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Tailored Digital Marketing Packages, Just for You!

BeKonstructive Marketing is excited to launch our new product – recurring digital marketing packages which we design to suit the unique needs of your business. Digital Marketing is a multi-faceted beast with many different strands that come together to for one cohesive campaign or strategy. Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Social Media, Blogging and Content Creation, Advertising… the list goes on. To achieve your particular business goals (audience growth, increased sales, more loyal customer base, repeat purchases, multi-item sales etc), you will require a mix of these different services.

This is why BeKonstructive Marketing is launching tailored digital marketing packages that are customised and unique to your business, your brand, your goals and your budget. The packages are monthly and will consist a mix of any of the following services:

  • Social Media Management
    • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pintrest
  • Content Creation
    • Copywriting / Blog Posts / Social Content / Images / Videos / GIFs
  • Website Management
    • SEO / Website Security / Updates / Changes & Additions
  • Website Development
    • WordPress template website development
  • Email Marketing
    • Campaign Monitor / MailChimp / Email Automation / Email Journeys
  • PPC Advertising
    • Facebook Advertising / Google AdWords / YouTube Advertising / Remarketing
  • Marketing Consultations
    • Digtal Marketing Consulting / Training / Advice / Strategy

The packages are designed to work with your existing team and resources – already have someone who is awesome at Instagram but needs some help with Facebook? We can manage the Facebook account or provide the training required for your in-house team master Facey. Have a solid email communications strategy but no idea how to set up automated emails? BeKonstructive can jump in and sort it out for you. Think of us as the gap fillers – we can fill any of the gaps in your existing digital marketing efforts to ensure that you have a cohesive and consistent digital presence.

FREE Digital Marketing Consultation

Every new BeKonstructive Marketing clients receives a free one hour initial consultation to discuss your business’s goals, marketing strategy and budget. From there, we will design your monthly digital marketing package, including as many or as little of the services listed above as is required.

This new tailored package is great for small to medium sized businesses who want to start marketing their business but don’t have a lot of budget to begin with. We will discuss your number one goal and what the minimum is required to achieve that goal, and we will start small. As you start to see results, you can start adding in additional services to your package.

If you would like more information about this service, or would like to book your free one hour consultation, please give us a call today on 0413 844 190 or an email to