Our partnership with Barb and the My ID Card team began in January 2021. My ID Card supply branded digital business cards that use NFC technology to add your contact details - including a profile image, social media links and more - directly into your contact's smart phone.

My IDCard Team
About Our Client

BeKonstructive Marketing started working with My ID Card early 2021, not long after they had launched their product into the market. Barb has some really big ideas and goals for her business – and she is making them happen, one step at a time. She has a product that just makes sense – both from a technology point of view, as well as a social point of view. The growth that her business has achieved, and the partnerships that she has accomplished in just 12 months of operation are amazing, and we are so happy that we have been a part of the journey.

Due to the start-up / rapid growth nature of My ID Card, the services that we have been providing have needed to be flexible. We had to grow and pivot to support Barb in the areas that she needed us most on a month-to-month basis. While we started out in a consulting capacity – providing strategic guidance and training – we have also provided social media and content marketing services as well as Google Ads management at various times throughout the past 12 months.

As we head into 2022, we are excited to continue working with Barb and her team. You can learn more about My ID Card (and order your own digital business card) here.

Our Work

Our working relationship with My ID Card began with fortnightly consultation sessions where Bek and Barb would plan out the content calendar, discuss marketing channels and plan the digital strategy. We would then support Barb as she implemented the content calendar and strategy, providing training and support as needed.

As My ID Card grew and Barb’s focus shifted to sales and business development, our team took over the day-to-day social media posting and community management requirements. We also ran a small Google Ads campaign and continued to advise on strategy, branding and website development.

My ID Card secured a partnership with RoloNext – a rolodex app – towards the end of 2021. RoloNext has an established in-house marketing team who have taken over a lot of Barb’s day-to-day digital and content marketing requirements.

BeKonstructive Marketing will continue to team up with My ID Card to help them with any digital marketing and content marketing requirements that they have in 2022 including email marketing, LinkedIn connections and continued consulting services.

Digital Business Card
Bek and Barb

The Outcome

We have enjoyed working alongside Barb as her brand and business grow. We aim to “be constructive” in everything that we do, and our work with My ID Card is a testament to that motto as we spend our time where it is most needed, when it is most needed.