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Important updates to email marketing are coming in February 2024 – here is everything you need to know as a business owner. 

In today’s digital age, juggling multiple email accounts has become the norm, and with it comes the challenge of managing an ever-growing influx of unwanted emails. Recognising this challenge, leading email providers such as Google and Yahoo have taken significant steps to enhance inbox security and spam management.

While these updates are a win for personal email users, businesses using email marketing need to take note and adapt to these new standards to ensure their messages continue to reach their intended audience.
Email Compliance

Understanding the Shift in Email Marketing Standards

Google and Yahoo have recently declared that starting from February 2024, they will be enforcing stricter email authentication measures and setting new benchmarks for unsubscribe mechanisms.

These enhancements are not entirely new but represent a tightening of existing practices. Email authentication has long been a recommendation for marketers, and unsubscribe links have been a staple requirement. The upcoming changes, however, will see stricter enforcement and could alter email deliverability and engagement rates significantly.

Why This Matters for Your Business

The essence of these updates is to streamline email communication, making it more secure and efficient. The impact on businesses, especially those that rely on email marketing, is profound. Ensuring your emails reach your customers’ inboxes is the first step in engaging your audience. Google and Yahoo’s focus on improving email security and reliability aims to preserve email as a trusted channel for professional and personal communication.

Not taking notice of these changes could see your emails landing in your audience’s spam folders. And the new spam thresholds mean that once you’ve been relegated to the spam folder – it is going to be very difficult to get back into the main inbox. 

MailChimp ComplianceKey Changes You Need to Know

Email Authentication:

Google and Yahoo will mandate that all email senders authenticate their emails using standard protocols. This process verifies that the emails sent are from a legitimate source, akin to a digital seal of approval.

Simplified Unsubscribe Process:

The ease of unsubscribing from email lists will be emphasised, with a requirement for senders to process such requests promptly, within two days, tightening the existing regulations.

Spam Thresholds:

Google has set a clear spam threshold of 0.3%, a benchmark that email senders must meet to maintain inbox accessibility. Yahoo is expected to follow suit, reinforcing the importance of maintaining low spam rates.

Email Marketing AuditThe Impact of Non-Compliance

Ignoring these changes is not an option for businesses that value their email marketing efforts. Non-compliance could lead to emails being blocked or filtered as spam, drastically reducing the effectiveness of your email campaigns and potentially harming your brand’s reputation.

How BeKonstructive Marketing Can Help

Navigating these changes can seem daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. BeKonstructive Marketing is equipped to guide you through this transition, ensuring your email marketing strategies are compliant, effective, and aligned with the new standards.

Our expertise in digital marketing means we’re perfectly positioned to help your business adapt to these changes, ensuring your messages continue to reach your customers and resonate with them.

Introducing Our Email Marketing Audit Service

To help you navigate these changes seamlessly, BeKonstructive Marketing is thrilled to offer an exclusive Email Marketing Audit service to both new and existing clients.

  • Platform Review: We’ll conduct a thorough review of your current email marketing platform, to ensure it’s optimised for the latest industry standards.
  • Compliance Updates: Our team will implement necessary changes to align your email campaigns with new authentication and deliverability requirements.
  • Domain Authentication: We’ll assist in authenticating your domain/sender email address, a crucial step in maintaining your sender reputation and email deliverability.

Pricing Structure:

  • Standard Platforms: For businesses using MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, our Email Marketing Audit service is $300 (ex GST).
  • Custom Platforms: If you’re using an email system other than MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, we’re still here to help! We’ll provide a personalised quote based on your specific needs, ensuring our expert service is accessible to all.

Why Choose BeKonstructive Marketing?

With the Email Marketing Audit from BeKonstructive Marketing, you’re not just staying ahead of industry changes; you’re taking a proactive step towards enhancing your engagement and preserving the integrity of your email communication. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds the new email marketing standards, safeguarding your ability to connect with your audience effectively.
Don’t let the evolving digital standards disrupt your email marketing strategy. Contact BeKonstructive Marketing today to schedule your Email Marketing Audit and ensure your business remains at the forefront of digital communication excellence.

Campaign Monitor Compliance2024 Email Marketing Updates – FAQs:

Yes, the updated email authentication requirements affect all senders globally, regardless of your business size or sector. This includes educational institutions, non-profits, real estate agencies, professional services, e-commerce businesses, and commercial entities.

If you’re sending emails to recipients with Google or Yahoo addresses, these changes are relevant to you.

What are the key changes in email marketing I should be aware of?

Starting February 2024, Google and Yahoo will enforce stricter email authentication protocols to enhance security and reduce spam. Key changes include mandatory email authentication, a streamlined unsubscribe process requiring actions within two days, and maintaining a spam rate below 0.3% to ensure your emails reach the inbox.

Why are Google and Yahoo implementing these changes?

The aim is to make email communication more secure and efficient, reducing the burden on individuals and businesses to sift through potential spam or fraudulent messages. This ensures that valuable content reaches its audience without being lost or flagged as spam.

How do I authenticate my emails?

Email authentication involves setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records for your domain. These protocols verify that the emails you send are from a trusted source, reducing the likelihood of them being marked as spam.

This is something that BeKonstructive Marketing can help you with as part of our Email Marketing Audit service.

What happens if I don’t comply with these new requirements?

Failure to adhere to these new standards could lead to your emails being blocked or marked as spam, significantly impacting your ability to communicate with your customers and potentially harming your brand’s reputation.

What is a sender’s reputation, and why is it important?

Your sender’s reputation is a measure of your trustworthiness and reliability as an email sender, based on your adherence to email best practices and how recipients interact with your emails. A good reputation increases the likelihood of your emails being delivered to inboxes, while a poor reputation can lead to your emails being filtered as spam.
Monitor your email engagement metrics closely, regularly cleanse your email list of inactive subscribers, and provide relevant, valuable content to your audience. Ensuring your emails are authenticated and that unsubscribe requests are processed promptly will also help maintain a low spam rate.

What should I do if my emails are being marked as spam?

Review your email content and list hygiene practices to ensure you’re following best practices. Consider segmenting your lists more effectively and personalising your content to increase engagement. If issues persist, it may be worthwhile to consult with an email marketing expert.

Can BeKonstructive Marketing assist with navigating these changes?

Absolutely. BeKonstructive Marketing is here to guide you through adapting your email marketing strategies to comply with these new standards, ensuring your communications remain effective and reach your audience’s inboxes.
We are offering all new and existing clients an email marketing audit, starting from $300 ex gst to assist you in updating your platform to comply with the new standards.

What immediate steps should I take to comply with these changes?

If you haven’t already, start by authenticating your emails and reviewing your unsubscribe process to ensure it meets the new requirements. Additionally, keep an eye on your spam rate to ensure it stays below the specified threshold.