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The Role that Content Marketing Plays in Lead Generation Campaigns

A lead generation campaign is a paid advertising campaign that is designed to drive traffic to a stand alone landing page where people ‘convert’ – either by filling in a form or by making a purchase. Often, the people landing on a lead generation landing page are people who have never heard of the brand or product before – also known as ‘cold’ audiences.

A few years ago, lead generation campaigns were very popular – they were a bit of a ‘set and forget’ digital marketing activity, because once they were set up and optimised, they were pretty self-sufficient and could just run in the background of your other online marketing activities. But a lot has changed since then, and lead gen campaigns now require the support of content marketing activities to maintain their conversion rate.

Why Do Lead Conversion Campaigns Need Content?

The reason for this is because user behaviour has changed. Consumers have become a lot more digitally savvy; they have a better understanding of just how quick and easy it is to set up a fake online business with a professional looking website and scam people out of their hard earned dollars. Because of this, consumers now spend more time researching brands before they purchase from them.

They are researching to ensure that the brand or business is legitimate – that the product does what it says it does, that the brand/business has a good reputation, and that people who have purchased from this brand have actually received the goods that they have paid for.

Active content marketing activities help you ensure that consumers can do this research quickly and effectively. Nothing is more suspect than landing on a one-page website that claims to be a global brand with thousands of success cases, but you can’t find the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

What Types of Content Should I Use to Support My Lead Gen Campaign?

Having active social media channels helps show customers that you are a real business and puts a face to the brand, which helps to build trust with your prospective customers. Add in some reviews or testimonials as well as a link to your full website with access to terms and conditions or shipping/returns policies and suddenly you have enough content for the potential new customer to feel at ease.

I really want to stress that I’m not saying that lead generation campaigns are completely dead – and I’m sure that I’m going to be contacted by at least one person who has amazing success with their lead gen campaign after I post this. I am just saying that content marketing can help make your lead generation campaign stronger and has become an integral element in turning cold audiences who have never heard of your brand into hot audiences that are ready to purchase. Including your social media links or feeds on your landing page is a quick and easy way to show people who land there that you are real.

The Role of SEO in Lead Generation Campaigns

The relationship between SEO and lead generation is a dynamic one, especially in markets like Brisbane, where competition is fierce. Using SEO copywriting techniques, businesses can create optimised content that ranks highly on Google for a broader range of keywords with an ‘information’ intent. Keywords with an ‘information’ intent indicate that the user is conducting research, or seeking information about a particular topic. It is a sign that they are interested in buy or investing in a product or service, but haven’t made their mind up yet – they want to learn more about the value and the benefits of the product.

When potential customers search for answers to their questions, your business can guide them through content designed to respond to their queries. By strategically addressing the information needs of the target audience, the content acts as a pathway, funnelling users through to the campaign landing page.

Working with a proficient SEO company Brisbane, businesses can ensure that this funneling process is smooth and effective. By crafting content that aligns with searchers’ needs and questions, businesses can engage users at various stages of the buying journey. The right SEO Brisbane strategy can transform simple inquiries into genuine leads by building trust and providing value.

The end goal is to guide the potential customer to the campaign landing page, where they can find more information or make a purchase. This seamless transition from question to answer to conversion is what makes a lead generation campaign successful.

An experienced SEO consultant Brisbane can help tailor this journey, ensuring that each step aligns with the user’s needs and the business’s goals. By focusing on information-intent keywords and crafting content that resonates with the target audience, SEO becomes a vital tool in lead generation.

In summary, an effective lead generation campaign requires more than just ranking for keywords. It demands a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs and a strategic approach to content creation and funneling. By leveraging the expertise of local SEO professionals in Brisbane, businesses can turn search inquiries into valuable leads, fostering growth and success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Get Content Marketing, SEO, and Lead Generation Help

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