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So, you’ve got some new copy that needs to be written, but you’re not sure whether to choose a local or overseas copywriter to do the job? 

The truth is that if you’re a Brisbane-based business, you’re going to want a Brisbane-based copywriter to help you with your next project. The same generally applies no matter where you’re based in Australia. Getting a local copywriter to take care of your content is not only ensuring that you’re supporting local, but it’s likely to ensure that you’re acquiring the skills of a talented and well-trained writer who will provide you with quality, effective, and creative copy. 

Support Local Copywriters

If you run a local business, then you know how important it is to take care of those around you. Local copywriters live in the same city, town, or region as you. This means they probably have to pay similar rent or mortgage costs as you do, while shopping at the same grocery stores, and having to pay the same electricity rates. By supporting them, not only are you helping to keep their careers afloat, but you will be giving back to the local economy which will ultimately benefit all businesses involved. 

Local Copywriters in BrisbaneLocal Lingo 

If your next project focuses on trolleys, thongs, or white out, then you may be surprised to find your New Zealand-based copywriter talking about trundlers, jandals, and twink. Even closer to home, a Victorian copywriter will likely write about bathers for your togs copy, or mention down ball as their (incorrect) name for the popular playground game handball. Local lingo goes a long way towards connecting with your local target market, so don’t risk hiring a copywriter who isn’t in the know with what to say. 


Quality Australian-based copywriters are more than likely to have received some form of tertiary education in marketing, communications, or professional writing. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll receive from cheap overseas copy churning services where a lack of experience and broken English may derail the credibility of your next project. Choosing local means choosing quality. It’s as simple as that!

Communication and Transparency 

Having a local copywriter provide their services means you have a direct line of communication to them at all times. You can always organise to meet them face to face for a meeting without having to go out of your way for travel. And even if you want to talk to them over the phone, you won’t have to worry about juggling time zones at all. So, if you’re a Brisbane-based business, choosing a Brisbane copywriter will streamline your communication, making it much easier to get the work done. 

Local Brisbane CopywritersTeam Effort 

Good content marketing is a team effort that involves many moving parts to make a quality product. While working remotely has become the norm in recent years, it’s still important to meet with your copywriter face to face from time to time. These in-person meetings are the best way to discuss long term strategies, marketing goals, and provide feedback on how their current work is progressing. Collaboration is key! 

Choose Local Copywriters from BeKonstructive Marketing 

The Brisbane-based copywriters from Bekonstructive Marketing provide quality content marketing services to local businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can help write great copy for your next project!

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