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Riding the Waves of 2023: A Year in Review at BeKonstructive Marketing

As the festive season twinkles upon us, we wish to extend our heartfelt wishes for a safe, happy, and merry Christmas. May your holidays be filled with the warmth of family, the joy of love, and the laughter that echoes the good times.

Reflecting on the year that was 2023, it’s safe to say it’s been akin to a thrilling, yet unpredictable roller coaster ride. Remember those meticulously crafted plans we entered January with? Well, they swiftly transformed into whimsical origami birds and flew out the window by March! It’s been a year where our adaptability and resilience were not just tested, but showcased in full glory.

In all honesty, much of 2023 felt like holding onto a kite in a gusty wind – exhilarating, a tad overwhelming, but undeniably invigorating. We embraced change with open arms (and occasionally a wry smile), learning that sometimes the best-laid plans are the ones you never planned at all.

This year taught us the power of vulnerability and the strength that comes from embracing the unexpected. We laughed in the face of uncertainty, shared a few ‘why nots’ instead of ‘whys’, and realised that sometimes, hanging on for dear life is the best way to experience the ride.

Collage of images from the 2023 BeKonstructive Christmas party showing the team at a paint-and-sip class.

Some images from the BeKonstructive 2023 Christmas Party.

Steering the Course in 2024: Refocusing on What We Do Best

As we set our sights on 2024, it’s time to ‘right the ship’ at BeKonstructive Marketing. We’re realigning our compass to what we excel at – providing fast, consistent, and reliable daily marketing communications services for SMEs.

In 2024 we’ll be introducing a series of content marketing “bundles” or packages, designed to demystify digital and content marketing for business owners. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the digital world or looking to streamline your existing strategy, our bundles are crafted to make our services more accessible, easier to budget for, and simpler to understand. We’ve already launched some content marketing bundles that include a mix of blogs, social media posts, and monthly email newsletters – your one-stop solution for engaging, effective content marketing.

Keep an eye out for some platform specific bundles launching early 2024 – for social media, email marketing, SEO services and copywriting.

On a personal note, 2024 is set to be an extraordinary year for me, Bek. I’ll be taking a six-week hiatus from mid-April to late May for a very special reason – I’m getting married! Following the wedding, my husband Nick and I will be embarking on a month-long exploration of Japan.

2024: The Year of ‘Connection’

BeKonstructive’s word for 2024 is ‘connection’. This isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our renewed vision to strengthen our bonds. In 2023, we realised that in the hustle of ‘doing the work’, we lost sight of our fundamental goals. This year, we’re committed to building stronger connections – with you, our valued clients, and with other small businesses through meaningful partnerships.

Connection also lies at the heart of our content marketing services. Our aim is to help you forge deeper, more authentic connections with your audience, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

In my personal life, ‘connection’ takes a special place too. I’m dedicating myself to achieving a better work/life balance and investing more quality time with loved ones. After all, it’s these connections that make our professional endeavours all the more worthwhile.

Wishing You a Season of Joy and a Prosperous New Year

As we wrap up this reflection, we want to extend our warmest wishes to you for a relaxing holiday break. May your 2024 be filled with success, joy, and connections that enrich both your professional and personal lives.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey at BeKonstructive Marketing. Here’s to a year of growth, connection, and prosperity!

Warm regards,
Bek and the BeKonstructive Marketing Team