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Social media marketing has become one of the strongest influences on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. With customers being able to access information about your business, products and services with the click of a button, our social media platforms are having significant influence on a consumer’s purchasing decisions.

It is no longer the question of “which social media platform should my business be on” but “How can I effectively use my social media channels to align with our social media marketing strategy?”

Why Social Media Is Important for Your Brand

Social media is important for increasing brand awareness, spreading word of mouth, increasing sales and leads.  It is highly influential during the first few stages of a consumer’s decision making process, where they gather and interpret data on your product/service. 

Make Your Information Easy to Access

Product research is becoming more accessible, with multiple social media platforms offering a new way to search for information. Whether that be through posts, reviews, ratings, testimonials, videos etc. the possibilities are endless. When searching for information regarding deals, reviews and other options provided by competitors, customers now have the power to access universal information at their fingertips. 

For example, a potential customer has identified the need for purchasing flowers for Mother’s day. They would then start searching for “florists near me” and find a handful of florists pop up as suggestions including your own. To decide on which florist to buy from they will undertake some research through each company’s social media platforms, blogs and testimonials to find different reviews and product offerings. This is why it is important to make your information easy to access.

Respond to Reviews

Reviews from friends, family members, and even strangers across the internet have become one of the most trustworthy pieces of product research. They can be positive or negative, but how you handle them is very important. Having transparency of reviews, images, opinions and ratings shared about your product can only help build your business’s trust and credibility among customers.

It is just as important to be transparent about your negative reviews as it is about the positive ones! This is because only displaying positive reviews will appear suspicious, which can directly affect your credibility.

Interact with Your Customers

Marketing is now heavily focused on relationships and interactivity; with this in mind, interact with your customers! They will love you for it. Thank customers for their reviews, respond to negative reviews with resolutions, create fun and engaging content for your customers. This provides the opportunity for two-way communication and engagement with your customers, building strong long-lasting relationships.

Take a Customer-Centric Approach 

Having a strong social media presence helps provide your company with a voice, a sense of credibility, and trustworthiness. It is the metaphoric bridge between a brand and its consumers to facilitate collaboration, interactivity, and creativity. User-generated content is a good example of this, when customers post a photo or post tagging your business, they are essentially giving your brand free advertising! This can help increase your brand’s image and brand awareness without having to lift a finger.

Social media’s relevance in everyday life will only continue to grow. Make your business stand out, develop quality content and engage with your customers through the power of Social Media Marketing.