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This year the BeKonstructive Marketing team are kicking off a new annual tradition – a Christmas Cheer Competition that will see someone crowned the official BeKonstructive Christmas Cheer Champion. 

The aim of the game is to be the most festive person in the office throughout the month of December. A brutal competition full of backstabbing, under-handedness and downright dodginess, this competition will feature all the important ingredients that go into a successful family Christmas – rivalry, survival and politics.

We would like to invite all of our clients, friends, family, followers and colleagues to join in the fun – follow our social media channels to judge team member’s efforts at being festive, and cast your vote daily on our website.

In the infamous words of Carly Rae Jepson: 

It's Not Christmas Until Somebody CriesThe Game & The Prize: 

A new annual tradition, one BeKonstructive Marketing employee will be awarded the coveted “Christmas Cheer Champion” title at our annual Christmas Party. 

This priceless award comes with bragging rights and general superiority for the coming 12 months – but is also accompanied by a prize booty filled with all our favourite things. This way, whoever wins the prize booty gets to enjoy the fact that they’ve not only won something they really wanted – but they’ve stripped everyone else of something that they also really would have enjoyed. 

2021’s prize booty features: 

  • $30 Starbucks Gift Voucher
  • Christmas Starbucks Mug
  • 6 Packets of Oreos
  • A Bubble Tea Plushie
  • A Giant Tub of Malteasers
  • Fancy Hot Chocolate Ingredients
  • Choc Mint Slice Biccies
  • Choc Chip Cookies
  • Lipton Bubble Iced Tea – 3 Varieties
  • Paw Paw Lip Ointment

How Will The Competition Be Scored? 

The competition is a points-based system that is both peer- and publicly awarded. Each day that a team member is in the office, they will be awarded “points” for festive-ness. 

The points will be then divided by the amount of days that they are in the office throughout the month of December – this ensures that those who are in the office more frequently do not receive an unfair advantage.

10 bonus points will be awarded to the person who dresses the most offensively ‘Christmas’* for the Christmas Party – these bonus points could be make-or-break, so team members are encouraged to dress offensively festively for our Christmas party.

*Offensively ‘Christmas’ as in they are so Christmas it hurts to look at. They are iridescent in their Christmas cheer. They are the textbook definition of ‘Christmas’, and their name will forever be synonymous with ‘Festive Cheer’. Not to be confused with a swearing drunk uncle at Christmas lunch. 

The Rules: 

  • The assignment is to be as ‘festive’ as humanly possible throughout the month of December. This can include the way they dress, the way they talk (hello Christmas puns), shared snacks, social media content (posted on BeKonstructive’s Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts), and your general aura throughout the month of Christmas. 
  • Each day that a team member is in the office their peers will award them a festive score out of 10 – and they in return will award their peers a festive score out of 10. All team members will vote fairly and with integrity. 
  • There is also a public scoring element, where members of the general public will be asked to cast votes and provide scores. This includes: 
    • Followers of our social media channels 
    • Clients 
    • Fellow WeWork-ers 
    • Your Mum 
  • Team members may use any and all means available to them to promote themselves and discredit their peers in the voting process. This includes: 
    • Lobbying 
    • BeKonstructive’s social media channels 
    • Bribery