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If you are looking for fool-proof copywriting tricks to take your copy to another level, then you have come to the right place. At BeKonstructive Marketing, we love writing copy that is engaging, well-written, and tailored to the brand and tone of voice of each of our clients. As a copywriter, you can’t afford to be on auto-pilot, nor can you dive too deep into areas of complexity that may alienate your audience.  

We asked our Brisbane copywriting team to share some of their writing hacks that they fall back on when they’re struggling to find the right words. These copywriting tricks will help you create exciting and digestible written content that connects with your audience.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Pull Out the Thesaurus  

Even if you’re a trained and experienced copywriter, sometimes you just can’t find that *right* word. Whether you are struggling to land on the right tone for a piece, need to find an alternative word for a complex phrase, or are frustrated at the frequency of basic words like “good” or “exciting” in your copy, a thesaurus can be a copywriter’s best friend.  

Identifying and using word synonyms keeps your content fresh while better establishing a unique tone. Consider how changing “our professional services produce good results” to “our innovative services deliver outstanding results” leaves a different impact on the reader, even if you have just switched to some alternative word choices.  

A word of warning: you don’t want your copy to be burdened by overly-flowery language that no one uses in everyday conversation. A thesaurus is a tool to help you discover words that better suit the tone of your brand, not a way for you to show off that you know the meaning of the word “congenial”.  

Say it Out Loud 

Your copywriting needs to connect with your audience, and to do that, it needs to speak to them. If your sentences are too long and your prose structurally cumbersome, then people aren’t going to want to read on.  

A simple way to check the readability of your copy is to read it out loud to yourself. Sure, you might need to step out of the office or mutter it under your breath, but speaking your writing out loud will quickly identify any wrinkles that need ironing.  

Writing in Metaphors and Similes  

Let’s refresh on some tried-and-tested writing techniques. Metaphors are descriptive expressions that symbolise a word or phrase as being something else. Example: “this couch is a fluffy cloud.” A simile, by comparison, symbolises a word or phrase as being like something else. Example: “this couch is as fluffy as a cloud”.  

Both metaphors and similes can be a great trick for copywriters to explain complex concepts in an easily understandable way. An example of this in copywriting would be describing how websites are like a house. The website hosting server is the block of land on which the house sits, the content of the website is the furniture, the web developers are the builders, the graphic designers are the architects, and the content creators are the interior designers.  

While not everyone would understand how websites work, most people can wrap their heads around the concept when explained through this metaphor.  

The word benefit is wrriten on small scrabble tiles. The tiles are on a yellow, orange and red background.

Benefits Before Features  

There’s an old saying in marketing that “you aren’t selling a mattress, you’re selling a good night’s sleep”. The principle of this saying boils down to highlighting the benefits of a product or service, not just the features.  

Another example would be that most people don’t care about the technical features of a new phone, what they really want to be sold on is how it will benefit their lifestyle.  

The same is true for copywriting. We understand that features are still important to highlight in your copy, but by attaching the phrase “which means that” at the end of your sentences, you will naturally segway into how that feature will benefit the customer.  

For example: these new hiking boots come with extra padding in their soles which means that your journey can last longer.  

Fool-proof Copywriting with BeKonstructive Marketing  

Our team of Brisbane copywriters at BeKonstructive Marketing are experts in writing engaging and effective copy for our clients. If you are in need of professional copywriting services for your business, contact our team today! 

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