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Communication is essential throughout every stage of the customer journey – and it’s done through copywriting.

Effective, targeted and quality copywriting is what makes your customers feel seen, heard, and understood. If they have a problem, you need to have a solution, if they have doubts, you need to assuage them. We believe that it is for this reason that copywriting needs to be adapted for every stage of the customer journey.

We like to think of the customer journey like a relationship – everything is communicated at the appropriate time (avoid asking to move in after the first date!). If they have bought your products or services, they need to hear why they should stay (not if they have ever heard of your product or service). While it seems simple, many people can get tricked up on this.

So we have put together a simple but effective guide to copywriting for every stage of the customer journey.

The Awareness Stage: Asking You Out

The awareness stage is that sweet awkward phase before you have even gone on the first date. Maybe you have seen each other around, and you put your best outfit on just in case you run into them at the grocery store.

During the awareness stage you want to catch your potential customer’s eye – without coming across too intensely. Targeting pain points and using storytelling are your friends here. You want to help your prospective customer, and you are coming to them as someone they can trust and someone they want to listen to.

You want your customer to like you!

Respond to trending topics that your customer might be interested in and add to the conversation. Your copywriting should be generous with its information and not ask for much in return. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, just have fun with it!

Say if you are a company that sells makeup products, you would want to write an ad or social media post about ‘The Top Ten Best Makeup Trends Right Now’, and not ‘Why Our Makeup Is The Best!’

Customer Journey CopywritingThe Consideration Stage: The First Date

So you’re on the first date – it’s a little awkward, and you are just trying to put your best foot forward to seem interesting and likeable.

The consideration stage is a bit like a first date in that you need to seem like an expert and that you’re confident. You’re trying to persuade your customer to remain interested, to make the next step. This is the time when your customers are going to be scouring your website and posts, examining case studies and reviews. They want to know more. Should they go on another date? Are you the right person for them?

Now is the time to put on your expert hat and act with confidence and authority. If your makeup line is good for the environment, you need to highlight why looking after the environment is an important consumer choice. You need your content to provide assurance that you are the best option available – that your makeup will do everything that other brands can’t.

The Decision Stage: Making It Official

So you’ve been dating a while and you finally need to make a call: are you official?

At this point we are looking for conversions, sales, and all of the above. Your customer is probably down to a couple of options and is weighing up the pros and cons. Especially if your product is more costly or of great importance, this can be a big decision. You need to do what it takes to get the customer over the line.

This phase of the customer journey can be found in copywriting forms like email marketing, CTA’s, landing pages, product descriptions and more. By this point they will be gunning to make a choice, you just need to give them a reason.

It is also good to recognise that conversion copywriting is inherently emotional. Consumer choices are emotional wells and you need to tap into that. Make them consider those pain points, tell them why your product is better than other products and why they should care.

For example, your CTA should say ‘For makeup that makes you feel good as well as look good, grab your set today’.

Now is the time to give your partner the final push to make it official.

The Retention Stage: The Long Haul

So maybe the honeymoon phase has begun to wear off – not to worry, this is totally normal!

Your customer’s relationship with your product needs to be maintained, needs interest, and attention. Your copywriting should be a helpful hand, something that adds value to the customer’s purchase. Tutorials, FAQ’s, and tips and tricks are just some of the ways your content and copywriting can provide your customer with more value.

This will keep your product or service at the top of your customer’s mind, and when they next need help with something, you will be there.

For example, your makeup brand can release how-to-guides and tutorials for this stage, showing people all the fun ways they can use your product.

Keeping it interesting, fun, and valuable is the key to a relationship that will go the distance.

A Love Story For The Ages: The Customer Journey

The customer journey is a hugely valuable thing to understand and respond to. Your customer is not just a figure on screen or a like on a post, they are a person with individual needs and it is your job to know what those are.

Copywriting is how we meet the customer every step of the way, make them feel supported in their decisions and drive sales. Like all love stories, the customer journey is something to be treasured.

For copywriting services that consider the customer every step of the journey, get in touch!