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Hello! Bek here!

I’m kicking off 2022 with a bit of an ‘editorial letter’. I’m a big believer of sharing your goals and aspirations. I think that the more you verbalise what you want from the world and life, the more likely that someone who can help you achieve those things will hear and lend you a helping hand.

So in light of that, I’m sharing what the team and I are working on this year – our mantra of ‘continuous improvement’, our shift to focus on SEO services, and our business development activities. I’ve also thrown on a quick update regarding our BeKause Marketing Internship program as we’ve been a bit quiet on that front in recent months.

Continuous Improvement

BeKonstructive Marketing’s focus for 2022 is “Continuous Improvement”.

2021 was a bit of a weird year – it was like we were all sitting on our hands, waiting for Covid blow over then… well that just never happened.

So in 2022 I’m focusing on the things I can control: my team, the quality of our services, and our systems and processes.

I’m investing in training, skills development and upskilling my team to improve the quality of our services. I’m focusing on efficiency by reviewing all our systems and processes, developing templates and looking at integrations. And I’m building out our full-time team to not only support our casuals, but to also provide more consistency in our output.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are constantly going to be asking “how could we make this better?”. Every task, every process, every aspect of everything we do – we want to look at how we can make it better or faster.

We refuse to sit on our hands treading water for another 12 months – we want to be proud of our achievements at the end of 2022; we want to know that we had a productive year. At the end of 2022, we will look back on the past 12 months and know that our business is better, stronger and more resilient than it was at the start of the year.

We’re Pushing SEO Services in 2022

Another big change we’re making this year is a big push on SEO services.

We’ve always offered SEO as a service, but it has never been a core focus – social media and copywriting were always our main services, and SEO (along with email marketing, Google ads and website development) were secondary ‘add-on’ services.

This year, we’re changing that.

There are three main reasons we’re making the shift to push our SEO services more:

  1. SEO has measurable ROI: Social media and copywriting are an integral part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. BUT. It is hard to measure the exact ROI that social media and copywriting deliver. They are great for brand awareness and building audiences but in a year where businesses are likely going to be tightening their belts due to uncertainty – I suspect that marketing budgets are going to be shifted from services like social media and migrated to more certain services like SEO and paid advertising.
  2. SEO is shifting towards content: As the Google algorithm continues to evolve, I am forecasting that it is going to place a stronger emphasis on content once more. Content has always been a key ranking factor, but in recent years tactics like backlinking have become overused and at times exploited. I sense a shift back towards a greater emphasis on page content (and I’ve spoken to several other people in the SEO space and they tend to agree). As content marketers, BeKonstructive Marketing are well positioned to deliver content-focused SEO campaigns. You can learn more about our content-first approach to SEO here.
  3. We’re good at it: A bit of a humble brag – the handful of SEO campaigns that we worked on last year all performed really We had several instances where clients came to us because they weren’t happy with their existing SEO service, and we were able to turn their campaigns around. We had one instance where a client hadn’t received a web enquiry in close to a year with their current provider – after shifting to BeKonstructive, they received their first website enquiry within 6 weeks of working with us.

In a year of uncertainty, providing SEO services helps us claw back a bit of certainty for our clients as they spend their marketing budget on a service that has measurable ROI.

We’ll still be offering social media and copywriting as they are core services. But we’re investing in training our team in SEO, developing better frameworks and processes for this service, and focusing on it more heavily in our own marketing and communications activities.

Continuous Improvement in 2022

End of year QLD Leaders event 2022. Left to right: Barb, Darren, Bek, Angela and Rebecca.

Networking and Events

I am an extroverted introvert. I can hold my own at networking events, but it’s not my most comfortable space to occupy. As a writer, I feel much more at home behind a computer screen.

But I acknowledge that I have found majority of BeKonstructive Marketing’s clients through networking events and communities. Queensland Leaders in particular has been a wonderful experience. I will continue to be an active member of the QLD Leaders community for years to come, but it is time to push myself outside my comfort zone and find another business community to participate in, to open myself up to new businesses, new ideas and new ways of doing things.

I’m going to start by giving the BX Brisbane events a whirl. I’ve heard good things about them from Barb at My ID Card (a fellow QLD Leader). I’ve also joined Brisbane Women’s Club and have earmarked a handful of industry associations to look into. But I am definitely open to other suggestions as well (especially if it means I’ll see a friendly face there when I attend) – so if you have any business groups or communities you think I’d be interested in, please share!

BeKause Update

And lastly, an update on our marketing internship program BeKause Marketing. Our program has been trucking along and has welcomed 5 interns through its doors since its inception in November 2020.

The program continues to evolve – every time someone finishes up their internship I make sure I get their feedback on the program and am constantly looking at how it can be improved.

There have been a couple of hiccups along the way – but these have been learning opportunities that have led to refinement. We now have a much better understanding of what types of NFPs (size, location, structure) are best suited to the program and have developed a number of materials to help our NFP partners better understand what to expect from the program.

There is also a bit of a balancing act involved, trying to pair the skills that our interns want to learn with the services that our NFP partners need help with. As such, we are looking for a new NFP partner to join the program this year that requires assistance with SEO and copywriting / blogging. So again, if you know of a suitable NFP that needs some help in this area, please point them our way! You can find more information about the BeKause program here.

Final Thoughts

As usual, my ‘little blog’ has turned into a long-winded and dare I say ‘rambling’ editorial letter, so I guess I should wrap things up here. I wish you all a very successful prosperous year in business. If there is anything that I can do to help you realise your own goals for 2022, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Bek xx

P.S Caitlin won the coveted title of 2021 Christmas Cheer Champion.