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Let’s get one thing straight – content and copywriting are different but they work best when used together. Move aside Bert and Ernie, a new iconic duo just entered the villa and they are here to stay. 

You’ve probably all read a lot of articles about how content is all about engagement while copywriting is all about making the sale and sealing the deal. BUT the reality is they should work together. Content writing should be created with the intention to generate sales and copywriting should be as engaging as possible. 

At BeKonstructive, our Brisbane copywriters are skilled in both of these areas. Uh hello – we are a content marketing agency that specialises in copywriting!

Copywriting and ContentWhat is content?

So content, in a marketing context, is basically about telling stories and sharing information that gives your product or service value and worth. Content marketing – whether that be blog posts, social media, email marketing etc – helps to connect people to your brand. 

Content marketing focuses less on describing the features and benefits of your product or service, and more on your company’s origins, where you source your materials from, how you treat your people, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and the passion and goals that motivate you and give you direction. It’s the story behind the product, and telling that story leads to greater brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand trust, and customer retention. 

Content vs CopywritingWhat is copywriting?

So you may be wondering what on earth is copywriting then? Is that not the exact same thing? 

Copywriting is technically any piece of writing used in marketing that is created with the intention to sell something. But this definition can cause confusion because isn’t all marketing designed to sell? 

A great way to think about the difference is that content marketing is designed to make your audience feel something. The results are often intangible and difficult to measure or quantify. Copywriting on the other hand is designed to make your audience do something. To buy now, to sign up here, to donate, to book, to contact etc.

Why Content and Copywriting are Like Bread and Butter

In our opinion, the best piece content will also drive action and the best piece of copywriting will also inform and engage. 

There is this understanding in the digital media world that somehow these concepts are an opposing force, incompatible with the other. At BeKonstructive, we know that this isn’t true – like all things good in the world, content and copy work best when working together. 

At the end of the day, we know that marketing strategy is the thing that will make the biggest difference to your results. Content and copywriting are just the tools we use to bring that strategy to life. We look at your business, decide what you need, and create content based on that. 

If you are a business that needs to build awareness or improve customer retention, then we might go for more of a content marketing approach where we drive engagement and focus on building an audience. If your business needs to drive sales and gain new customers, then we might go hard on making sure your copy is clear and actionable, highlights the features and benefits, and clearly communicates how your product solves their problem. 

But ultimately, the best solution is to do both – use copywriting in promotional campaigns that focus on bringing new customers through the door. Then use content marketing to nurture those new customers, and build their brand loyalty so that they go from being a first-time-buyer, to a lifelong-customer. 

Content or CopywritingIf you need to both drive engagement and action? 

Well, well, well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Say you sold jeans that were made with organic cotton and were super environmentally friendly, and you wrote an informative blog post about the fabrics you used. And then say someone types into Google looking for environmentally sustainable jeans and comes upon your article. And then say they get to the end of the piece of content and they see a clear call to action where they can go and buy the jeans discussed in the article. And they buy it.

This is a clear example of how content and copywriting work together.

Your new customer is way more likely to buy them  because of that call to action. They would also be more unlikely to buy them if there was no interesting article about the jeans and just a big BUY HERE button. 

Good marketing drives engagement and action because it employs content writing AND copywriting techniques. 

Peanut Butter And Jelly Who?

Content and copywriting are like yin and yang, the sun and the moon, bacon and eggs – they are two sides of the same coin. 

This is why our copywriters at BeKonstructive need the skills to think creatively and thoughtfully about the content they create. They must be able to turn any piece of copy they create into something that considers audiences from all different backgrounds while simultaneously driving action and sales. 

It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it 💅​

If you are looking for a premiere content and copywriting service to redefine your marketing strategy then look no further than us folks at BeKonstructive. Get in contact to request a quote today!