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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 4.4 million Australians (23 per cent) aged 15-74 years reported doing work-related training in the past 12 months. With a growing market comes growing competitors which means that engaging a professional education copywriter has become an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle for more and more education brands. 

Whether you are connecting with new students, fostering relationships with investors, or sharing knowledge with the world at large, there are numerous ways in which your brand can benefit from an education copywriter.

Copywriters are more than ‘just writers’. Yes, they will have a way with words, but they also have a deep understanding of marketing, branding, and the importance of connecting the right message with the right audience. This is so important when it comes to the education sector for a number of reasons. Often you have multiple people who you need to communicate with at the same time – you need to be appealing to both the student and their guardian; or the employee and the employer. There is often also a lot of jargon and terminology, as well as legal requirements. Your copywriter needs to be able to jump from talking about course curriculum, to career outcomes, to government funding, and then back to curriculum again – often all in the space of one page.

The team at BeKonstructive Marketing have experience working with brands and businesses operating in the education sector. We’ve worked with RTOs, online courses, training and certification companies, childcare centres, art and dance studios, and more. We are a business that prides ourselves on quality, attention to detail, and factually correct information. We work closely with our clients to learn everything we can about their brand, their product, their target audience, the messaging, and their goals.

Keep reading to learn more about how our education copywriters can help your brand grow and attract new customers, or get in touch to request a quick quote.

A man at an education copywriting agency looks at the screen of an Apple laptop while thinking.What Is Education Copywriting?

Education copywriting provides services for a range of educational organisations like universities, RTO’s, training facilities etc. They are unique in the sense that they should provide information that is factually correct, prioritises education, and promotes a service.

The education space is a crowded and competitive industry – education copywriting helps you get ahead by sharing your unique story with your audience. This helps differentiate your brand from the other competitors, while also building connection and engagement.

Educating copywriting should identify your key messages and communicate them consistently in a tone and language style that your target audience can relate to. This can be tricky when you’ve got multiple target audiences – for example, an RTO who is seeking more school aged children to sign up for apprenticeships will need to communicate in a manner that both the student and their parents can relate to. The messaging will need to appeal to both parties – the student who is likely thinking very short-term, and the parent who likely wants their child to choose a long-term career path.

Another example is an online MBA course – in this case, the copy needs to appeal to both the employee doing the course as well as the employer who is likely funding the course. The employee wants to know what they will learn and how that will benefit their career prospects in the future, and the employer wants to know what the ROI on this investment will be.

In both of these examples, having a copywriter who is experienced in the education sector and who has a solid understanding of target audiences, tone of voice, messaging and branding is key to getting it right.

Brisbane education copywriter walks past a sign that says 'love to learn'.Education Copywriting Tips And Tricks

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you and your team stand-out from the crowd.

With so much competition in the education space, it is essential that you and your company highlight your point of difference. Do your classes come with a range of language options, or have you been awarded anything special, are you the most centrally located?

Engage with SEO

A good education copywriter should be able to use SEO keywords to more accurately target their audience. SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) will make sure you are not wasting your precious time and resources on people looking for something very different.

SEO can be narrowed not only by what you teach but also by location. For example a person who lives in Brisbane will not want French classes in Sydney. You should try to be the number one search for French Classes Brisbane.

Use Strong Tone Of Voice

While it can entirely depend on what you are teaching, your Tone Of Voice should be aspirational, powerful, and emotive. You want people to envision how their lives will be improved, and to become emotionally invested in that outcome – whether that is greater career opportunities, learning a new skill, or becoming a better global citizen.

It is up to your education copywriter to connect with the potential student’s feelings of motivation, nervousness, and excitement. Strong, emotional and persuasive copy followed by a simple and effective process will be the difference between a successful sign up or not.

Stay Away From Academic Jargon

While you are an educational facility, it is best to keep the language as far away from technical academic jargon as possible. Prospective students haven’t started the course yet, so don’t scare them off!

They will learn the language down the track but try your best to connect with your pre-certified audience as much as possible.

Analyse Your Audience Specs

As an education copywriter, it is essential that you know who your audience is – what their age is, where they live, how they spend their time. Prospective students are a broad category! Are they just leaving highschool, are they going back to study after being a parent, or are they just trying to pad out their qualifications?
All of these things will help you narrow down not just what to write but where to put that writing.

Education copywriting being taught to students in a classroom.How To Find A Great Education Copywriter

In the spirit of education, we would love to educate you all on why BeKonstructive should be your go-to forBrisbane copywriting services. BeKonstructive pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and commitment to high quality content. We take the time to interview our clients and always get multiple reviews of our work before submitting.

If you are looking for an educational copywriter then get in touch with BeKonstructive today to organise a quote!