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Real estate copywriting is one of the best ways for agencies to spread the word about their property listings, their services, and their overall standing in the industry and the local community. Great copywriting has the potential to increase visibility for real estate agencies and other industry-related businesses. 

BeKonstructive Marketing provides expert real estate copywriting services to businesses in Brisbane and across Australia. We take a holistic approach to writing copy for real estate businesses. While many agencies believe that real estate copywriting begins and ends with writing property listings, our services extend well beyond this. 

We provide SEO copywriting services for your Australian real estate agencies to help them rank higher on search engines like Google. This helps your website gain more visitors – increasing the number of leads and potential clients that have their eyes on your services. By optimising your website through our copywriting, you will be optimising your chances of growing your agency’s online presence. 

5 Tips for Real Estate Copywriters5 Real Estate Copywriting Tips for Irresistible Copy

When it comes to selling properties in the competitive real estate market, the power of persuasive and compelling copy cannot be underestimated. Effective real estate copywriting can make all the difference in attracting potential buyers and closing deals. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a property owner looking to market your listing, incorporating these five tips into your copy will help create irresistible property descriptions that captivate and engage your target audience.

Know Your Audience:

Understanding your target audience is essential for crafting persuasive real estate copy.

Different demographics have varying needs, preferences, and motivations. Start by researching the local market and identifying your ideal buyer personas. Are you targeting first-time homebuyers, luxury property investors, or retirees? Tailor your language, tone, and style accordingly to resonate with your audience. Speak directly to their desires and aspirations, using language that evokes emotions and paints a vivid picture of the lifestyle your property can offer.

Highlight Unique Selling Points:

Every property has its unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Identify and emphasise these selling points in your copy. Whether it’s a breathtaking view, a beautifully landscaped backyard, or state-of-the-art amenities, make sure to highlight them early in your descriptions. Use vivid language to describe the features and benefits, helping potential buyers envision themselves living in the property. Remember, the goal is to create a sense of urgency and desire in the reader’s mind.

Create Compelling Headlines:

A captivating headline is the key to grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

Craft headlines that are concise, engaging, and informative. Use powerful words and phrases that evoke curiosity and inspire action. For example, “Your Dream Home Awaits: Explore the Perfect Blend of Luxury and Comfort” or “Seize the Opportunity: Own a Piece of Paradise in a Prime Location.” A strong headline will entice readers to dive into the rest of your property description.

Focus on Benefits, not just Features:

It’s important to emphasise the benefits that a property offers.

Buyers want to know how the property will enhance their lives and fulfil their needs. Instead of simply stating the number of bedrooms and square footage, explain how these features will provide comfort, convenience, and a better quality of life. For example, highlight how a spacious backyard can be an ideal space for family gatherings or how an open-concept floor plan encourages socialising and entertaining.

Use High-Quality Visuals:

Visual content can significantly enhance the impact of your real estate copy.

Incorporate high-quality images, virtual tours, and videos to showcase the property’s unique features and ambiance. Include professional photographs that capture the property’s best angles, natural lighting, and its overall appeal. Visual content provides potential buyers with a visual representation of what they can expect, drawing them further into your property description.

Examples of Real Estate Copywriting 

Mastering the art of real estate copywriting is crucial in attracting and captivating potential buyers. By implementing the above five tips into your property descriptions, you can create irresistible copy that stands out in a crowded market. Understand your audience, highlight unique selling points, craft compelling headlines, focus on benefits, and complement your copy with high-quality visuals. Remember, the goal is to create an emotional connection between the reader and the property, ultimately leading to successful sales and satisfied buyers.

Below are some examples of how the BeKonstructive team has partnered with Australian real estate businesses, providing copywriting and SEO services

Screenshot of the Property Club copywriting work that BeKonstructive has done.

Image shows some of the recent blog articles on the Property Club website that the BeKonstructive team has contributed to.

Property Club 

Property Club is a membership-based organisation that provides Australian property investors with the tools and resources to make their property dreams a reality. 

BeKonstructive Marketing was engaged by Property Club to write and edit blog articles for their website. The topics and first drafts of the articles were provided by members of the club, and we re-work them to flow better, be more engaging, and be better optimised for SEO purposes. 

These topics help to establish Property Club as leaders within their corner of the industry, sharing everything from property outlooks for particular cities to tips around how property investors can maximise their tax returns. The blogs we create for Property Club strengthens their brand credibility and builds trust between them and their members. 

Danielle, Property Club’s Marketing and Communications Manager, was kind enough to leave us this lovely testimonial for our SEO copywriting work: 

Our business engaged BeKonstructive Marketing to assist with copywriting services for company publications. I am so impressed with the content they are providing. The articles are clear, powerful and interesting. 

From the beginning, Bekonstructive had an intuitive understanding of the club and our core values and messages, which are portrayed professionally and expertly in their content. Their communication is first class with an exceptional turnaround time. 

We couldn’t be happier with the services provided and will continue to enjoy a great working relationship with the team.



Screenshot from the Property Shop website showing some of the recent real estate blog articles BeKonstructive have written.

Some of the recent real estate blog articles the BeKonstructive Marketing team have contributed to the Property Shop Port Douglas website.

Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman 

Property Shop Port Douglas & Mossman is a real estate agency in Far North Queensland who engage our copywriters to provide a range of SEO services

Part of their monthly package includes on-page optimisation and helping their key website pages rank highly for a range of relevant search terms. To do this, we added optimised copy to the bottom of their “Properties for Sale” and “Properties for Rent” listing pages. This boost to their SEO will only strengthen their already solid standing as a trusted local real estate agency. 

In addition to the copy for their homepage, about us page, and listing pages, we also write two monthly blog articles for Property Shop Port Douglas. These blogs further improve their performance in Google, while also establishing them as a voice of authority on local real estate matters.

Image of Brisbane suburb New Farm - used as an example of a suburb profile written for real estate agency Rissman Properties.Rissman Property

Rissman Property specialises in providing high-end real estate services to the up-market properties in the Brisbane suburbs of Newstead, Teneriffe, and Albion. 

Our team was first engaged by this client to write the copy for their new website, but in the months since, we have written the team bios for their new and existing team members. All real estate agents know the importance of an engaging bio, as it may likely be the first impression that clients make of them. 

The team member bios we write for Rissman Property always highlight their professional skills, their relevant qualifications and past experience, why they love real estate, and why they are passionate about working for their agency. These bios are strong reflections of the Rissman Property agents, endearing them to potential clients and helping them create a powerful message around both their personal and business brand. 

Suburb Profiles 

BeKonstructive Marketing also specialise in writing in-depth suburb profiles for real estate agents. These profiles would cover topics such as: 

  • The Type of Properties
  • The Demographic of Residents
  • The Suburb’s Lifestyle 
  • Local Amenities and Infrastructure  (schools, shops, public transport etc.)
  • Median Property Prices and Rental Prices  

The suburb profiles allow our team of copywriters to create written content around keywords that prospective buyers who are thinking about moving into the area are likely to search for – improving their local SEO and getting the right eyes on their website. 

Suburb profile work best when we combine our own market research with a client interview – this gives you the opportunity to share what you love about the area, any “hidden gems” like your favourite coffee shop, and sprinkle your knowledge through the profile to showcase just how much you know about the area. 

Real Estate SEO CopywritingBeKonstructive’s Real Estate Copywriters

Our team of accomplished copywriters and digital marketing experts use their range of backgrounds to offer a diverse approach to writing effective copy for real estate agencies. BeKonstructive’s copywriters have backgrounds in creative and professional writing, journalism, PR, marketing and advertising, allowing them to work across a broad range of copywriting needs. 

We approach real estate copywriting from a number of different angles. While a large part of it is about promoting the agency, it is also about telling their story, educating their clients, and sharing any relevant news or updates to their audience. As our copywriters have such a diverse range of skills at their disposal, we are able to create effective copywriting collateral that encapsulates all of these concepts and more. 

To find out more about our diverse marketing skillset, be sure to give our article 5 Skills We Bring to Every Pieve of Content a read. 

Our Approach to Real Estate Copywriting 

BeKonstructive has developed a tried and tested approach to real estate copywriting that has proven results. We start our work by extensively researching the client, their competitors, and the keywords that we will base the content around. We interview the clients to get a better sense of their services, points of difference, tone of voice, brand values, and what particular regions they work in. 

All of this helps our copywriters create copy that accurately represents their brand and services, targets their audience, and is properly optimised for SEO purposes. Once we have finished drafting and editing the copy, we send it to the client so they can check it over and provide any necessary feedback. 

Once we have their tick of approval, the copy is ready to go live on their website where it can start attracting more people to discover their real estate services. 

BeKonstructive’s Real Estate Copywriting Services 

BeKonstructive Marketing provides real estate copywriting services to real estate agencies right across Australia. If you own a real estate agency or a business in this industry and would like to make use of our copywriting services, request a quick copywriting quote today!