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Creative Side of CopywritingThere are a lot of misconceptions around copywriting. 

While we have already debunked several copywriting myths before, today, we’re going to take a closer look at the creative side of the job and how this affects the type of work we produce. Afterall, while copywriting is about using words to sell or promote an idea, service, or product, humans are only going to be convinced of said idea, service, or product if they are compelled by those words. And to compel, you need to get creative. 

At Bekonstructive Marketing, we always strive to employ creative thinking to our digital marketing services. Copywriting is just one facet of this, so let’s dive into how we use our imaginations in helping our clients achieve their desired results. 

Telling a Story 

At the risk of sounding a little bit pretentious, writing copy isn’t just about putting words to a client’s vision – it’s about taking the readers/potential customers on a journey. Depending on the type of content we’re writing, this journey may be introducing them to a new idea, revealing a solution to their problems, or filling them with excitement at the possibility of a new beginning. 

To elicit these emotions, a copywriter needs to tell them a story. This isn’t to say that the content is fictional or told in the style of a tale. But it should be structured in a way that builds excitement within the reader – just like a story!

Any piece of copywriting – whether it’s a blog post (hey!), social media post, email, web page etc – should grab the reader’s attention with a strong beginning, hold their attention through a well-paced middle, and lead them with a powerful impression at the end. 

Another way you can make your copy more story-like is by using tried and true persuasive writing techniques. People respond well to the smart inclusion of pathos, ethos and logos. A quick refresher: 

  • Pathos is using emotions and feelings to elicit a response. If you’re writing about a client who has a touching story about their career rise, then highlighting this is a great way to get people to care. 
  • Ethos is the use of credibility to support your claims. It takes a rational stance backed up by supporting evidence that makes people listen to you because you are the authority on this subject. It’s easier to buy into what someone is telling you if you are given reasons to respect and trust where that information comes from. 
  • Logos refers to using logic and reasoning to persuade your audience. This can be achieved through drawing on hard evidence (facts and statistics) or subjective reasoning (explaining the benefits of a product or service). 

Tone of Voice 

Another creative writing technique that creeps into copywriting is the use of tone of voice. This refers to the tone of your copy and how certain word choices and prose structure relate to your target audience.

For example, copy that’s written for an accounting firm will likely sound quite different from the copy for a theme park. The former is likely to be written in a professional tone of voice targeting businesses, while the latter will read as more conversational and family-oriented. 

As a copywriter, one of your jobs is to get into the heads of the people who are most likely to read and engage with your copy. To do this successfully, you need to write each piece of copy like you are directly speaking to that audience. For example, think about how you would speak to a group of teachers compared to a group of construction workers. Or what words would you use/avoid if you’re trying to sound vibrant, serious, blokey, intellectual, upbeat etc? 

Tone of voice should always be at the forefront of your mind in any form of writing, and it’s especially important to consider when writing effective copy that is tailored for a specific audience. 

Creative CopywritingBeKonstructive’s Copywriting Services

BeKonstructive Marketing’s copywriting services are designed to merge together creative and strategic thinking to deliver effective and engaging copy for our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our copywriting services, get in touch.

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