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Google is a wildly complex wilder beast.

It’s algorithm is made up of hundreds of different criteria that work towards determining where your website will rank in it’s search engine results pages. I have been working on a lot of new and exciting project recently and I keep coming across these instances where businesses are paying (often exorbitant) monthly fees to companies that are claiming to be taking care of their SEO for them. But then I ask them what terms they are targeting or where their blog is and they look at me blankly.

Any easy way to get your head around all of the different factors that count towards your website ranking in Google is to think about it in terms of ‘offensive’ versus ‘defensive’. If someone is charging you to look after your SEO and they are not creating any new content for you then chances are they are only looking at defensive SEO methods. And don’t get me wrong – these methods are important. Things like site speed, broken internal or external links, meta data, image alt tags, https and page formatting are all important defensive SEO measures that will assist you in maintaining your website ranking.

But that is the key term here – ‘maintaining‘ – optimising your existing content will assist you in maintaining your existing rankings. In some cases, it might be the push that your content required to outrank your competitior. BUT – it will not increase the amount of terms that your website is ranking for.

If you wish to increase the quantity of terms that your website ranks for in Google then you need to look at ‘offense’ or ‘attack’ SEO methods. These methods revolve around adding new content to your website (note: I said ADD not REPLACE, they are two very different terms!). New content means new optimisation opportunities, which means potential to rank for new key terms or phrases.

I have mentioned this previously, but it is this simple:


Once you have content related to a particular search term, we can start discussing quantity and quality, but as a rule of thumb, if you have a page that lists all of your services one single dot-point list while your competitor has taken the time to give each individual service it’s own content page detailing what the service is, it is safe to say that they are going to rank above you. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

What Makes a Good SEO Strategy?

A good (or dare I say it, GREAT) SEO strategy should combine both offensive and defensive SEO methods. It should constantly be looking for new keyword opportunities and creating content in the form of blog posts or landing pages that target those new keywords, while simultaneously defending your existing keywords by tweaking meta-data, building backlinks, fixing 404 errors and all of those other little details.

So next time you speak to the company that is looking after your SEO, ask them what activities they are doing to identify new keyword opportunities and what their plan is for getting you to rank for those new terms. If their answer doesn’t include some form of content creation then it may be time to find a new provider.

Can BeKonstructive Marketing Help Me with my seo strategy?

We sure can! At BeKonstructive Marketing we work with our clients to create keyword themes that they would like to rank for and then flesh those themes out into groups of keywords. For example, ‘Unicorns’ might be one theme, containing keywords such as ‘unicorns are pretty’, ‘how to build a unicorn’, ‘unicorn costumes’ and ‘unicorns and Scottish history’. We then plan content in the form of blog articles for those terms and plot them on a content calendar, spreading them out over a matter of months.

In addition to creating new content for our keyword themes, will will also run monthly audits on your website to identify any issues that might be negatively effecting your existing website rankings – things like the site speed, broken links and missing meta-data that we discussed as being defensive SEO tactics.

If you’d like more information about BeKonstructive Marketing’s SEO services get in touch today on 0413 844 190 or bek@bekonstructive.com.au.



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    Really appreciated work. SEO defense is just that, defending your position against the competition. This article is very informative. Thank you so much sharing such great information. Keep it up.

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