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We’re sharing some of the social media strategy trends we predict will be big in 2021. 

Social media: it’s both the life blood and beating heart of any digital strategy, and one of the greatest tools in any marketer’s tool chest. A dynamic and ever-changing tool, the social media strategies or tactics that may have worked this year, may not work the next.

Patterns change, technologies evolve, and new platforms emerge, shaping and determining how audiences interact and react to social media marketing. With this in mind it is crucial that marketers are prepared and able to pivot and adapt their methods in order to meet this challenge.

Here are 4 social media trends we predicted in 2021.

2021 Social Media StrategyShort Videos

Video is hands down one of the most entertaining forms of online digital content. With the overwhelming amount of video content now saturating social media and the decreasing attention spans of users, 2020 saw the launch and wild success of video-sharing platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram Reels.

These were platforms where users are encouraged to share creative, engaging, and bite-sized video content. The trend and popularity of easy-to-create and easy-to-view video content, which was intensified by global lockdowns and remote working, is likely to continue its dominance well into the new year as countries around the world continue to manage the pandemic.

Stay ahead of the curve in 2021 by thinking outside the box when it comes to your video content: keep it brief, keep it fun, make it captivating.

Live Streaming

The more you can connect and engage with your audience, the more your audience feels a part of your community which fosters loyalty, growth and support. Live streaming is not yet overcrowded, with so much potential due to its multitude of benefits, 2021 is the year to harness the power of live.

Save time and money on production costs, engage your audience in real-time, get personable, and start streaming!

New Social Media StrategyContent for Good:

2020 saw social media become a primary platform for advocacy, awareness building, thought leadership and discussion. Social, political and environmental issues such as Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, climate change and many more saw brands dedicate marketing capability to the sharing of content for good.

Creating content for good allows brands to positively align with causes and pressing issues they are passionate about reach larger audiences, generating open and thoughtful discussion and audience engagement. As we head towards the uncertainty and precariousness of tomorrow, creating content for good will be a powerful branding strategy in 2021.

Paid, Personalised Content

With social media platforms continuously reforming their algorithms in their quests to provide the best, most optimum user experience possible, the trend of investing in paid content, without the guarantee it will even be seen, has floundered.

However, in 2021, with recent algorithm updates allowing users more control of their feeds and the content they wish to view, investment in paid and personalised content targeting specific audiences is sure to flourish.

Social media is fluid in its stability; trends develop and disappear like the tide. While every effort went into accurately predicting the social media trends of 2021, what never goes out of style is high-quality and purposeful content that aligns with both your brand values and the values of your audience.

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