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We all know about the power of social media, but do you really know how to get the most out of it? 

Social media is a fantastic tool for businesses to spread their message and connect with their audience on a more personal level than traditional one-way marketing channels like Google Ads or email marketing. And yet, what does true success on social media really look like, and is it more than just getting people to like and follow your business page? 

At BeKonstructive Marketing, our Brisbane social media marketing services have been designed to fully harness the power of social media. Throughout the years, we have designed social media marketing strategies for our clients, successfully executed them, and then made the necessary adjustment as the landscape for these platforms changes. 

Business owner taking an engaging photo for social media with his team member - they are a plant business.

Our Social Media Strategy Framework 

We have evolved our social media framework over 10 years, continuously learning, testing, and tweaking our methods to keep up with the constantly changing social media landscape. Our framework revolves around three core steps designed to build connection and trust with your audience, so that they are more receptive to promotional and sales messages. 

Each step in our framework is a ‘pillar’ or ‘content stream’ that we craft our content around – so that each piece of content that we publish to our client’s social media feeds is purposeful, and contributes to our overall strategy. 

The first two steps or content pillars are trust and value. There is a large body of research that shows that trust and value are the two most important factors that play into a customer’s purchasing decision. The more trust they have with your brand, and the more value they perceive in your product, the more likely they are to purchase from you – even if there are significantly cheaper competitors. 

By using social media channels to build trust and communicate value with your prospective customers, we are increasing the likelihood that they will purchase from your brand or business. 

The third content pillar is promote – because once we have their trust, and they understand the value of your product, they are ready to be sold to. 

Keep on reading to learn more about each content pillar in our social media framework, or download a copy of our social media packages brochure

Social Media Framework

Image shows our social media framework including three pillars that align with sales strategy, the different types of content streams you may expect to see under each pillar, and the metrics that we track to measure the performance of each pillar.

Content Pillar One: Trust 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all the years we’ve been providing Brisbane social media services, it’s that trust is an absolute necessity. By building trust with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, you can begin to leverage that connection to spread the word about your brand, services, or products. 

Under each of our content pillars are content streams, which are the kinds of posts we would create for your business to achieve the main purpose of the pillar (i.e. build trust). These ‘content streams’ will vary depending on the client, their industry, and their target audience but some common content types in our trust pillar include: 

  • Social proof: When customers see positive testimonials or user-generated content, they often feel more confident in a business’s products or services.
  • Meet the team: By introducing the faces behind a business, audiences can establish a personal connection and see the dedication and passion of the staff.
  • Behind the scenes: Offering a glimpse into the daily operations helps demystify the business process and shows a commitment to transparency.
  • Internal culture: Highlighting a company’s workplace environment and its team interactions showcases a positive and supportive culture that audiences can trust.
  • Brand values: Clearly communicating a brand’s core beliefs and standing by them can resonate deeply with an audience and align with their own values.
  • Returns / Shipping / Warranties / Guarantees: This is most relevant to online retailers. Providing clear policies and processes for things like returns and shipping assures customers that the business is upfront and values their satisfaction. It reduces the risk for first-time buyers. 

These streams will be different from client to client – for example a skin care company that ethically sources its products would lean on transparency posts to build trust while a forward facing creative organisation would benefit from ‘meet the team’ content. We’ll take our time to discover the best content streams for your business to build that trust with your audience on social media. 

Content Pillar Two: Value 

Now that you’ve established that trust with your audience on social media, it’s time to clearly demonstrate the value your product or service provides. This is different from straight up promoting your services or products (we’ll get to that in a bit) as this content pillar is more concerned with communicating what makes your offerings special, unique, and worthwhile for people. 

Educating people about your value is a lot deeper than just telling them how much your product or service costs. It is about explaining why your product or service costs what it costs. You want to give your audience and prospective customers enough information to make a purchasing decision that is based on more than just price. 

For example, a clothing company that sells basic white t-shirts for $50 will want to educate their audience about their 100% recycled organic fabrics – that is how they differ from a fast fashion brand that sells a similar product for $20. 

There are a number of content streams that do a great job educating an audience about your business’ value. Here are some of our favourites: 

  • Case Studies/Success Stories: Demonstrating real-world applications and results of your product or service validates a business’s impact and effectiveness. We like to focus on the challenge that was overcome, and the outcome for the end user. 
  • Insights and Thought Leadership: Sharing expertise and forward-thinking perspectives positions you as an industry leader and a credible expert.
  • Education in Bite-sized Formats: Offering easily digestible and valuable educational content proves your dedication to empowering your audience while also giving them a free taster of how you can help them. 
  • Industry News/Updates: Keeping the audience informed about the latest trends and news reflects your active engagement and deep understanding of your sector.
  • Production Process/What to Expect: Clarifying the journey from creation to delivery assures potential customers of your product’s quality and the business’s professionalism.

Again, these streams will be tailored to suit the individual needs of the business we are working with as not all streams will be suitable for all industries and audiences. 

Content Pillar Three: Promote 

It’s now time to get the word out there and promote your product or service to your audience on social media. 

This content pillar is all about letting your followers know about how they can engage with your products and services through posts that have a clear sales pitch. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity with this content – when your audience sees these promotional posts, they should have an immediate understanding about what to do to make the purchase, sign up to the newsletter, express their interest etc. 

We recommend having one clear call-to-action that is risk free – something like obtaining a free quote, downloading a brochure, booking a no-obligation initial consultation. Whatever works for your business, pick one thing, and make it the focus of majority of your ‘promote’ posts. 

Here are some of the main content streams that fall under this pillar. 

  • Gateway Product: A gateway product is an easy, low-cost or risk-free product / service that people can purchase that gives them a ‘taster’ of your brand. For example, we work with an insurance broker who provides a free policy review – rather than trying to sell a whole new policy, they provide a free review which gives them the opportunity to discuss where the prospective customer is under-insured, and how the broker can help get them a better result. Another example is an online perfume company that offers a $50 ‘sample pack’ of their 10 most popular fragrances – so you can try the small versions before you purchase  the full size bottle for $200. Your gateway product is designed to get your prospective customer to step over the threshold of your business by offering them a little nibble before they have to commit to the whole meal. 
  • Sales and Deals: Posts about specials / sales / deals that you are currently offering with a bit of urgency built-in. These work best when the sale is for a product or service that you have been covering in your ‘value’ content pillar in the lead-up. 
  • New Products / Service Offerings: Announcing new products and services, again these posts work well when you have laid some groundwork using the ‘value’ pillar to educate about the benefits of the product / service. 
  • Production Process/What to Expect: Clarifying the journey from creation to delivery, clearly outlining what the first step is so they know exactly what to expect when they engage with you. 
  • CTAs: CTA stands for ‘call to action’ – calls to action tell the audience one simple thing they need to do to start the process of engaging with your brand or product. It might sound basic, but often the fear of getting started with a new product or service can feel daunting. They don’t know what to expect, they don’t know where to start, and they feel a bit clueless. Give them a clear CTA that breaks off the first step of the process and makes it feel easy and empowering to get started. An example of this for BeKonstructive Marketing might be: “Want to grow your digital presence in 2024? Book a free discovery session to find where the biggest opportunities lie for your business.” ← It is short, simple, and offers a no-risk and uncomplicated way to get started. We would pair this with a link to our appointment booking tool so that they can book themselves in at a time and location that suits them best. 

Social media power

Our Social Media Process

At the heart of our approach to social media is a belief in collaboration and purposeful content. Our journey with you begins by diving deep into strategising. This is the phase where we get to know your brand, its aspirations, and most importantly, its unique voice. Once we’ve understood your vision, our next step is to transpose this into a tangible game plan: the content calendar.

Our content calendar isn’t a mere schedule; it’s a strategic blueprint of the stories we’ll tell on your behalf. The content we curate is rooted in our three content pillars: trust, value, and promote. Each post is carefully crafted to either establish trust with your audience, communicate your business’s genuine value, or promote your products and services.

At the start of each month, we’ll invite you for a discussion to delve into this calendar. This ensures that every piece of content resonates with your brand’s message and direction. Your input is invaluable to us. Once we’re aligned and you’ve given the green light, that’s our cue to swing into action.

Our dedicated team then takes the reins, focusing on creating engaging posts that echo with your brand’s ethos. But our job doesn’t stop at creation. We schedule, ensuring timely and consistent communication, and then seamlessly publish them, bringing our collective vision to life. In this partnership, every post becomes a reflection of a shared commitment to excellence and engagement.

Social Media Strategy

Measuring Success on Social Media 

Simply counting likes and follows isn’t the best way to judge how well your social media campaign is doing. Those numbers might make things look rosy, but they don’t always show if people are genuinely into what you’re putting out there. What you really want to look at is engagement. Things like comments, shares, and how long folks hang around watching your stuff. 

That’s the gold right there. 

When people engage, they’re more likely to stick around, chat about your brand with mates, and even become loyal customers. That’s the real win for growing your social media game.

We work closely with our clients to understand their marketing goals and align our reporting and KPI metrics with those goals. We also have certain metrics that we look at for each content pillar, which helps us determine whether we are building trust, educating about value, and driving conversions through promotion. 

BeKonstructive Marketing’s Social Media Services 

If you are after our Brisbane social media management services to help your business fully harness the power of social media, then contact us today to organise a free discovery session. You can also download a copy of our social media packages and pricing here