up we have copywriting and editing.

It takes a good writer to create an 800-word blog article that is grammatically correct, that presents the information in a logical order, and that reads well. It takes a great copywriter to then be able to apply your brand tone of voice to the piece so that it reads as though you wrote it yourself. And it takes an amazing copywriter to take that blog article and weave it into a story that draws the reader in and makes them forget about their surroundings.

At BeKonstructive, our Brisbane copywriting team includes people who have a background in creative writing, people with a PR background, and people with a journalism background. All different types of writers, allowing us the flexibility to pair each client and each piece of content with the copywriter best suited for the job. Whether you need an immersive blog article for your travel agency website or a formal piece about legislative updates within your industry – we have you covered.

Once the draft of your article is written, we will then have one of our

Regarding editing, we have a rule at BeKonstructive Marketing: no piece of content gets sent to the client without being proof-read by at least two pairs of eyes. We then have the client read the content and provide approval before it is published. So, by the time any piece of content goes live, it has been read by at least three people, significantly minimising the risk of typos, spelling errors and grammatical issues.

Visual Communications

Search Engine Optimisation

The level of optimisation that your content requires will depend on where it is destined to be published. All content for your website requires SEO copywriting – so that it gets found in Google for the right search terms. If you are a local business, then we’re also going to want to do some local Brisbane SEO to the piece as well.

Social media content also needs to be optimised – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and taking an additional 20 minutes to optimise your videos before they get published can have a significant impact of the number of views it receives.

The same can be said for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok content. While their algorithms might not be as complex as Googles, small teaks to your content – from hashtag usage, including keywords in the caption, or resizing imagery to suit the specific dimensions of the platform can impact the performance of your content greatly.

This is no easy role either – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok algorithms are constantly changing and evolving. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow – so it is important to have someone on our team who’s role it is to keep on top of all of the changes and take responsibility for ensuring our client’s content is always optimised.

Visual and Design

So, we’ve got a really engaging piece of content. It strategically aligns with your marketing and communication goals. It has been thoroughly researched and creatively written. Now we need visual imagery to accompany the piece of content.

Graphic design and visual design are a specialist area. While some marketing degrees will touch on visual communication, they do not teach students how to actually design something – this is a completely different set of skills. Photography is another learned skill – while there are apps and tools for editing images with poor lighting or exposure, there is definitely a knack to composing a great photo that very few people naturally possess.

Strategy (again)

The final piece of the puzzle is to publish the piece of content. But… we don’t “just” publish the content. There is a lot of strategy that goes into publishing the content. Some of the considerations we look at include:

  • Platform – which of our social media channels will we publish this on first?
  • Date & Time – what day, and what time of the day are your audience most active?
  • Hashtags – what selection of hashtags will we use to help the post increase it’s reach and access new audiences?
  • SEO – if it is a blog, we’ll need metadata and optimised imagery to accompany the post
  • Calendar & Scheduling – what other content do we have planned before and after this post? How will this piece of content affect their reach and engagement and vice versa?
  • Organic vs Paid – we put a lot of effort into this piece of content, should we give it a paid boost on social media channels to increase the reach?

Brisbane Content Marketing Team

Finding someone who possess all the skills listed above is near impossible. Yes, there are some unicorns out there, but as the saying goes, “Jack of All Trades, Master at None”. BeKonstructive Marketing’s business model is built on the knowledge and understanding that it is better to allow someone to excel at what they’re really good at and what really makes them happy, rather than to fit a square peg into a round hole. We hand pick our content marketing team based on their strengths in the different areas outlined above. Our team have qualifications in marketing and communications, advertising, PR, creative writing, journalism and more.

This approach allows us to provide a well-rounded content marketing service that addresses the individual needs of each of our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our full range of content marketing services or book a free obligation, please get in touch.



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